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Casey Jones - 1997, 3 years old

Our beautiful Casey was killed by a German Shepherd in our yard. The shepherd was euthanased the same day. She was gentle and loved our boys - now 19 and 17. Shw would get into bed with them and lie very still, so as not to be detected. She lives on in her gorgeous lounge lizard pup, Gus, who is, unfortunately, getting on in years. Casey was with us a short time, but we loved her dearly... we are so glad you gave us Gus, our beautiful Casey Jones. A truly gorgeous girl - black-and-tan mini smooth. Often thought of and talked about... we love you Case!

Frank - 1988, age unknown

Oh my goodness, little Frankdoe were so handsome and brave. I only knew you a short time, but you brought so much happiness into my life. I miss you terribly, and love you dearly. I'll see you on the other side, my friend.

Hugs and slobbers, Mom

Fred - 1997, 3 years old

Fred came into our lives as a very special young pup. He thought he was just as much of a person as we were. Although he was my 'Dad's Dog', he showed nothing but love for the rest of the family and was equally affectionate to all of us. He would jump into the car as soon as you opened the door upon returning home, always thinking he was going somewhere, or else he just HAD to be close to you. He was a country dog and had a special 'affection' for all the other animals around our house. He played a lot with our rooster, 'Red'. My dad took him everywhere - he was so pround of little Fred. Even though he was the littlest of the guys, everyone thought he was one fine dog. He had a sparkling personality, unmatched by any of the other pups I've known. He loved and was loved by everyone he came into contact with. No one had ever known a little dog like him. I don't know if little Fred is at the Bridge or not. He disappeared from our home sometime in 1997. We prefer to think that he is alive and happy in someone else's home, hopefully being as loved and cherished as he was with us. We still miss him greatly and can't wait to see him again one day. Love you Fred!

Susie - January 1997, 8 to 10 years

Susie, I'm sorry. I never got to say 'Goodbye'. My heart is aching. No little tongue to lick my tears away. Punch and Nicky are missing you dreadfully. Love you my little punkin. Wait for me, make new friends, and no grumblebums. I won't forget you - we'll cross the Bridge to Valhalla together.

Spicer - January 1997, 5 years old

Spicer, black-and-tan son of Buddy and Schatzie, was our first dachshund. As his name implies, he brought spice into our lives. He was our Chief of Security and, as only a dachshund can be, our good friend. After Spicer, we decided we wanted only dachshunds from then on.

Ch. Sarbina's Denver Dandy L - February 1997, 17 years old

To My Dandy -

Today you left me, my treasured friend,
I prayed and prayed our partnership would not end.
But to heaven with the angels the Lord did send
My Sarbina's Denver Dandy.

Your will was strong - a full 17 years - you kept the veterinarians challenged.You would not leave me at the clinic nor force me to make the dreaded decision. You knew what you wanted and how it should be, And today it was at home when you left me.

You were strong of heart - even though it was the same fatigued, overworked muscle that took you from me. Overworked only because of all the love you gave me and others.

They told me you were handsome - but I knew that all along.

They told us to get a professional handler to show you - to achieve your championship. That a first time breeder/handler/unknown couldn't do it. You proved them wrong and made me proud. I knew when you were awarded your last points and final major, it was a day you would have rathered chased squirrels. You were not impressed by it all. But you did it for me, my little Dandy.

You gave me great joy.
You will always be my boy.
My special little Dandy.

I will never get over missing you.

Rufus - February 1997, 16 years old

In loving memory of 'Rufus', the very first dachshund I ever rescued. Rufus was already a senior citizen when I rescued him from the shelter - skinny, heartworm positive, blind, and the pads of his paws were raw from spending so much time 'on the road'. This old man had five wonderful years with us and gave back so much more than he ever took. I love you, Rufus...gone but not forgotten!

Dach - March 1997, 4 years old

To our beloved Dach
You always reassured us with your presence and showered us with love...more than we could ever give in return. That loving presence never faltered, even when dinner was late and mommy and daddy were not in the best of moods. We will love and cherish the moments you were with us, and only wish that your trip to the bridge is a wonderful one. The time we had with you will never be forgotten.

