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Bindy - 1996, 5 years old

You were a beatiful dog and the whole family loved you very much. Why did you have to leave us? And why so sudden? You were still young and your memory will stay in our hearts forever! You were such a harmless dog, never barked at anyone. Your Were a very,very beatiful dog and WE LOVE YOU BINDY.

Love The Donovan Family

Katy (Kate-a-Roo) Dial - January 1996, 12 years old

Dear Katy, You were my mischievious and lovable baby. I will love you forever. Even though it has been 4.5 years, I still love you, think about you and miss you.

Love always, Mom

Chris - January 1996, 9 years old

Beloved pet, friend, and teacher. You will always be loved and remembered.

Pumpkin Pie - January 1996, 9 years, 9 months old

Pumpkin Pie was a great little dog.He never let having back problems get him down and he gave so much love.

Smiley - January 1996, 15 years old

In the dedication of this site, the line about the stars and night from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is quoted. I played the Nurse in a production of this play after Smiley left us, and every night, I'd look up and pick out a star (it was an outdoor theatre), and every night I cried for him. He was my perfect buddy. He deserved to be the centre of my family's world, because everyday he taught us about love. He taught me that all animals should be respected and cherished, and I thank God we do get to share our lives with animals. Undying love for Smiley and Honey!

Clifford Howell - 1996, 9 years old

Clifford, you were as much of a Howell as any of us born into the family. I wish I could have been there to hold your paw when the time came. We all miss you. I think of you often, and I'm sure Dad does too. You brought the family closer together. We were proud that you were the friendliest, best behaved, and longest dachshund people had seen wherever you went. I hope you're romping in sunny fields and that I get to see you again someday.

Charlie - February 1996

We believe that Charlie got a dogs body by mistake because he was always in the wrong area at the right time for a good cause. God gave him that dog's body because he was not around when the human bodies were being passed out. We still love him as a human spirit though.

Weiner - March 1996, 8 years, 9 months old

In memory of my first little weenie dog, 'Weiner'. Though it's been nearly four years since we lost you, I still think of you often. You were there for me through a lot of rough times and it was a really hard decision putting you to sleep but I'm sure you would've hated not being able to run and play. It took awhile but I think we found a weenie dog as special as you were. Her name is Cocoa and she's only four months old but has become a part of the family. We buried you in our front yard and transplanted my favorite rose bush to your gravesite with a yellow daisy blowing in the wind. You will never be forgotten.

Cadeau (Kadoutjie) - April 1996, 10 years old

Gaan slapies nou Kadoutjie ...

R. Oscur Mires - May 1996, 6 years, 4 months

Beloved of Viki, John, Nana, Vinnie, and his son, R. Axel Yippensnapper, who survive him. I'm endlessly grateful that you came to lavish your relentless love on all of us, Oscur. You gave me hope when all else in this world failed to help, you loved me when no-one else would or could. I remember your face, your sweet kindly eyes, the way you kissed my tears away when they came. Your gentle soul and laughing spirit are sorely missed here...there seems to be a hole in my heart dear wienie friend! Wait for me at the Bridge...I'll be along. I'll be along.

Maximillian T. Oberon - 'Maxi' - May 1996, 4 years, 2 months old

Maxi was my sweet little angel. He was always by my side. He would do his best to protect me from my now ex-husband who was very abusive. He was a brave, loyal doxie. He was my ten-and-a-half pound hero. There isn't a day that goes by without my thinking of him and missing him terribly. He was my best friend.

Christopher Robin - May 1996, 17 years old

Christopher Robin was my first doxie. He was my constant companion for 17 years, living so much of my life with me, good and bad. Because I had him by my side, the tough times were easier to take. Chris, I miss you and speak of you often. I will never forget you. Patty

Heidi Brunhilda - May 1996, 13 years old

Heidi, I love you and miss you everyday. You gave me your unconditional love and comforted me when I was down. Thank you for 13 wonderful years - you will always be in my heart. Mommy.

Puppy - May 1996, 17 years old

Puppy was our miracle dog. Our dachshunds, Axel and Maxine, were both killed, after escaping from our yard. We found Puppy in the newspaper - it seemed no one wanted her because she had a slight defect in her coat. After we brought her home, we discovered that she was the granddaughter of Axel and Maxine. It was like getting a part of our beloved dogs back. She lived with us for 17 wonderful years. She was a kind and loving friend,and I still miss her everyday. She was my baby! Mommy loves you my good girl and I miss you very much.

