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Heidi - 1993

Pepper - January, 1993, 13 years

Dear Pep, remember that snowy day in 93? Where did you go? I loved you so much Pepper! There's not a day goes by that I don't think of you! You were so full of love, Pepper! I miss you SO MUCH!!!!!! I will love you always, my little Pepper dog. Run free and play my dearest Pepper. I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge some day!! Tim.

Dudley - January 1993, 14 years old

To Dudley, the Greatest Friend of All : that grief which cannot speak,which transcends all words, all tears and expression, whispers the o'er fraught heart and bids it break. And when my time on earth is through and I am asked to recall the greatest Joy, the greatest Friend, the greatest Love of them all, I shall say, buddy, I remember you. My heart is shattered. I shall love you for an eternity. God, please take care of my baby. Love always, Terry.

Hexe - February 1993, 15 years

Restless night...moonlight hitting the strange shapes of snow banks. Silver reflections with dark shadows breaking the oneness. Silver like the snow in the moonlight was the hair in her muzzle. It is three years to the day that Hexe fell asleep for the last time. How can love hurt so much?

I look at the spot where I put her that day, wrapped in her favourite blanket in a little box that I made only days before. Yes I knew before, because the hole was dug in the fall. I knew the time was near and so did she.

She was, no - she is - they greatest dachshund there ever was. A long hair standard with more hair than a bear, a true northern hound who enjoyed the snow and was never cold. Cold like she was when I laid her to rest on that little knoll just beside they forest, that was her favourite place in the last years of her life. Not to far from the house but not to far from the bush, that she loved and where she would come alive. Just between dependence and freedom that is her place. Hexe I miss you.

My friends take care of your hounds, especially the ones with silver in there muzzles - the ones we have to let go all to soon. It does hurt. Love them while you can.

Sheena Marie - March 1993, 9 years old

Every one called her 'Baby Jaws' but they really knew just how really sweet she was. I love you, Sheena, and I will see you again along with your and Boo's little son, Baby Spud.

Woofits Muthucumaru - April 1993, 15 years old

Sammy Booberdog - May 1993, 11 years old

It's been so long, Booberhead, but it still feels like yesterday. I'm so sorry I didn't realise how sick you were until it was too late - even Dr Jones was sad he couldn't save you. Please forgive me Pookie. You left us so quickly, and we miss you so much. Car rides aren't as fun without you behind the wheel.
Tuffy will be going to the Bridge soon. I know you two didn't get along all the time, but be the gentleman you always were and make sure he finds the rest of the family. We love you all, and look forward to seeing you again, and give you big boober kisses and tummy rubs.

Prunella Taylor - June 1993, 6 months old

Precious girl, I was there when you came into this world, all wrinkled like a prune. Then you became so beautiful, it almost hurt to look at you. We tried to deny what our hearts what we already knew: you were already three-fourths an Angel, not truly meant for this world for very long. When we learned you had mega esophagus, we accepted you were truly God's. I should like to think most of your time here was happy, for you tried so very hard. 'Dear, tell them, that if eyes were meant for seeing, then beauty is its own excuse for being.'

Sammy - August 1993, 12 years old

I love and miss you booberhead-pookie-boy. Play ball..

Joshua the Great - October 1993, 6 years old

Josh, you were my first dachshund son, and I still feel the loss of you years later....Not a day goes by with out me thinking of you. Josh, you started me on my love of the dachshund, and for that, along with many other things, I thank you. I look at your drawing every day....I hope you will be there to see me, and the others one day....your pal, your dearest friend, and your love, Stephanie

Brutus, A.K.A. Brubru - October 1993, 13 years old

Brubru was my baby for now and ever. It was immediate love for both of us. Bru, I miss you sooooo much. I think of you EVERY day and will NEVER forget you. I do hope indeed there is Rainbow Bridge and that you and Ras and Cas and I are all together again.

Ana - November 1993, 15 years, 4 months

Ana was my very first pet as an adult.I found her at my local humane society when she was about 3 years old. She was the smartest dog I'd ever owned, and I'd had quite a few as a child.But she was my first dachshund, and I was hooked from then on. I now have two more, one almost the same age Ana was when she went to the Rainbow bridge but fortunately she seems in fairly good health so far.I still miss Ana even after four years, and feel as if I lost a child.

Leroy - November 1993, 18 years old

Leroy was a stray who came to live with me in 1978. No one knew how old he was, but the vet and I thought he looked about three. He was a very quiet, gentle soul, and he loved to burrow under the blanket to sleep and chase his tennis ball to play. I have never seen a more mellow dog. Once, he saw a cat and ran after it through a hole in the back fence. He ran down an easement to the next block and saw that the front door was open to the house on the corner. I gave chase and was amazed to find that he had gone into the house, jumped up on the sofa, and had gone to sleep on the lap of the house's owner. We all had a good laugh over that incident. Leroy lived a good and full life and finally passed away from the effects of old age. He will always live on in my memory, and I know he is doing well wherever he is. Sleep tight, Leroy - until we meet again.