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Red Fawn Too - March 1997, 15 years old

It has been six years, but I miss my Red Fawn very much.

Brandy - April 1997, 14 years old

Brandy - My first dog. You came into my life when I was so lonely with no family nor friends nearby. Knowing you were there kept me going when there were times my depression was leading me into other thoughts. You were the best thing to happen to me. Everyone who met you, loved you. I miss you with all my heart and soul. You were my whole life for a long time and I feel so terrible that I was the one to take you to the Vet that day you died. How were we to know that a teeth cleaning would kill you? I cry now as I write this but knowing that we will be together at the Bridge someday does hold some brightness in my life. We have the other dogs but they are not the same as you. I love them but not anywhere near as much as I ever loved you. The hardest day of my life was the day we drove down to Ionia with you in the car but not on my lap for the last time with you. You rest now with Taffy, Ginger , Queenie and Scooby. You have a beautiful rose bush to mark where we placed you. I will always love you Brandy.

Tiffany Tippy Toes - April 1997, 9 years old

Tippy Toes, It's been four years since you disappeared on my birthday. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I pray that whoever took you from my heart loved you as much as I did. We will meet again in heaven.

Love, Mom

Bitsy Baybee Allen - May 1997, 10 years old

Bitsy.jpg 7.8

Our beloved little Bitsy Baybee, now you are free from the pain and suffering that marked your beautiful life and wonderful self. You will always be the light of our lives, and the joy of your memory makes each day worth living. Someday, we will have a wonderful reunion at The Bridge, and then, none of us will be apart ever again. Until then, we know you are with us in spirit as the angel you always were.

Much loved and greatly missed by Virginia and Jennifer Allen, Ironton, Ohio

Zachary Hansel - May 1997, 5 years, 7 months old

Zach left us one year ago today. It has been a very sad and painful year for he was the most precious, loving dog. I miss him terribly. My husband brought him home to me as a surprise, after I told him that I didn't want a dog. I had lost a dog (my family dog) a few years before we were married and did not want to go through it again. Little did I know that the pain would be much worse. Zach was like a child to me. I fell in love with him the first moment I saw him. I believe that we were meant to be together. We were pals. He followed me everywhere. When I had my daughter two and half years ago, I thought that he would be very jealous, but he came to love her just as much as we did. He watched out for her and he would lie next to her on the couch. I wish he were still here to protect her as she grows. She will never remember him, but we talk about him a lot. She immediately knows why I'm crying when she sees the tears. I wish that she were able to appreciate the wonderful dog that he was.

Zach, like other dachsies loved to sleep under the covers. He slept with us every night. It got crowded when we got our second dachsie, Sasha, but we loved having both of them with us. Zach would never go to bed until the last person went upstairs. That person was more often me than my husband, so we spent a lot of quality time together. He didn't like to go outside too often either, especially in the winter or when it was raining. It was almost a game every night, I would chase him out the door. He was so stubborn sometimes, but I think that is why I loved him so so much - he definitely had a mind of his own! He had a lot of little quirks and really cute habits! He loved to play ball! Once you started playing with him, he wouldn't let you stop! He liked to chase squirrels and chipmunks. He most of all loved to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and his mommy or daddy or both. He loved weekends because we didn't have to go to work. He would get so excited when we woke up and we both stayed in bed with him and Sasha! He would start kissing us like crazy! I think that I miss that the most!!!!

I will never forget my first 'baby'. I will miss him until the day I die. His life was way too short, but I am grateful for having known him! He taught me a lot about love! I love you Zachary Hansel! Daddy, Skyler, Sasha, and I miss you very much. We'll all be together again some day!

