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Guildenstern of Estenshire, Heidi - 1983, 14 years

Dear Heidi, You were our second precious dachshund; you were totally Daddy's girl and wonderful when Julie came; after that you were Julie and Dad's girl; I loved you always and had to step back to let you have the space to love well; which you did. We all have been missing you since you went to the Bridge and still talk about you.

Fraulien, 1983 14 years, six months old

Goodbye my first friend. When I was two you came into my life. When I was 16, you left it. I will never forget the times we played together. You let me paint your toenails, and dress you up in doll clothes, even though I'm sure you didn't always enjoy it! You calmed my fears (and vice versa) when there were thunderstorms during the night. You went away one day while I was at school, and I never got to say goodbye. I am saying it now. I loved you very much, and love you still. I will see you again some day at the Bridge. Kelly

Krypto - 1983, 13 years old

Krypto, I got you for my tenth birthday. You went through so much with me. You grew up right along with me. Saw me through my teen-aged trials and tribulations. My good and bad times. You saw me grow into a man and join the Navy and leave you behind with Mom and Dad with tears in our eyes each time we had to leave one another. You knew it was your time. You waited until you were alone to pass. I wish I could have been with you. I love and miss you my little man. I know you'll waiting for me.

Krypto has been joined at the Rainbow Bridge by I'Chaya and the sister he never met, Killain.

Fritz Heinreich of Gingerbread - March 1983, 14 years old

Our dear little Fritzie went to the Rainbow Bridge with kidney failure - there is still a big hole in our hearts for you, our dear and loving champion. We miss you still and you're always in our thoughts.
Mom and Dad

Sandy of Windy Hill - April 1983, 14 years old

This is in loving memory of my weenie dog, Sandy. I had him from just a puppy until he passed on at the age of 14. He was a very clever and smart dog and was not afraid to protect me or any other member of my family. He is sorely missed, even now.

Snoopy - May 1983, 13 years old

Snoopy came into my life when I was just five years old. He was my first pet, and will always hold a special place in my heart. It has been 21 years since he left this earth, but he has remained in my family's hearts and minds ever since.

He was a true doxie to the core - a black-and-tan with an attitude! He would entertain us for hours with his machismo and bravado. Cornering German shepards, taking on doberman pinschers, even discovering a den of rattlesnakes, this guy was tough stuff! In May of 1983, at the age of 13, Snoopy gathered all of his toys around him and died peacefully in his sleep. He will forever be missed by those who loved him.

Casey - June 1983, 2 years old

My dad brought Casey home when he was six weeks old - I was just seven years old. We bonded, the two of us, and words just cannot describe our loyalty to each other. I left Casey when he was 11 years old to venture off to college. I would come home every weekend, always knowing and expecting Casey to greet me at the door, barking and wagging his tail furiously! In June of 1983 as I walked through the door, there was an eerie silence. I saw my mom sitting on the back deck, obviously avoiding my next question. When I asked where Casey was, I saw her drop her head into her hands. I immediately knew... Casey's health (or heart) had begun to suffer three months earlier in March when his buddy, Angel, a white haired German Shephard, was put to rest due to health problems. To compound Casey's grief, my father, who took Angel to the vet that day, had suffered a fatal heart attack six hours after having Angel put down. All of the sudden, Casey's world, and his buddies, had changed forever. He was comforted by his mommy, (my mom), as he tried to comfort her too. But Casey wouldn't leave his dark solace from underneath the couch as mom and I coaxed him to at least go outside. I think he was dying from a broken heart. His will just wouldn't carry him any further. To this day, my mom won't own another dog in memory of her little buddy. We just know that Casey is again with Angel and Daddy, with Daddy throwing the ball... In memory of Casey, he was such a kindred soul... I miss you,love you, and always remember you, my childhood friend - Marie

Cinny Klaiber - July 1983, 3 years old

My darling, very first doxie. It has taken me many years to find the right words to express my love for you. I felt so responsible for your leaving me so soon. As long as I live I will never stop loving you, I will never forget how you loved me, please please wait for me at the Bridge. I love always and forever.

Mom oxox

Terri - August 1983, 4 years old

My baby Terri

You were taken away on that summers day. It devistated our family and friends but also the man that accidently hit you. We will love you forever.