Gretel Leonard - May 1996, 14 years, 8 months old

Our precious little girl. How we all loved you. Only recently have we started to watch home videos of you. And still we cry. You were our first baby before we had babies, and when the babies came, you were so kind and gentle to them. You were my shadow and I miss you every day. I do believe you guided us to our present little girl a month after you left us. We love Sophie just as much and she fills our lives with joy, but you will always be the most special, perfect baby. You are loved and missed each day. We will all be together some day. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Hilary, and Fran

Heidi Nicholls - May 1996, approximately 15 years old

Heidi- you were a blessing from God and provided me with light and happiness during some very difficult times in my life. They were very formidable years and because of your existence I am able to love. You were my certainty in uncertain times, and I will forever be grateful. I miss you daily, and my heart is filled with nothing but love for my little dachsie that could. God Bless you my sweet girl, I'll see you on the other side.
Love, Your Sister

Mollie - June 1996, 6.5 months old

From the day you came into my life you were my sweet little girl. You brought such joy to my life and such love into it as well. I will forever miss your sweet kisses when I arrived home and the sound of your little puppy snores at night. The warm place on the bed that you chose as your own is now cold and when I look at it, I think of you often. I hope you understand that what I had to do, was for your own good. I couldn't stand to see you suffer anymore. I hope you are having fun up there with all the other dogs. You always made friends so easily. I will be with you someday, my beautiful baby girl. No on could replace you. Everyone misses you so much. Just remember i love you and that someday soon, we will cross the Bridge, together. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Stacie, Uncle Mark, Fern, Charlie, and Chelsea

Sweepea Newman-West - June 1996, 1 year, 6 months old

Go with Richard now, my little one. I will dream of us playing in the park, swimming, and sleeping with you always at my feet. In my heart and in my home you remain always, my Sweepea.

Sebastian Craig - June 1996, 8 months old

Little Sebastian, you were only with me for such a short time. But during that time you displayed to me your intelligence, unconditional love, and devotion. Little Sebastian passed away three days after I buried my beloved husband. He was not sick, he died of a broken heart having been such a close companion of my husband's - he obviously wanted to be with him, too. After Sebastian passed away, friends went to all the trouble of getting Ruby (his sister) for me, and she, too, become so precious to me. Imagine my heartache after her unexpected parting on 12 June 2001, which was thesame day that my husband died in 1996. Both unique individuals, my heart still aches. See you one day soon my beautiful children. Mum will always love you and everytime I hear that song 'Don't Go' by KC and the Sunshine Band, if only I could of told you so. Greet me when I arrive, won't you.

Eli - July 1996, 9 years, 3 months old

Eli died in his sleep at age 9. When he was only two, he began having epileptic seizures, and it was suggested to me by a vet that I put him to sleep. In spite of his little problem he lived a healthy and happy life. He was kind, shy, smart, and beautiful. He was my baby.

Nacho - July 1996, 4 years, 6 months old

Nacho was a tiny six pound black and tan little girl. Her passing was very sudden and the grief does not go away. I know that we will be together again one day!

Yochie Scaccetti - July 1996, 4 years, 5 months old

My beloved Yochie,

You were my first doxie and what a little girl you were. I loved when you were in my arms snuggled in your little pink blanket and we would watch TV together. You so enjoyed riding in the car in your little fleece car seat. You looked out the window at all the cars going by and wagged that little tail of yours. I loved to take you with me wherever I went. We had many happy times together and I miss you so much. You were taken away much too soon and I only wish there were some way the little doxies backs were stronger. You are no longer in pain my love. Run and play with Madison and Vinnie and we will all be together again one day.

Mommy Eileen

Maggie - August 1996, 14 years old

Maggie was my first dachsie. I will never have another breed. She was like a baby. She loved to curl up on top of the person who looked he warmest. I got sick and during all my years of dialysis, and through two kidney transplants, she was my little angel. I have another dog, a dachsie mix, who is now 11 years old, and when Maggie died, Maxi Ann seemd to mourn more than anyone. I have to say that having another animal to turn to helps make the loss a little easier. I had never lost a pet that I was so close to.

Now I still have Maxi, along with Toby, a three-year-old black-and-tan smooth (a rescue boy), and Frederikka, three years old, a wheaten-coloured wirehair little girl. I always think of Maggie when one of the 'babies' does something! My Mom and I will debate whether or not Maggie did indeed possess that skill or terrible behaviour. The good memories will never leave and when I see her at the Bridge she will probably pee all over the floor like she did every time she saw me!