Amanda Renee Overman - May 1997, 5 years, 4 months old

Amanda Renee you were a very good friend and I know I will never have another like you. I miss your playing ball with me and comforting me when I was sad. I hope to see you on the other side and we will ALWAYS be friends til the end. I feel good knowing I have your ashes and that you will always be with me where ever I go. Your grandson has turned out to have your spirit, I see it in his eyes. Tabby and Eachibon send their love. I love you with all my heart baby Kangaroo. Tell Megan I miss her too. You be good for Momma. Very BIG Hug and LOTS of kisses.

Love you always, Melinda

Rollo - May 1997, 1 year, 5 months old

Rollo, you made us laugh with your swaggering gait and your inability to jump to high. You are sadly missed everyday even though you were not with us very long. We have your picture on the mantle where it will always stay. Tootsie missed you so badly when you went to the Bridge but I know that you will see her again and run and play as you did before.

In Loving Memory, Debi and Cameron Smith

Rachel - May 1997, 1 year, 5 months old

Rachel was the fourth of my dachsies, not the first (nor the last) of all my babies to go to Rainbow Bridge. She was smart,and sweet, and funny, and had a dimple on her bum. These are the things I remember about my baby. I had such a bond with Rachie. I got her when she was five-weeks old, and she slept on my bed for the rest of her life. The call, 'Bedtime, Rachel!' would bring her scuttering and thumping from whatever corner of the house she was messing with. Then there was her addiction to anisette. There were a million little things that made life exciting with Rachel. There is another dog who follows me now. She's not a dachsie, but I love her every bit as much as I did Rachel.

Jem is approching the age Rachel was when she was hit, and I am so afraid. Sometimes I wonder if I should have another dog. I love them with all my heart, but I'm not sure if the pain of losing them is worth the joy they bring me. My only comfort is the thought that all my babies will be waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge, and then we can cross together.

Peanut - May 1997, 2 years, 6 months old

Although it is now three years later, and I have a female doxie trying to heal the memory of your loss, I will never forget you.

Digger - May 1997, 11 years old

My Wee Do-Doo Bug, oh how I miss you! I failed you when you looked to me to protect you and keep you safe. Please, my wee one, forgive me. I miss you so very much; but it was you, my first dachsie rescue, that changed my life. Because of your love of me and my failure to keep you safe from all harm, I have two dachsies (Isobel and Lawrence J) that I love more than anything. You, my wee Digger-do, gave me a gift in your death that I never thought to have... love of a breed unlike any other.

Thank you, my little one, for loving me as I loved you. And forgive me for failing you when you needed me most. I am so sorry, Digger, and I still love and miss you with all my heart.

I will see you at the Bridge, my little one. Go with Indi, Teala, Mokey, and Miss Kai, they will love you as I do and I will see you all again.

I love you Digger...Mom

Johannes - June 1997, 16 years, 4 months old

I still think that I hear your nails clicking on the linoleum, still step over your favorite sleeping spot at the bottom of the stairs, and still expect you to greet me at the door when I come home. We were fortunate to have you for 16 years, and that your energy level was that of a puppy up untils just a few months ago. I will miss your digging as I plant flowers in the garden and will remember how the apple blossoms stuck to the end of your nose.
You were very tired...sleep well my beloved Johannes.

Love, Judy (and Joe)

Elmo - June 1997, 10 months old

Elmo was a short-haired red doxie, with a big nose and a big bark. His tail was always wagging. Even when I tried to be very stern with him, he just grinned like he knew I did'tt mean it. When parvo struck our house, I hospitalised Elmo as soon as he was a little sick; the vet said Elmo was very active and let them know he did not think he belonged there. But too soon, Elmo got sicker and weaker. For almost two weeks he fought to live. He could not eat. He didn't die, but he didn't get better. Finally, the vet let me take him home with me, to see if I could get him to eat. But I could not. Elmo began having seizures. I laid him next to me on the bed that night, trying to keep him warm and give him strength. The next day I returned him to the vets. Elmo had a seizure and died that night. I still think of him often. He was just about the happiest little dog I ever had. I know he fought as hard as he could to live, but he just couldn't do it. I'll be glad to see him one day on the other side.