Missy Marie Smith - October 1983, 9 years old

Missy was the first doxie we had following ou marriage. She turned out to be puppy mill dog. I am so glad we were able to buy her and give her nine good years. Missy, our marrige has lasted 28 years and we have owned four doxies since you, and rescued a homeless doxie boy who we gave to my parents.

Tinker - November 1983, 13 years old

Tinkie-wink! You are the dachsie of my young adult years. Someone thought you were too much trouble and so, you came to me. You were a fine, refined southern lady (except when you would hide under the bed - just out of reach - to bark!). You and Sassy were my friends, loves and confidantes during some rough years. When we finally came home to roost, you were the quiet one; your gentleness and love carried me through. It has been 20 long years since you left me and I still miss you terribly. Please - be at the Bridge when I get there. My Friend . . .

Charlie Brown - 1984, 14 years

Dear Charlie Brown came to live with us Halloween night, 1970. He was so tiny, and his tail was like a little string. His mama was a pretty red dachsie and dad was a black dog. Charlie was black with red overtones, so he appeared to be the color of fine African ebony when the sun shone on his coat. Charlie slept with me when I could sneak him into my bed. He loved to sit up and beg for up to 20 minutes at a time. He could sit up, wag his tail, and bark all at once! As with all dachshunds, he had a deep bark that belied his small size. In that little chest beat the heart of a lion. He loved people, but took his watchdog duties seriously. At the end of his life, Charlie had trouble with his digestion. Mom would fix him eggs and toast just to get him to eat. He slipped away quietly at the age of 14, asleep in the laundry room. It was an easy, painless passing for this little sweetheart. Goodbye, Charlie, I loved you so!

Freda - June 1984, 11 years old

Freda was a wonderful and loving dachshund. She was the first dog I remember. I helped her through her first litter of puppies and had great joy in being her sister! I hope she's very happy. She loved Fritos!

Cricket Metcalf - September 1984, 15 years old

Dear Cricket,

I have thought of you so often over the years. I lost your daughter at age 16, your son at age 19. We now have a sweet dachsy named JR and a spicy one named Molly. But you were the first and most special. We will always remember you and always love you.

Jan and JD

Peanut (a.k.a. Booga) - September 1984, 13 years old

I received my first dachsie, Peanut, for my sixth birthday. How I squealed with joy! That first day I knew we would grow together and have great memories. We enjoyed your quirks of chasing birds that flew through the yard and ripping up a piece of sod when you were mad you didn't catch them. You completely dismantled three cords of firewood with your nose to reach a mouse in the pile. Did we laugh. You bit the meter-reader when he came in the yard...poor man didn't know your bones were burried there. I enjoyed taking you on walks and playing with fuzzy toys. I giggled when you ripped apart the dashboard of the car when the attendant of the gas station tried to wash my windows. Your sexual attraction for pillows was a hoot. You loved people food way too much. Thirteen years was not long enough for you to be in my arms. I miss your paws that smelled of Fritos, your warm kisses when I snuggled you off to bed, and taking baths together. I knew you were sick when you approached 12 years and would never let you suffer. I miss you terribly!! I was 19 years old when you left. I cried like a baby during my mother's bridge party when I heard the bad test results. Now 38, I still have dachsies in my life but granted...they are not like you. I will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge someday. I will be calling, 'Booga! Booga! Boogaaa!!' which excited you terribly, and wait with open arms :) I will always love you Peanut!!

Love Suzie B.

Sassy - November 1984, 13 years old

My little red flitter - Sass-a-Fras - how I miss you even now. You were Tinker's polar opposite: she was black and tan, you were red; she was quiet and loved laps, you just wanted to run, play and be on the go. Always - a best friend with trust written all over your face. Sometimes - years after you were gone - I often wondered if I loved you enough. Today I can answer that with a resounding 'yes'! You were the one who made me smile - life was for living, playing, loving, and tail-wagging! Twenty years later, I still miss you terribly, my happy friend. Although I cry because you are no longer here, I smile as I see you run through the fields of heaven with your ears in the breeze, your face to the Bridge - waiting. Be patient - you who never sat still - I will be there to hug you and throw your toys again.

Lulu - November 1985, 12 years old

I miss you, Lulu, very very much.