Sushi - August 1996, 2 years old

For the short time we spent, I was glad to get to know you. You were my popcorn, the best swimming, sleeping, walking buddy I ever had. I know I made fun that you were a mini/standard dachshund, but I always loved you. I hope where ever you are being treated with warmth and kindness by your new owner

Otto B. Taller, CDX - September 1996, 17 years old

He was one of a kind!

LoBoy - August 1996, 4.5 years

Where Has Lo Gone

Has anyone seen him? Oh where can he be?
I've looked all over as far as one can see.

Is he chasing tennis balls way up in the sky?
Has he grown wings so now he can fly?

Is he running and playing up high in the clouds?
Has he been united with other'dash hounds'?

Is he barking and yipping at stars that go by?
Is he looking at me saying,' please don't cry'?

I've looked all over my celestial chart -
Only to find him right here - in my heart.

After giving me a life of joy and support, my dearest Puck has departed. It is really unbelievable, how much you grow attached to such a little creature. But therefore we had shared a lot of good and bad times together. If I had a problem on my mind, I always found a patient listener in Puck. Sleep little darling, I never forget you.

Maggie May O'Spring - August 1996, 5 years, 5 months old

The passing years have not soothed the pain in our hearts nor dimmed our favorite memories of our baby. Rest, dear, sweet Maggie.

Mickey - August 1996, 18 years, 5 months old

Mickey was the most wonderful little girl around. She was always at the door waiting for me, if she had not gone with me. Never a dull moment. She always had to 'be into' something. She loved Oreo cookies and spared no expense to find them and eat them, even if they were still in the package!! She loved everyone and had a kiss for each and every visitor to my home. Even people who really did not like dogs loved my little Mickey. She was injured in the back, and I had to make the decision to ease her suffering one month before my wedding. It was the most difficult thing I ever had to do, but could not see her suffer any more. I love her so very much and miss her too. So do her three sisters and one brother (all dachshunds, different litters). She lives in all our hearts always.

Hope - September 1996, just four days old


Little girl so tiny and new,
Sleep well and dream all you will do
When you reach that gate with God standing near,
You know you are in heaven - you need have no fear.

You will grow strong and healthy in that
garden so sweet
Play chase and run with all the puppers
you'll meet.
Your eyes will be open - you will romp and play -
Chase squirrels and chipmunks and puppers today!

Your life was so short, and now you must go
To a place with sunshine, meadows,
and streams that flow.
Your family will miss you, and I shall, too:
One last kiss on the nose, I will sent to you.

Rest now, little Hope - you are in God's care.
May you grow and play, and enjoy life there.
Your short life was taken -
and you heard the call.
You will be missed - and loved by family and all.

Sleep well Hope.

by Linda Brechtelsbaur for the Cathy and John Taylor family

Barney - September 1996, about 5 years old.

I remember the day the Denver Dumb Friends League approved me to be your new daddy. From the day you came and joined me and Frisky, my only interest for you was to give you the love and understanding which your previous family was not able to. I hope that you knew how much you meant to me. Somehow, I think you did know. I know that you loved me as you loved no other in your life. I ache when I think that you died as a result of something that was meant to protect you, and that you relied on me to ensure that protection was always there. I feel that I have betrayed your trust in me, even though I know intellectually that it was not my fault. I hope that you will forgive me. Someday, with time, I will join you where you are now. When I come to you, I know that you will be just as happy to see me as I will be to be re-united with you. I know that the day will come when I will be able to look back to today, and the tears will no longer flow as they are right now, but I know that you will understand that it doesn't mean I love you less. My Beloved Barney. Sleep peacefully my friend, and know that I love you.

Schnitzel - September 1996, 15 years, old

'Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you...I loved you so 'twas heaven here with you.' Isla P. Richardson

With loving memories of Schnitzel and her friend, Ginger Gone but not forgotten.

Doc - September 1996, 4 years old

Doc, I still miss you! I have two new dachs now, but they can never take your place. You were a daring little wild child. I LOVE YOU!

Always, Mom

Hans E. Bartz - September 1996, 14 years old

Dearest Hansie,

Your pure, selfless devotion and love will always live in our hearts. You always had a way of putting your family before yourself.

We bless you when we walk past your little grave stone in the back yard. Go with God now.