Elmo's littermate, Little Gladys (so named because she is the picture of her mother) has been a great comfort to me. She also had parvo, but survived to become a special part of our family. Little Gladys is a loving companion and a joyful reminder of her brother Elmo.

Pretzel - June 1997, 7 years old

Pretzel, you were my joy and inspiration. You were with me from the time you were six weeks old until your untimely death. Somehow seven years just weren't enough and there was so much more I expected to do with you. You helped me through exile, marriage, divorce and death. I miss the way you got so excited when I came home; when I took you out for those too infrequent walks and your warm little body pressed up against mine when we slept. I can't wait to see you again someday. I hope you know how much I love and miss you.

Schnitzel - June 1997, 13 years, 10 months old

She was sassy, brassy, and classy to the very end. She was lovingly put to sleep in my arms, her body ill and tired, her spirit calm and serene. We still miss her very much.

Mascha - June 1997, 12 years, 8 months old

She was sweet and loving, fiery and stubborn, and always ready for any adventure. She followed her friend Schnitzel to the Rainbow Bridge just two and a half weeks later, to our tremendous grief and sorrow. We know they're up there making mischief together.

Ernie J. T-Bone - June 1997, 7 years old

ErineJ - you were my first dachshund. I remember getting you when you were six weeks old - a small little red furbaby. You were always with me, no matter where I went. I miss your barking at the pipes on the lawn and all your kisses, snuggles and our lap time together. Most of all playing ball with you. I want to thank you for sending me Gracie. You knew I needed a dachshund in the house. Have fun at the Bridge and I will be coming to walk over with you my sweet little doxie. Til then have fun - with the other dachshunds there waiting too. You are in my heart and mind always.

Love, Mom

Suzie Christmas - June 1997, 14 to 15 years old

I lost Suzie in June of 1997. She was my first dachshund - a pound puppy. I remember when we first got her, we went to the drive-in movies one night and I was worried about taking her because I thought she would bark. When we got home she was waiting for us at the garage door. She was a little scamp, she was always running out of the yard and terrorising the neighborhood. She loved to ride in the car. She loved to sleep with me. I'll miss you Suzie, I know you are having a wonderful time at the Rainbow Bridge with Max and Maxine. I just never thought I would lose all you guys. It just seems so lonesome without you. You don't know how much comfort you were to my mother when she was in the rest home. She looked forward to your visits. Thank you for your loyalty and love. I'll miss you always.

Meister Maxamillin Bryan - June 1997, 15 years old

Max, you were my foster child after my parents passed away. At first you did not want to be my baby but I won you over. I know you have joined them but I still miss you even though we only a few years together.

Gretchen - July 1997, 12 years, 10 months old

Darling Gretchen, We all miss you so. I am so sorry I didn't get to say goodbye. I hope you and Buddy are together now. He missed you so much that he joined you within a month. It is very hard for me to have you both gone from this earth, but I comfort myself with the thought that you have each other until I join you at the bridge.

Cinnamon Wheat - July 1997, 10 years old

We miss you more and more everyday. The first day that we saw you we knew that we had to have you. It was love at first sight. You would be proud of the legacy that you left behind. We now have four doxies. Trixie sure misses sunning with you. We wish we could have had more time with you. You suffered enough, you rest now our sweet lil' lil mon-mon. Mommy and Daddy both love you and miss you very much.

Jenni - July 1997, 14 years, 6 months old

Even though it will be three years this 31 July 31 that my family's beloved black miniature dachsie, Jenni, went to the Rainbow Bridge, everyone still misses her greatly at times. Jenni came into my family's life back in March 1984, when my mom went to a neighbor's crystal party. Mom's neighbour wanted no more to do with Jenni, so mom brought her home. Over the years Jenni went from being a timid, scraedy cat dachsie to a dachsie that was not afraid of cutting up and making a clown of herself. Sadly, in mid-July 1997, my parents discovered that Jenni had a non-cancerous tumor wrapping itself around her tummy, causing her to lose weight. My parents did not have the money to have her operated on, so the decision was made to have our dear little weiner dog put to sleep. In her last days before she died, my parents made sure that Jennie was comfortable and among friends and family.