Tess - August 1985, 3 years old

Dear Tess

Eventually our hearts healed enough for us to risk loving another dachshund and you came along. We thought you were our baby and so did you. You slept in a bassinet with your own mattress that we had made for you as well as designer sheets. Most of the time though, you slept with one of us. We spoiled you beyond belief and that was our own downfall. Being able to get what ever you wanted from us made you put on to much weight and we had to put you on a strict diet - you got down to being trim and terrific again and felt much healthier and being much thinner meant that you could run. We took you to our sister's farm for some fresh afternoon air, when you spotted cows close up for the first time in your life. You looked so cute trying to round them up - we weren't going to tell you that you were not a cattle dog. But then you slipped a disc in your back, it paralised you from the middle down. The vet tried everything to help - we even took you to an expert in doggy spines in another state - it was no good. The vet said there was nothing more to do and told us to take you home. He said we would know the time when we were ready to have you put to sleep but he knew we weren't there yet.

A week later your kidneys collapsed and we knew the time had come. The vet was right. We love you with all our hearts.

Rusty - October 1985, 15 years

Rusty was a red smooth haired standard dachshund born on 22 October 1970 and departed on the long journey to Rainbow Bridge on 23 October 1985 at the age of 15. He had become paralysed on his 15th birthday and, as the veterinarian informed us that he could not be cured, we had to make the sad decision to put him to sleep. He gave us 15 years of loyal and affectionate companionship and we never had to encourage him to eat as he would eat both dog food and people food, especially raw vegetables. When I would lie down on the Chesterfield to relax after a hard days work my pal would climb up, push me towards the edge to make room, lay on his back and rest his head on my shoulder beside mine. Rusty was a one family pet who considered himself to be the king of the castle and he did not show any enthusiasm to fraternise with any of the neighborhood felines. We sadly miss him and we still keep his 10x11 framed picture on our dining room table. We sincerely hope that he is having an enjoyable stay at Rainbow Bridge.

Coonrod McDowell - November 1985, 11 years old

Coonrod came to us when he was five years old. He was my son's best friend for almost six years. We loved him dearly.

Amy - 1985, 10 years

For over ten years you were our little treasure, our constant companion, loyal friend and tireless protector. A true member of the family, you shared our happiness and gave comfort in time of tragedy. Your life was full and rich. Your death was swift and painless, though much too early. Your memory will give us joy as long as we live.

Maggie Mae Morris - April 1985, 14 years old

Maggie Mae came into my life when I was 16 years old. I had asked for a dog but my Mother told me to go outside and pick any hound dog out of my Daddy's pen that I wanted and call it my own. Our football coach at the local high school told me one day that he was going home for the holidays and had one dachshund puppy left. He said, 'do you want it?'
I said, 'how much?'

He said, 'I've been selling them for $200 but I'm leaving today so I'll let you have this little female for $25. She's the runt, and I don't think she'd survive the trip.'

I told him I'd be back with his money that afternoon. Thus began my 14 year adventure with Maggie. She was a tiny red minature dachshund. I could hold her in one hand the day I brought her home. In fact I hid her in the pocket of my coat until I had the nerve to show her to Mama. She loved everyone but especially me. She wanted to do whatever I was doing. She loved riding in my little red VW bug. She sat on the back of my neck and let her ears flop in the wind. When I would bring a new date home, and Maggie didn't like him, she would jump up in his lap and wet him. She was usually right in her assessment. The only sorrow she ever brought me was the day she left me. My Father and I buried her in our backyard in my housecoat that she dearly loved. She would wiggle down into the sleeve and sleep -- nice and tight...

I have another dachshund and I love her, but I'll never love another dog like I loved my sweet little Maggie. I look forward to the day that I'll meet her at the Rainbow Bridge and we'll be together again. Mama loves you sweet girl.

Charley - July 1985, 13 years old

Charley, you started our dachshund ownership and have been watching our agonies and ecstasies through the years. We love you. Thank you for being our friend.

Love, Mom and Dad

Gretchen - March 1986, 4 years, 6 months

Our first wonderful dachshund friend! You were such a bundle of energy and completely full of love. A ball could never stay hidden from you long! You will always have a special place in our hearts. Take good care of Dandi, Gus, and Puppy and watch for us to arrive at the Bridge so that we can all cross it together.