Mercedes (Sadie Mayflower) - October 1996, 4 years, 5 months old

Sadie, Lady, Pretty Baby - how does one describe such a unique sprit? You came into our life by chance, through a Sunday drive and a newspaper clipping advertising dashie puppies. When we pulled into the kennel I was told that under no circumstances were we getting another dog, we were just there to look. You were the first and the last puppy I saw in the litter before begging my parents to reconsider.

We held on to you for four happy years. You were the most gentle of dogs. When you expressed joy, (which you did every time a familiar face appeared), your whole body would wag. You possessed such pure happiness, regardless of the situation. If I cried, you’d lick my face and if I laughed you would bark and dance.
Such pureness does not last forever. As a result of an accident as a puppy, you developed seizures. We didn't even see it coming, one massive seizure and you crossed to the Bridge. My beautiful girl, we miss you so much, still after all this time your memory remains in our hearts. We Love you, Honey.

Fritz George - November 1996, 15 years old

We miss you Fritz!!!!!

We can't find words for our grief...

With love, Greg, Julie, Ashleigh, Caitlin, Reilly

Minnie - December 1996, exactly 15 years, 6 months old

Our dog Minnie was precious. She had three older sisters who loved her so very much. We all looked at her as our 4th younger sister. She was human to us in a certain way that owners have with their dogs. I don't think I'll ever find a kind of friend I had in her. She listened to us when we cried, she played with us, she'd even sit and chew her rawhide bones while her sister, April, played the piano. She was something that no words could describe. She was definitely spoiled. She loved all of us (family of 5) so much. She was a big pig and loved to eat. Her favortite candy bars were whoppers. If she heard whoppers being shaken or smelled them she'd come running. As well she came from an Italian family. Her favorite entree was my mom's homemade spaghetti dinners. She always had a bowl after we were all finished eating. Minnie struggled with epilepsy her whole life. She seemed to have about five seizures a year. She loved to hunt. When I was younger, my sisters and I raised rabbits. Minnie actually ended up getting hold of two and killing them. As well she loved getting possums, garden snakes and even managed getting one racoon. She didn't like the water too much. Although sometimes in the hot summers my sisters and I would put her in the pool with us. Her favorite thing to do on cold Sunday afternoons was to lie with my dad, watch football games all day and eat salami. Although it has been a few years since she has passed we all look back and miss her very much. She was a wonderful part of all of our lives and she will always have a very special part in our hearts. She was our true PRINCESS!!

Max - December 1996 - almost 15 years old

Max Koether who shared my life for almost 15 years. You gave me love every single day without fail and helped me get through difficult times. You were my very best friend. Romp and play, little guy, and Mom will be there before you know it.

"Heidi-bird" - Christmas Day 1996, Age 4(?)

We found you when we moved into our new home;
You were starved, lonely, and tired.
We fed you, got rid of your ticks and fleas,
You stole our hearts.
11 pounds of fierce loyalty, love and spirit.
Twice the heart of dogs double your size.
Crashing through the woods with the big dogs,
No one could mistake who was The Boss.
We know why wiener-dog people are fanatics,
We are now, too; we miss you so much.
Keep all the big dogs in line, play hard and
Wait for us by the Rainbow Bridge.
All our love little cinnamon girl, your mom and dad.

Emily and Gary Mahannah

Mahogani - December 1996, 4 years, 8 months, 24 days old

Mahogani was a beautiful black and mahogany female, who was born on my birthday! She loved being a mommy. She loved being a mommy to anything even if the real mother was around, she would find a way to worm herself into mothership - kittens, rabbits, puppies, stuffed animals! Mahogani was a real mother as well. She had her first litter when she was three and had five beautiful pups. She loved them even after they went to their new homes. She had visitation rights and the babies homes were inspected before they could go. She was very proud of her babies. Even though she wanted to be a mommy again her next season we didn't let her. She let me know her displeasure to that by trying to steal someone elses puppy. So her next season we did breed her. She was four. The baby was still born and Mahogani was heart broken. She didn't want me to take the baby away. We ended up letting her sleep with her baby through the night. The next morning we buried her baby on the farm. Mahogani never recovered from her broken heart. Our vet checked her out, physically she was fine. But three days later Mahogani chose to go to the Rainbow Bridge with her baby. That night she went to where her baby was born and layed down to sleep. My vet does tell me dogs can die from a broken heart. Words cannot express our pain for Mahogani or her baby. Her joy to us we immense! We think ofter of her happiness and ours. We will always love and remember her until we all meet and cross the Rainbow Bridge together again. Kisses and hugs!

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