Bridget Abbott - July 1997, 16 years, 6 months old

It has taken us this long to decide to get another pet. Losing Bridget was traumatic, even though we knew the end was coming. Bridget was the best natured dachshund I have ever encountered.

Whoever 'babysat' for her fell in love with her, and she is in pictures around the world. In the last months of her life, we walked her in a stroller because she could not walk for long distances. Many people took her picture because she was so cute. Many pictures were taken in Strasbourg, France. If anyone ever sees this who took a picture, they would recognise the situation. We all still miss Bridget, and we have a shrine on our kitchen wall consisting of her picture and several ceramic butterflies.

Buddy - August 1997, 14 years, 5 months old

Buddy, I miss you so. No one can ever take your place in my heart. You were my closest friend and I cry for you every night. Please wait for me at the bridge. I can't wait to see you again.

Ing - August 1997, 16 years, 4 months

My best friend. I miss her more each day.

Oliver- August 1997, 16 years old

Oliver, you were the light of my life. You came into my life when Julie (daughter) brought you home in 1981. You were her pet, untill she left for college in 1988. You were my companion and best friend for the next nine years. It has been one year since you went to the Rainbow Bridge, and I still miss you and think of you every day. Will meet you at the Bridge, Dad

Maxl - August 1997, approximately 15 years old

My son and I adopted Maxl when he was about 7 or 8. He was a standard longhaired red dachsie, though on the small size for a standard. He was the sweetest natured of dogs, always patient, kind and good natured, and loved by all. He charmed everyone who met him, even people who didn't like dogs. The day he died, jumping from my son's bed early one Sunday morning, was the saddest of my life. He is now buried under a buddleia tree in a corner of the land where I keep my horses. I say hello to him every day, when I go to feed the horses, and take Reuben, our latest dachsie, for a run. I know Maxl is waiting with all my other animal friends who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, and that he is peaceful and happy and that one day, I will see him again. Goodbye, darling Maxl. All my love. God Bless.

Oscar Leavelle - August 1997, 16 years old

Oscar baby, you were such a friend for 16 years. We miss you still today. You were like one of our kids - I still look for you when I come home. We have finally found another one that you would like. She will never take your place but have a place of her own in our hearts. Her name is Lizard (Lizzie) and she looks a lot like you. We will meet again someday, may God watch over you. We still love you.

Honey Girl - August 1997, 3 years, 10 months old

To my sweet Honey Girl,
After your passing I saw you in my mind's eye chasing a butterfly in a beautiful meadow. Keep playing my sweet puppy, and I'll see you again someday.
Love always, Mommy

Sissi - August 2003, 10 years, 11 months old

Dear little Sissi,
I'll miss you forever. I loved You so much - you and I were together ten years and 11 months, and I'll always remember all the fun we've spend together. All Your dogkisses, and your wonderful brown/dark eyes...

You were sick the last month of your life, (cancer). Now I hope you are in God's dogheaven together with other dachshunds. And I wish You all the best there..

In LOVE forever, your mom on earth, Marianne

Redd - September 1997, 12 years old

Redd, our little protector, we miss you. No one can know how loving and loyal you were but us.Your sisters Ginger and Bailey miss you more than their little faces can say. Thank you for 12 beautiful but short years.

Yvette, Bob, and Mom & Dad miss you every day and think of you constantly.