Dibona's Snicka von Rob - March 1986, 16 years old

Winnie the Pooh - August 1986, 15 years old

Winnie was a rescued mini-dachsie. With the first owner they could not fix you like you needed. After a $4000. vet bill, it was worth EVERY penny. You fought to live to an old age. The 'Winnie the Pooh' name fit you well. You left little tootsie-rolls in moms bedroom everyday! I miss your cold pointy nose goosing me in the warm sheets at night. Your scars healed but you left a big one in our hearts. We all miss you and will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. Take care of Peanut!
Love Suzie B.

Hildy (Beau's Brunhilda Hope) - 1987, 16 years

Go with God, cherished friend.

Henry - February 1987, 11 years old

Skeeter - Spring 1987, 13 years old

Skeeter was a great dog. We miss her dearly. She was a good and loyal friend. Her favourite thing to do was sneeze for carrots, and cuddle up on our laps. Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge - we will see you someday. Say hi and we love you to Tinkerbell for us.

Tinker Bell Hilton - March 1987, 14 years, 6 months old

As a daughter I could not ask for more love. Tinker Bell was undescribable and no words could ever express the emptiness that I feel for her.

Dibona's Peter's Pence - August 1987, 16 years old

Bridget Hugs - Augsut 1987, 11 years old

To my sweet Bridget. I love you and miss both you and Heidi so much. When I was young, the teasing I did to you was wrong, and, yes, you snapped at me when I did that but I would rather have you back with me and do that then suffering with the two of you away from me. So Bridget, take care of Heidi in heaven, love you girls forever, Big Sis.

Edel Meister - November 1987, 8 years old

To peace and permanence,in the loving memory of my pal, >Dachshund Edel Meister, MS, CD (1979-1987), and all his soulmates who were beloved, and the good people who mourn our common loss.

He improved my quality of existence during his lifetime, and helped make me a better person in his honor, after his death. We are forever part of a great Oneness, and I joy in his memory and the prospect of rejoining, at some indefinable moment in what we call time.

Our union was a blessing.

Kibbles - 1988, 10 years old

Kibbles was a blessing in disguise...we had never before owned doxies, but one look at her loving face behind the bars at the pound told us she was the one. We named her after the Kibbles 'N Bits dog food because at the time, doxies were their mascot. Although a terror to the laundry room door, she made up for it in her love and devotion. Her illness came up suddenly and took her away before we truly had a chance to say good-bye. But through the years, she has brought many more doxies into our hearts and homes, including our current 4-Meeko, Disney, Brutus, and Gabriel. Before her, we did not know the joy of, we can never be without them. Kibbles is now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, along with the others (Nibbles and Dustie, just to name two) that have since passed and joined her. You are the oldest and wisest, and will care for the others until we can all meet again. We love you...

Renee, Tommy, Julie, Mom, & Dad

Kitty - 1988, 13 years old

Dear Kitty,
I miss you! You were my childhood companion and the loveliest, funniest, cleverest little dog in the world! I hope you have a good time playing with Arco, where ever you are now.

I will never forget you. You still vistit me in my dreams now and then. I'm grateful for the time we spend together.

Love, Kathi

Mara (Royal Bossana) Collier - June 1988, 13 years old

For my little dachshund, Mara - I still miss you. You and Hansie were always there for me when I felt alone. You gave me the happiness, love and friendship I need. Even though I have your photos and memories I still miss you both. You shall always be a part of my memory for as long as my memory holds true and you will always retain my love for you both forever. I still love you both always. Keith Collier.

Noodle - July 1988, 18 years, 2 months

I grew up with Noodle, as we got him when I was only 9 years old. He was a patient and kind friend. He let me pretend he was a horse, jumping over small jumps that I constructed for him. I also poured my heart out to him and he was always there to listen. He was a fourth child to my mother, who still grieves for him to this day. You were a great dog, Noodle. We all love you still.

Love, Mommy, Daddy, Valerie, Gayle

Hexel (Hexie) - October 1988, 12 years old

Hexie, you were my 'growing-up' buddy. You came to live with us when I was 12 and just beginning what I now know to be the most difficult part of my life. I wandered lost through so much of that time...but you loved me no matter what. And when I got older, went to college, got a job and got married, you were my mother's little companion. After Mother died, you didn't seem to want to live, either. It was so hard to see you like that, and when you hurt your little back, the vet had to help you find your way to the Rainbow Bridge.