Dooley - November 1994, 13 years, 1 month old

I received Dooley as a Christmas present in December 1981. I first saw him under a laundry basket! Dooley's nicknames include 'Bodacious' (which means 'noteworthy') and 'Doolmeister', among others. Dooley's favorite pastime was licking. He loved to lick Mama's toes and I miss that! Dooley was a tweenie-sized red smooth haired doxie. He could be a naughty dog at times, but like a typical doxie, he got under my skin and I couldn't give him up. You are missed, Dooley. Be sure and meet Mama at the Bridge someday.

Sausage - December 1993, 5 years, 1 month old

It has been nearly seven years since you made the trip to the Rainbow Bridge and another dachsie, Copper, sits beside me as I write this but I miss you still. We totally understood each other, you and I, and totally loved. Sausage, you will always be in my heart!

Billy-Jo - 1994, 5 years old

Poor Billy, we still miss you. Your back went and there was no hope. Paralysis was complete and extensive. Your great granddaughter delights us all and has your sweet nature. Never forgotten.

Trudy - January 1994, 16 years old

Trudy,you were the one that helped me to get up each day when I was diagnosed with cancer. I can still hear your bark in the morning reminding me that I need to get up. You helped me in so many ways that year of treatment. I survived but you could not . Your age caught up with you. I still think of you.

Boz - January 1994, 5 years 7 months old

To Boz, the dog that changed my life, taught me patience,love and to be nonjudgemental.I miss his loving eyes, that said everything and conversations we had. There was and answer to every problem. His greetings when I would come in and the love he gave me in all things - totally unconditional love. No one or thing will replace him, he lives today in my heart as each moment passes, someday we will be together again.

Pepe - January 1994, 12 years old

Pepe was the first dachshund our family kept for more than a year or two because he had such a great temperament. He would play with other people's dogs who came to visit. He didn't bite kids even when they would corner him under a table because they wanted to play with him. He loved to play during the early part of his life. Later on he was a better cuddle dog than anything. He learned the word 'cookie' so that we had to spell it so as not to get him all excited. Soon enough, he learned what the spelling meant too. Pepe left us one night in January of 1994 when some neighbor's Rottweilers came into our yard and decided he was something to pick up and shake. I still cry every time I remember the last time I saw him before my parents took him to the emergency pet hospital. I told him it was okay, dad would fix everything. Unfortunately the vet was unable to save him and my parents had to make the terrible decision to send him on to the Rainbow Bridge. I can't wait to see him there again!!!!

Sammy Joe - January 1994, 6 years, 3 months old

Your Mommy and I miss you still. You will always be in our hearts. It's difficult sometimes, even now, to hold back the tears from the loss of a very special and loving companion. I'm sorry I couldn't help you that night when you left us, but we hope to cross the Rainbow Bridge with you one day...

Shani - February 1994, 15 years old

Shani was a wonderful, unique, loving and intelligent standard long-haired dachshund. She was as much a part of our family as the children. Shani adored walks and the highlight of her life was probably a 110 km 7 day hike along the coast with her 'Mum' and 'Dad'.

Shani, even though it's been 12 years since you left this earth, we think of you almost every day. We often look at your photos and talk about the wonderful friend that you were to us all.

Bubbles - February 1994, 11 years old

My precious little soulmate; I am missing you so much; there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and yearn for your sweet kisses. I will never have a little soulmate like you. Be strong little one and wait for me; I will be coming to the Rainbow Bridge someday; link up with Lady Anne, Trinka and Heidi to wait for me; you will like them. Love, Mommy

Hobbs - February 1994, 7 years old

Hobbs was my little angel. He was only with us a short time, and he was actually my daughter's, but I loved him more. He had a back disorder and the vet said surgery was not an option. I miss him so much. He was my Hobby-dog. I now have Hali, and I love her so. She is showing signs of the same disorder, and I sit here tonight crying, begging God not to take her from me, too. Please pray for us. I have no one else. Hobbs I love you - Hali I need you.

Sally#2 - March 1994, 18 years old

Sally #2, we really do miss you and your sisters so much. I know you and your sisters are having a good time with each other. You are finally back together again.


Marco Polo - April 1994, 12 years, 1 month old

This is to my little boy who gave us cheer, love, laughter, and bonding. Marco you made us a family when we were just starting out, made us laugh if we were sad. You gave us hope when you healed quickly from sickness. You gave us the upmost meaning of love as we went through our life. You are sorely missed by your loving family, but you still live dearly in our memories and our lives.

