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Oscar - September 1995, 5 years old

Oscar - forever in our hearts!

Pepper Klaiber - September 1995, 15 years old

My sweet big guy. I remember the day dad brought you home - you were a mess, didn't know how to bark. I took you in my arms, looked you straight in the eye and fell in love. It didn't take you long to fit in - Cinny just loved you, you became 'the boys' to everyone. You learned to bark and never stopped. I will never forget you. You are at the Bridge with Cinny, Frankie, Fred, and Chucky. The only way I feel peace in my heart is to know you are all together. I love you big guy and I always will. My Pina Pina.

Love Mom oxox

Schatze - October 1995, 14 years old

My best friend ever. For 14 years she was by my side or at my feet. My little sweetheart left for the Rainbow Bridge on October 12 1995 in her favorite 'bye-bye' blue t-shirt along with a bag full of toys, chewies, treats, a blanket and a picture of her family. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her and hope that someday I will see her again. RIP little Schatze. You are loved and missed so much.

Bridget - October 1995, 5 years old

Amanda's precious pat-paw, mourned always. She sleeps under a giant snail shell - a little boat which carried her to the Ship that took her to the Rainbow Bridge.

Max - October 1995, 10 years old

Shortly before Christmas, my family had to put our beautiful dachy baby to sleep. That I believe, was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. Max wasn't a dog...he was a member of the family. He didn't have paws...he had hands and feet...fingers and toes...personality and intelligence. Those are the things I will miss about him the most. There is, however, one person who suffers from this loss more than I...she is my mother...his I do this as much for her as for Max's honour. Max was our dearest friend and the best companion; he lived and breathed for us. We will never forget him and will forever grieve his passing. Love you Mackie, Max, Oopie.... Carol's Maximilian of York

Dandi - October 1995 - 5 years old

We will always miss your bright smile and loving hugs. I still see your face everytime I look into your mother's eyes. We will always miss you. Play hard with Gretchen, Gus, and Puppy and watch for us to arrive at the Bridge so that we can all cross over together!

Skeeter - November 1995 - 5 old

Thank you for sharing your 5 years with us. We think of you every day and tears still wet our pillows. Play hard at Rainbow Bridge and keep watching for us.

Winnie - December 1995, 5 years, 5 months old

Our dear Winnie, we know you and Nana have shared many lifesavers. Please don't beg too much. You were a great fishing and hiking buddy. You are the only reason Sarah is the dog lover she is. Thank you for helping her heal.And we all healed easier knowing you crossed that bridge with Nana. We now have Jazzy. We won't make the mistakes with her that cost your life. We hope everyone knows the importance of weight control in the "wiener dogs" and how just a few pounds can mean the difference between life and death of the beloved family member. Jazzy is tiny, you would have loved her.She,like you gets her nightly 'wild hares' and runs the house. She, like you, loves kids. She like you love to travel, camp, and fish.But unlike you, she has no fear of strangers.

We will always miss you. Paige, Scott and Sarah

Flopsy - December 1995, 12 years old

My Friend Your compassion was so evident in your eyes, I trust it was evident in mine that last moment of your life. Two times a day, five days a week, you went to the school house with me to drop off and pick up your 'brother' and 'sister'. You have laid on my bed so many times while I cried over a teenager gone astray. I know you understood I was afraid. You tried so hard to comfort. And you did. Flopsy, I pray that you know I loved you! I hated to have you put down, but I could see no other way. You were so miserable, your tired old body had become a stranger to you, refusing to do what you told it to do. I know you Flopsy, I know that was humiliating to you. I am sorry if I let it go on to long. The thing I am sorriest for for is when the vet tried to stick the needle in you and you jerked and he snatched at your little foot and spoke harshly to you and I just stood there, too afraid to say anything to him. You would have never done that old girl. You would have defended me to death. I'm so sorry. I love you and miss you terribly three years later. Mama

Ginger - December 1995, 9 years, old

'Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you...I loved you so 'twas heaven here with you.' Isla P. Richardson

With loving memories of Ginger and her friend, Schnitzel Gone but not forgotten.