But I'll always remember the wonderful, goofy things you did. I remember the time you met your match with the crawdad in the backyard! You may have been bigger, but that 'mudbug' had an attitude! You never bothered those things again. And you also learned the hard way not to bother frogs, didn't you? Boy, did you get sick! I remember your 'grinning' for us, and how it mystified me that one, long body could wiggle in four different directions. Your silly food stealing got you into trouble with Daddy, but I know that he loved you, too. Remember when you were burrowed under the blanket on the couch with Mother and she farted? You were sound asleep until then, and then you came barreling out from under the blanket, jumped to the floor, pawed at your nose and gave Mother the DIRTIEST look! That's how I want to remember you. I love you, Hexie.

Sally No. 2 - October 1988, 10 years old

Little Sally, so loved and loving. I named you after the dachsie I had as a child. You grew up with three rambunctious boys and loved to be in the middle of everything. You inherited so many health problems and the skin disorder was almost unbearable for you at times. There was nothing that could be done but try and keep you comfortable. You were such a trooper and those dark brown eyes would melt my heart. When your time came you went quietly during the night. Though our hearts ached to lose you, we knew you were finally the healthy little girl you deserved to be. You are running free and I'll see you again one day my little girl.

Gretchen 1988 - November 1988, 8 years, 5 months old, 22 and one half days old

I was only 11 months old but I sill remember Gretchen. She was brutally murdered by the 16-year-old neighbour boy. I didn't know this until I was older, of course, but the neighbour boy ran over 8 her times, for every year she had bugged him. Her spine was broken in several places. I may have been young, but I understood she was gone. My grandma called the police but they said no crime had been committed. He is still out there, 29, soon 30. It was so unfair. Gretchen, I love you little baby. ~Krysta, 13

Tinker Bell - 1989, 14 years

Crybaby - January 1989, 2 years old

Cry-cry, Look at what you started!!! Because of your love and devotion we had to get seven more to replace you and we have puppies every year! You are sorely missed by your whole family...what I wouldn't give to hear you cry one more time when I come home or to hear you grunt when I moved in bed. I even miss you tearing the house up! The truth is you will never be replaced dear friend... Love

Fritzi Boy (Pam's Baby Fritz) - January 1989, 15 years old

My darling Fritzi, I will always love you. I regret the day I made you leave Chealsie and me. You will always be in my heart. I want you to know that I am happy with my new dachsies: Minka and Nikki. Even though I love them, neither they nor ones in the future will ever replace you. I will always love you.

I will always miss you my darling doxie Fritz. I hope to see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Your Mommy, Pamela

Cookie Marie Smith - February 1989, 6 years old

She came into our lives after the loss of our first doxie. She had several birth defects, but the breeder told us she was OK. We loved her the way she was and had six good years with her.

Billy Jack Baker, Jr. - March 1989, 15 years

Dear, sweet Billy Jack or 'Beezack' as we affectionately called you. We got you when I was four years old - Poppadaddy said we were going to see a man about a dog - I thought he was joking, but what a wonderful surprise you were! The man on the farm where we got you gave you your funny name - somehow it fit, though. You were my fearless protector who let me pick you up by the tail and dress you up in T-shirts without ever complaining. I loved you with all ny heart and I always will. Even now that I am 26 years old and married, I still miss you every day. You were the most beloved dog-baby our family ever owned. You managed to live a long, healthy life that was taken away suddenly by something bigger and stronger, but I know you fought back and fought hard because I know you didn't want to leave us. I was on my high school senior spring break when you were killed - I wish I could've said good-bye. But, I know you are having fun at the Rainbow Bridge, especially now that Corky and Ese are there to play with you! Please wait for me there, too - I'll be there someday to hold you in my arms again.Mom, Poppadaddy, Chip, Andrew, Daniel and Monna all miss you so much.We love you, Beezack.

Love, Katherine

Brandie Sue - March 1989, 9 years old

Never gone from my heart. My very first dachshund, but not my last. We miss you.