Fritz - June 1994, 4 years old

'Fritz', with his sweetheart, 'Little Bit', - they are both together now at the Rainbow Bridge ... running and playing together ... together ... forever ... how they are both missed can never be put into words ...

Gudrun Taylor - June 1994, 15 years, 6 months old

You always tried to be SO dignified, so haughty, but your dear loving heart always came through. God let your physical self stay a long time with us that was not long enough.

On your passing, I told you, when you wake, you WILL BE YOUNG AGAIN. Dearest Gudrun, most noble of people. Our hearts enfold you still.

Sandy and Binky - June 1994, 13 years old

My sweet Sandy and Binky,
It's been almost ten years since you left us, and we miss you more each day. Thank you for your unconditional love for the 13 years we shared our home and hearts with you both. How we loved you!
Mom and Chris

Rhone Whispering Jack, 'Jack' - June 1994, 2 years, 6 months old

Jack was such a special dog and was loved by all who came in contact with him. He developed a terrible disease that was literally eating him from inside. For two-and-a-half years Jack changed our lives and they will never be the same again. What an impact he made. It is now 10 years since this darling dog died and still I get tears just thinking about him. VALE, DARLING JACK.

Bruce - July 1994, 16 years, 6 months old

My sweet, wonderful Bruce who left us over 4 years ago and who I still miss every day. I've never had a better confidant, anyone who was a better listener, and a great big brother to Sabrina and Teeana!I will never forget you and you will always be in my heart. Love, Mom

Tabatha - July 1994, 8 years old

Tabatha, we've known each other before, and will meet again. No person or pet has ever touched my heart and soul as you did. When you left, my heart was broken, and I still miss you deeply. I wish I could have been a better mom to you. Gaia says 'Hi'. I also know you are not alone, Izzy prepared the way for you, and Muffin followed. So, you have friends to play with with, and that makes me happy. I look forward to being with you again, Tabby-woo. 'On the good ship, Lollypop, It's a sweet trip to the candy shoppe, Where bon bons play, On the road called Peppermint Way' Love, Mom

Dutchess Heidi Schwibs - August 1994, 9 years, 6 months old

Dutchess was so in love with life. I never knew a living creature that loved life more. It radiated from her, and she taught me how precious life and love are. She was truly a gift from above. She showed our family how to cling to it even in times of despair. She was active her whole life. She lost her master, but we took her to the funeral parlor so she would never jump up again to hear the car door slam, expecting to see my father. She squealed with grief indescribably, but she carried on. This was the same dog who couldn't eat or sleep when my father was away on business. She lived seven more years, never forgetting him or the precious joy it is to be alive. She was so emotional. My next dachsie will be named Solace in honor of Dutchess. She comforted me my whole childhood into adulthood, reminding me how life is so worth holding on to even admidst great pain. Thank you Dutchess.

Love always, Krista

Ch Hypoint King Luther MS 'Lutherman' - September 1994

Very loved, left me too young an age, always remembered!

Sir Simon - September 1994, 2 years old

My dear Sir Simon Fitzgerald. I see you often in my dreams and miss you so very much. I still shed tears quite often because you where my little man, my soulmate and friend. Your size wasn't measured when you stood up for me as my personal guard dog when strangers came too close for your comfort. I love you still and look forward to meeting you at your happy home at the Rainbow Bridge. I know we will show each other off once again when that time comes and rest and play together like we did. Your death was tragic and I still blame myself for letting you venture to close to that road in front of our house. My hands laid on you as you took your last breath and we both cried. In your memory I have opened a piece of my heart of to Sir Simon the II but the part of my heart you touched and protected belongs to you and only you. Your 'human' brothers think of you often as well and I have shared the comforting story of the Rainbow Bridge with them as well. Until we meet again, I refuse to say goodbye my friend. Play and spread joy in your home there and as you must know, I will never forget you....

Sandy - September 1994, 1 years, 6 months old

Tiny Tippy - November 1994, 16 years old

My dear little Tiny Tippy You came into my life a month after my dad passed away. You could always tell when I was depressed. You wiped away my tears and told me that it was okay to cry.

It's been four years but it seems like only yesterday that you went to the Bridge. Till we meet again, know that I will always love you.


Megan King Tyler - November 1994, 13 years old

It's been almost six years since you left me, Megan. I still think about you every day. I know you are in a better place. I will always miss you.

Love, Mom

Wolfgang - 1994, 17 years old

My little man who believed he was a person in a red fur coat. There never was or ever will be another like you.

Elena - November 1994, 6 years, 2 months old

Elena was my beloved baby Girl. She was as dear as the sun on a warm day...I will miss her forever...Her mother, Stephanie

Fritz Stephens - December 1994, 13 years, 6 months old

Fritz was a joy and brought much happiness into our lives. We will miss him and think of him each day of our lives.
his mom, Barbara

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