Sweet Lula-Puppie - Christmas Day 1995, 4 years old

lula.gif 17.3

SWEET LULA-PUPPIE (based on a true story)
There once was a doggie named Sweet Lula-Puppie who lived in Houston, Texas. She was born rather homely looking, but did not know it and was a very happy pup. At 6 weeks old she went to the pet store with several of her siblings. A couple named Karen and Bill went window shopping when they came upon Sweet Lula-Puppie. They pitied her, but certainly were not about to buy her. After all, they had 4 doggies and did not need another one!

A lot of time had passed when Karen and Bill went window shopping again. Sweet Lula-Puppie was now 7 months old. All the cute puppies had gone to good homes. She was the only one left and in spite of this, she was still a happy pup. She knew that God had just the right family intended for her and she was willing to wait for them.

This was Sweet Lula-Puppie's lucky day! Karen and Bill decided they wanted to be her new mommy and daddy after all. They could not bear to see her locked up anymore. They took her to the vet and he gave her shots, but she didn't care because she was going home. Then they introduced Sweet Lula-Puppie to her new brother and sisters, Frankie, Patty, Obi, and Suzette. Suzette was a bit jealous because she had been the baby of the family until now. Later they became the best of friends.

Mommy and Daddy noticed Sweet Lula-Puppie could not walk very well. She would fall with every step, but she kept on trying. After about a week she was able to walk without falling very much. Then she had to learn to jump on the couch and bed. This took a bit longer, but she persevered. Eventually she could jump up all by herself. She also taught herself to sit up and beg for carrots; one of her favorite treats.

Mommy and Daddy loved Sweet Lula-Pupppie very much. Sometimes they called her Sweet-Pea because she was so sweet and so small. Rarely did she bark. Everyone who met her favored her. If you scratched her neck she would be your friend and sit on your lap.

Several blissful years passed with her new family. They spent many delightful sunny days playing in their big back yard. There was a large pond with fish and shady trees with birds. Sweet Lula-Puppie loved to run and run until she could run no more. She also loved to take long naps in the warm sun and dig a little in the dirt. Chewing bones and romping with her brother and sisters were her favorite pastimes too.

Then one day in late December, while Mommy and Daddy were at the movies, Sweet Lula-Puppie found a box of chocolates under the Christmas tree. She ate the whole thing. She did not know it would make her sick. Santa had wrapped a bone for her, but she had opened the wrong gift. Mommy and Daddy had to rush her to the hospital, but it was too late...Sweet Lula-Puppie perished on Christmas day.

Mommy and Daddy and her brother and sisters were so very sad and cried for days. Then they remembered that all doggies go to heaven! She was their little angel puppy now! Sweet Lula-Puppie was never afraid to die. She knew that she would be in heaven with Jesus for eternity. Together they would stay close to her family and watch over them wherever they went. Even though they could not see her, they could talk to her and she would listen, as she always had in the past.

She wants them to know she is waiting patiently and will be the first one to welcome and embrace them when they go to heaven.

The Happy Ending

Gypsy (Her Royal Majesty) - December 1995, 15 years old

Although it's been five years since Gypsy went to the Bridge, I miss her as much now as I did the very first day. Gypsy was in my life for 15 years. She was and always will be my best friend and best 'bud'. She was as crazy about me as I was about her. She was a very sweet and loving fur baby. Gypsy was friends with everyone (especially with her grandma). Although she was in my arms at the end, I know that when it's my turn I will see her again at the Bridge. Gypsy was truly an inspiration, a best friend, and a loving little dog (for dachshunds are just big dogs in little packages). Bigga G, I love you and miss you and I know you love me and miss me just as much. You are gone from this earth, but not from my heart, and you will always be loved and remembered! Michael

Casanova - December 1995, 8 years old

Although Casanova entered the Rainbow Bridge in 1995, he is still dearly missed and loved. He lived up to his name - strutting around the neighbourhood and everybody knew him by his name.

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