Hotshot - March 1989, 13 years old

Hotshot was my first real pet. We had his mother and then kept him. We grew up together, - I was only eight when he was born. He wasn't supposed to live because he was so small and his birthing sac had ruptured during birth. He was the biggest of the litter of seven. He had epilepsy, but we controlled that with medication. Towards the end he couldn't jump - I would put the cushions from my bed on the floor so he could jump on them and then onto my bed. He had a bad back, as lots of dauchshunds do. We tried therapy, but it did not work. He was in tremendous pain and there was nothing the vet could do. We had to have him put to sleep. I did not know then that I could have sat with him and that still bothers me that he had to go through that alone. Even though he has been gone for over 10 years, I still think about him a lot and cry when I do. I loved him so much

Dody Sue Matula - May 1989, 8 years old

I brought you home to help Carrie and Cory cope with the loss of their 'Papa', my father, the week before. You were exactly what we needed. We were so glad you stayed with us another 8 1/2 years, but we still talk about 'the look' and laugh. We miss you. I'll see you at the Bridge someday. Look for me every once in a while. I'm the one with the tennis ball in the sock.

Frauline Lorelei Cockrell - May 1989, 15 years, 10 months old

When I came into this world, you were already here. I grew up with you - you were my sister, my protector, my playmate, occasionally my nemesis... Although we had a great relationship, I'm not sure we ever resolved who really was our parents' 'daughter'. You were always so patient with me, and with all of the other animals that paraded through our house. I will never forget you and Sandy curled up together on the couch - such an odd relationship for a cat and a dog! I treasure all of my memories of you, and I still find myself talking to you, without even realising it. That day that you left for the Bridge created the largest sense of loss in my life, and now, over a decade later, I still weep to think of it. I love you Lorelei.

Suzy Wong - May 1989, 9 years old

You will allways be in my heart and I have never forgotten you.

Strohs - June 1989, 12 years old

I found Strohs at the SPCA when I was in college. He was fuzzy and bright-eyed, wriggling around in the cage with his sister. They were tiny, only five weeks old, so were in the kitten room. We were told they were half dachshund, half poodle...doodles..I guess. I adopted him and took him back to campus, my roommates and I hiding him from the RAs, who thought he was the cutest thing ever. When I took him home for the summer my family fell in love with him. He was Mr Personality. My dad called him Streusal. Strohs was the head dog, over the family's two dogs and five cats. He thought he was a giant, but full grown he barely weighed 14 lbs. He loved to run in the woods and would always find a branch four to six feet long to carry out - his flag tail waving proudly. He loved to go for car rides and to go camping. When I married he became my husband's shadow. His favourite thing was to nap on the sofa with Bob. When our children came along he tolerated them; when it got to be too much he would hide under the sofa and sleep there. I had to jiggle my car keys sometimes to get his attention but hated to do that because he would be so disapponted if we didn't head out on an adventure. His best four-legged buddy was a husky mix named Woof. It was hilarious watching them chase each other around the backyard. When Scooter came along (a tiny white and gray kitten) he became her friend and she used to curl up with him and nap in the sunlight. The years flew by, his little brown face started to get gray, his eyes cloudy. One late spring morning he was restless, his stomach rumbling and he was walking stiffly. I got him to our vet right away, afraid he might have been poisoned by something. It wasn't poison but acute kidney failure - they had shut down. So after 12 years I had to say goodbye to my little dog as I held him while the vet sent him on his way to the Rainbow Bridge. It's been almost 20 yrs since he has been gone and I still feel sorrow at his passing. He was more than a dog to me, he was my friend..he taught me about loyalty and faithfulness and that God has a sense of humor. Every now and then Mr Strohs will appear in a dream. I wake up as I am petting his little dome head, flicking his ears and I smile at the memory. Good dog...I tell him I love him....and I always will..I will never forget him.

Gidget -July 1989, 17 years, 9 months old

Gidget, my little 'wieno' - you were my best friend while I was growing up. When I went away to college, I knew you'd miss me, but, really - did you have to express your feelings by pooping in the middle of my dorm floor when you came to visit?
BR> I know you had something to do with me getting together with 'Howee'. I named her Georgia Gidget officially, but she renamed herself. I know you watch over us, and I wish you could be here to take walks with me, Howee and Katy. Someday we will all be together. I love you forever and still miss you today, Your Marcy

P.S. Are there squirrels to chase at the Rainbow Bridge?

Dibona's Sugar Bear - July 1989, 9 years old

Ruffian - Raufbold von Schwartzdachel - August 1989, 12 years old

Ruffian, empath, heart of hearts, chaser of blue rings, may you find peace and joy in the Summerlands, and the Highest willing, and you willing, may you find your way back to us, some day again.