Mickey - September 1997, about 13 years old

Our dear sweet boy Mickey,

Back in March of 1992 our son brought us a dog from the pound. The dog's hours were counting down and our son (22 years old) felt so sad, he decided we should take in this dog. It was love at first sight. He was an older dog, no one really knew for sure. We took such good care of him. I went to the library and read up on everything about dogs. We even carried him up and down the steps and when he came to a curb in the street, he would stop and look up and wait for me to pick him up. He became ill on Sat. evening and early Sunday morning we brought him in to the emergency hospital. They kept him there because of his age. He was quite old and I think it just his time to prepare for his trip over the Rainbow Bridge - the saddest part to this story is that we (Mickey's family) all left work early to get to the doctor's office to be with our dear Mickey. While we were talking with the doctor, Mickey quietly slipped away. He waited for us, just to hear and know we were with him, and then he just died, it was so sad, I held him and kissed him and I cried and cried, I just can't get over the loss, even as I write, tears are streaming down my face, I miss that little guy so much, we gave him so much love and treated him like a child, he was such a character, he had such funny ways about him and we knew his every need. He gave us back so much more. We have his pictures all over and there's a Rainbow Bridge poem that's framed, I read it every day and hope and pray that Mickey's found all his friends just this side of heaven.

Bob and Ellen

Minnie - September 1997, 12 years old

Minnie - how wonderful she was. You are deeply missed by all of us. Dad and Mom will never replace you. I am sorry that I didn't make it home in time to say goodbye. You were a wonderful part of our family and you won't be replaced. You brought so much joy to our hearts and laughter to our home. Minnie we love you! I only hope that you knew that. Your pain is over and we place a stone on your grave to mark your strength.
I miss you and love you!


Erma - September 1997, 19 years old

Beloved Erma lived in a home full of love and tenderness. Her Mom,Jean, and Dad, Gary, miss her and hope she is happy at the Bridge.Sleep tight little Erma - happy tails.

Watson - September 1997, less than 7 years old

Watson, I love you and miss you.Even though I may not have always shown it, you meant the world to me.I didn't even know how much I cared until that day we had to take you to the vet and end the problems we couldn't afford the expensive surgery to fix. I hope your back is much better and I'll see you when I get to the Rainbow Bridge. This one always made me think of you...

The dachshund, 'though long for a hound,
And a poor conductor of sound,
Can manage to hear
The approach of his rear
By keeping its ear to the ground.

Hasen - September 1997, 15 years, 4 months old

Hasen my sweet little wheaton mini wire, you live on within my heart.

ALL I WANT (for Hasen, 5/82-9/97)

All I want is what I had with you.
Just one more yesterday,
The chance to feel and say that everything's okay.
All I want is just to see your face.
To look at you and see everything's the way it used to be. Don't you see
No one could ever be the things you were to me?
Now you're gone,
Life somehow goes on.
You're not just a memory, you were everything to me.
Now I know
Because you live in me,
It's not possible to be without a part of me, living free.
That's what you are to me.
The sparkle in the stars,
The warmth within the sun,
The flowers in the breeze.
You've helped me see all that life can be.
You lived it so fully.
Now I must do the same
To live up to the way
You always seemed to smile,
Even if it rained.
- pss

Snoops - October 1997, 7 years, 11 months

Snoops was a very wonderful pet. He was Mr Personality and everyone loved him. I miss him greatly, he was my baby. His other dachshunds friends miss him also. I look forward to the day I am with him again, so my heart will be one again.

Karli - October 1997, 14 years, 9 months old

Aust Ch Gentian Harlequin CD - Karli - Australia's first dual titled miniature long-haired dachshund has passed to the other side (CH/CD). Producing many champions along the way he will live on through his progeny.Thank you for many years of love and companionship to a true gentleman of his breed. Sadly missed Peter and Vicki and Family.

Festus - October 1997, 2 precious years old

Goodbye my little angel!

Blazer - October 1997, 5 months old

Blazer was my whole life and he was taken from my life so fast. I love and always will.

Little Miss Digit - October 1997, 8 months old

Bert Dietermeyer - October 1997, 6 years old

Dieter was indeed special. He loved everyone, he was the friendliest daschie I've ever met. The worst part of his death was that it was not necessary. He was misdiagnosed. That really hurts me and makes me feel somewhat guilty because I believed what I was told and HE paid the price. I know that Psalm 139 says 'All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be' and that does give me some comfort as I believe it applies to all our friends also. Dieter was such a wonderful daschie that God wanted to enjoy him Himself!