Prissy (Miss P) - November 1989, 13 years old

You were my baby! I loved you as much as I love my own child today. You knew best, I suppose. All the preparation in the world would not have prepared you for living with a new baby.

You're missed greatly. Thought of daily. Your picture is still with me constantly. No one will ever take your place. I LOVE YOU!

Cooper Sims - 1990, 13 years old

Cooper was our first dachsund and we all loved him dearly. Although it has been a few years since we lost him I felt the need to include him in the Rainbow Garden. He had a beautiful nature and was a friend to everyone. Cooper died from cancer and it broke our hearts the day he died. We now have two more dachshunds, Brandy who is 13 years old and Bronson who is one year old. We would never think of owning anything but a beautiful longhaired dachshund. We love them so.

Sweetpea - March 1990, 12 years

Sweetpea was Queen of the Backyard. Keeping bluejays chased out of the trees or at least entertaining them, she ruled her domain. Her greatest obstacle was the sliding glass door to the patio. When out, she wanted in. When in, she wanted out. Our little clown, Sweepea would live in the trashcan if she could and she loved to travel. You are always in our hearts, baby.

Foxy Chase - September 1989, 11 years old

Foxy was the last of his litter to be given away - it was worried that he had kennel cough. On a cold winter's night the doorbell rang and when I answered the door I was given the leash and at the other end was this miniture long hair red doxie - he looked just like a fox - hence his name, and it was love at first sight! Foxy loved life, he loved people, and particularly loved to bestow kisses by licking everyone's ears. He was my shadow - my pride and joy - and when we had company, I always had to check the guests to make certain that there was not a little red fox tail under their coats. At least two couples asked me to leave Foxy to them in my will. On Labor Day, 1989, we were moving our law offices, and I had a horrible feeling and dashed home - Foxy was lying on his side, and as I took him to emergency in his beloved yellow blanket - he passed away in my arms. The tears began to flow and just would not stop. I think of him every day - and right now the tears are again flowing - his picture is everywhere, but when I open the refrigerator - he is there. God! I hope that there is a Rainbow Bridge so that we can once again be together.

Today, and it took me seven years, I have Henry, a black-and-tan long hair doxie whom I dearly love also. But there will never never be another Foxy. It won't be that much longer before we are together again.

Foxy's Daddy

Beekie - October 1989, 12 years old

Beekie, Mommy sure does miss you and your sisters. I know you are having so much fun chasing all the squirrels and getting all the food and sleep you want. Someday I will see you again.


Schnucki von Drackenfeld - May 1990, 11 years old

Her name was Schnucki. She loved to roll balls up and down stairs and other things. I had my baby for ten years. On 22 May 1990 I woke up because my birthday was that day. My mom was the first to go down to the kitchen. She screamed, 'Schnucki is dead!' I ran down to the kitchen and I screamed too. I have heart problems so my mom called 911. I took it so hard. I went into bad depression. When we burried her I lost it. She is buried in my parents back yard. I cry every day.

Poco - May 1990, 13 years old

Poco, you came into my life when I was only four years old. You were always so loyal to me. I will never forget you. You have inspired me in many ways. I wish we could have had more time together. I only hope that your life was as happy as you made mine. I pray that you did not suffer for very long. I know that you had many health problems and back problems. I hated to lay you to rest, but I could not let you suffer anymore. The vet said that it was your time. I have always hoped that he was right. I am so sorry that we did not get to spend more time together the day that you died. I have always felt guitly about that. Your memory lives on today in Cricket. Rest in Peace and know that I have never forgotten you. I love you dearly. Heather

Wursti - July 1990, 12 years, 11 months, 21 days

My dear Wursti, who was like a little brother for me for nearly 13 years. I enjoyed all those years, and I miss him a lot. I hope he's waiting for me there and we meet again in the future. We all miss you.

Strudel, 1990, 16 years

Strudel was Noodle's "girlfriend." Strudel was my sister's dachshund and we all loved her. She was sweet,reserved and lived a long, happy life. We all miss you, Strudel.

Love, Valerie, your owner Gayle and your Grandma and Grandpa

Sweeps - July 1990, 14 years old

Sweeps got her name because her belly dragged on the ground. She joined my family from the Red Deer Humane Society in 1985. She had a thing for garbage and was known in Hanna as the Slasher. She would dig out and go down the back alley and we would have to go get her because she couldn't waddle. She had a love for cheese. She was eating cheese off the fishhooks one day and swallowed one. Surgery saved her. She loved to sit in the sun and suntan. When we got Missie, Sweeps taught her all about being a dachs. From playing ball, to sneaking cheese to pulling carrots from the garden. She went to the Bridge when I was away, so here's my good bye. I miss you for all your garbage stealing, ball playing, grey where tan should be. You were my best friend.