I only had you for 2 months, but in that time I grew to love you as if you were my own child. You were all I had with me and I am sorry that you had to leave this world so early. I love you with all my heart and I will never forget you!!!

Jenny Love - October 1997, 16 years, 7 months old

Jenny came into our family as my Mom's 50th birthday present from my Dad in June of 1981. My dad and I went to pick her out of a litter with two remaining female doxies. When I picked Jenny up she fit in the palms of my hands. The first thing she did was reach up and kiss me! Well, that's all it took! I said to my Dad, 'she's the one!' My Mom, of course, fell in love with her right away. Well, needless to say the 16.5 years we had with her was pure joy! She loved her mommy, daddy, and 'sisser'. The day we knew was the time to end her suffering was one of the hardest things we ever had to do. We were with her in the end, and it was one of the most peaceful moments - she looked up as if to say 'thank you for the fun, exciting, loving life you have given me, and thank you for realising it was time to say good-bye'. We will see you again someday, beautiful Jenny.

Love, your sisser, Lori

Chloe Vogt - October 1997, 3 years old

Chloe was a silly little red weiner dog. She ran away from home and we never saw her again, but we hope that she has found a good home somewhere on this earth. If not, we know that she is in heaven.

Dexter - November 1997, 11 years

Dexter 'The Wonder Dog', we miss you very much. You still have special place in Daddy's chair.While our hearts were broken by your loss, we are so thankful you were a part of our family.

Love,Tom, Terri, Josh, and Rebekah

Sissi - November 1997, About 15 years old

My little Sissi, who came to my home a year after Wursti left us, but I had known her for nine years prior to then. Then she was a grateful companion for six more years, giving me much relief from my previous loss. I enjoyed all those years, too, and I miss her lots, too. I hope she's joined Wursti at the Rainbow Bridge and that both are waiting for me to go meet them in the future. We all miss you.

Jessie - November 1997, 11 years, 1 month, 16 days old

My dear Jessie,I had no idea when I brought you home as a sweet little puppy, the enormous impact you would have on my life. You showed me a joy I didn't know existed. You quickly became my best friend, daughter, constant companion, my entire world. We had almost 11 years of the greatest happiness I have ever known, but your passing has caused me the deepest pain and sorrow I have known. I will never have another dog, you were my one, we shared a soul, you and I. I know you are happy and waiting patiently for me in a much better place. When I see you, I will never again let you go. I love and miss you so terribly, little 'P'. When my time comes, please be there to meet me. Just the feel of your silky hair and your kisses on my face, will tell me I am in heaven. I love you more than words can say. God Bless my little girl. With all my love, Mom.

Schnitzel - November 1997, 13 years old

In loving memory of Schnitzel, my fiercely loyal and loving little friend who is sorely missed.

Swiffles - November 1997, 14 years old

I can still remember the first day we brought Swiffles home. I was four years old and she was the first dog that I could call my own. She was so sweet and cute. She would run and play and we taught her how to do tricks. We almost lost her to heartworms as soon as we got her, but thanks to a loving vet we didn't. As years went by and we got older, we started spending less time with our little dog, whom I will always think of as a puppy. Other dogs came and went, but Swiffles was always there. All she ever wanted was some treats and some love. She hated the winter-time, because she didn't have that much fur, so we would let her sleep in the laundry room on the cold nights. She didn't like being inside otherwise. Then, the day came when she decided she didn't want to spend another winter here. She went into her doghouse and laid down, and died quietly in her sleep. She went with dignity, and that's how I'll always remember her. I know that she's waiting on me and my family at the Rainbow Bridge, and that I will see her again someday.

Marie Wilbee Taller, CDX - November1997, 17 years old

She was the sweetest little girl who ever lived! She hated horses, but loved to ride the tractor while I cut the grass. I`ll always miss her!

Rascal Grams - November 1997, 14 years old

Rascal was a rescued doxie from Virginia. He was one sweet boy, my shado. He made friends with the neighbour's kitten, Red Dog. The kitten grew up and was Rascal's best animal friend,and when Rascal passed, Red was witness and he knew and he grieved so badly that his owner took him to the vet, only to find nothing wrong him - he just missed Rascal. Then we found another doxie at the Humane Society - a six-year-old girl. Now she is my best friend and she and Red Dog (the cat) are best friends, but I will always miss my Rascal.

Noodle 'Puppy' Zey - November 1997, 13 years old

Puppy - he was a dear little angel. He was quirky and funny. We miss you very much - it's been five years and we still love and miss you a lot. I'm sorry I never got to tell you goodbye the way I wanted to and I'm sorry I didn't give you all the cookies you wanted on the day you passed away. I hope you are with all your friends at the Rainbow Bridge. We will be there soon, Pup, to be with you always. I miss your antics and you growling at me. We love you.

Shu-Shu - December 1997, 9 years old

Our friend Shu-Shu went to the bridge just two days ago. She was a sweet and loving brown girl. She lived with our friends, Teresa, Dan, Joseph, and Jacob for nine years. She was more than just a pet, she was part of the family. She filled their home with joy and all our lives with laughter. We'll miss you Shu, please wait for us at the Bridge.

Gonzo - December 1997, nine days short of 16 years old

The loss of my best friend, Gonzo, has put a permanent and irretrievable scar on my heart. He was my sunshine and my joy, he made everyday worth living. Being without him is like being without oxygen. I miss him so much. Visiting him daily at his final resting place provides little comfort other than knowing besides his lasting memory he is with me always in spirit. He was a perfect friend, a perfect confidant and a totally perfect dog. There will never be another for me like Gonzo. I love him with all my heart and I always will.Love, Mom

Shatten - December 1997, 7 years old

Shatten, my faithful, devoted, loving friend.I remember the day a friend of my brother's brought you to my house. He had found you in his Denver neighborhood. He held on to you for 3 days searching for your family. He knew I already had two doxies, Zepplin and Adolph, so he was hoping I would take you in. And since that day that tiny black and tan baby has enriched my life.

My faithful devoted loving friend, I miss you so much. Your constant chatter is gone now, the house is so quiet, without my liitle Shatten to tattletale on the other five doxies. Your delicate ways, your beautiful eyes, your handsome prance are all cherished memories now. My little girl we are so lost without you. Rest in Peace my gentle, lively, intelligent and fussy friend. We love you......Moma, Zepplin, Adolph, Rommel, Oscar, Max and your new granddaughter, Shatz.

Oscar - December 1997, 14 years old

I was only with Oscar for a short while - about four years. But when he was gone it seemed like it had been ages. I still miss the jingling of his tags when we come home, but I know that I'll see him again.

Until we meet again, I love you Oscar! Gina

Taffy - 1997, 12 years old

Taffy, you were a very special part of our family for so many years. We will always miss you, girl.

Cashew - December 1997, 5 years old

Cashew, you will forever be in our hearts and minds.We will never forget that cold winter day you left us. We were not ready to let you go but we thank the Lord that you didn't suffer.We feel so much comfort knowing that you will be protected under the Rainbow Bridge and be at peace.We love you Dooley!! Someday we will be together again!! Sweet dreams, little man!
Love always,Charlie,Annie,Ashley,Luke,and your little weiner buddies - Peanut (Piggy Lou) Dabby (Edweina) Rudy (Toots) Oscar (Hairy Biscuits). Love,Love,Love!!!

Shorty Hampton - December 1997, 4 years old

Shorty was a black-and-tan longhair. He was a rescue dog on his way to doom because he heard his own drummer. He was my special friend and I loved him very much. He was killed by a car. It was an accident but you know how you always wonder if you could have done something. I miss him so much even after three years. I have a young doxie now, but he will never take Shorty's place in my heart. He will have his own place. Thank you, Shorty, for your wonderful time with me. See you, Buddy. Love, Mom

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