Baron Ubu Max von Adams - 'Bear' - September 1990, 11 years old

My Sweetest Boy will always be missed and never be forgotten.

Snoopy Vincent - October 1990, 13 years old

Samantha - November 1990, 5 years old

Dear Samantha,Thank you for showing us what love really is. We were blessed with your beauty and joy for five wonderful years and think of you still with gratitude. You are one very exceptional being. Love, Mom and Dad

Ginger Chrisman - November 1990, 9 years, 6 months old

We found Ginger as a stray the year my sister and I started kindergarten. The family down the street moved away and left her there!! Well, Mom and Dad finally gave in and let us keep her. She was a very special girl. She was the most patient, kind, loving, and intelligent dog, excuse me, sister, I have ever had. My whole family grieved when she was put to sleep on Thanksgiving Day in 1990. Because of a deteriorating neck muscle, she could no longer walk. Good-bye Ginger. It's been a long time, and I can't wait 'till the day I will see you again.

Benny - February 1991, 5 years old

Benny was a sweet patient boy. He left me too early. Not a day goes by when I haven't thought of his sweet face.

Lucy Wood - 1991, 12 years old

This is for Lucy the smart and brave little dog we all loved. You will always be remembered in our thoughts and it was a joy to have you for a companion.

Arnaud le Toutou Chien - July 1991, 4 years, 10 months

A truer and more courageous heart does not exist.

Tiger - July 1991, 10 years old

Tiger, you and your sisters helped me through some really bad times. We also had some good ones as well, especially when we got your new daddy. We all miss you so much.

Von Karajan - July 1991, 15 years old

You had more personality and spirit than any person or pet I have ever known. Though you thought I was the ugliest dog imaginable, you loved me all the same, forgave me my faults, and patiently taught me so many important lessons. Because of you, I am better able to love and to accept what life brings me -- and know never to try to outsmart a dachsie.

Thank you for gracing my life. You live still in my heart and my thoughts, and will someday live with me again at the Bridge.

Candy - July 1991, 17 years old

Putting Candy down was the hardest thing I've had to do. My family brought her home when I was 4-5 years old. I put her down when I was 22. Poor Candy had lived a very full life and was the kindest dachshund I knew. It was very difficult saying goodbye to my friend that I'd known all of my life. I know that now she can see again, can jump and play on all four legs and is spunky all over again. I sure miss my Candy-boobers!

Dibona's Penni Kandi - August 1991, 16 years old

Kimmie - September 1991, 17 years old

Kimmie was the first dog I had as an adult. She stood by me through several jobs, relationships etc., always with a wag of her tail and kisses of greeting. The hardest thing I've ever don was to send her off to wait at the Bridge. Not a day goes by I don't miss her.

Jessie - September 1991, 11 years, 5 months old

My Jessie - born in 1981, was a gift from my parents. I was only 12 years old at the time. I had no siblings. My father was in the military, and having to move around so much, my Jessie was always there to offer friendship. Unfortunatly, my parents turned to alcoholism. That little dog literally kept me going from day to day. I was a scared, lost, lonely kid, living with two alcoholic parents. Jessie saved my life. She was with me for 11 years. Oh how I miss her so. She was my best friend. She knew how to take away my tears. She filled a little girl's heart with so much joy. She was so smart so beautiful. She was a standard smooth - black in colour. She knew how to be a friend more then most people I have met in life.

I am married now with a wonderful husband and two precious human kids, and two dacshund kids, Heidi and Sheila. Sheila is 13 and Heidi is almost nine. I still have my guardian angel Jessie to watch over me. She is in my heart and soul forever. I love you, my friend, and miss you more then words can say. Thanks for being my guardian angel in life and now in your death. Janet

L'il Red - September 1991, 11 years old

Dear L'il Red,
A beautiful l'il red mini, who weighed 13 pounds.
You were a Christmas present to me from my grandmother. You were the dachshund of my youth and loved by our whole family. You always believed you were my protector and loved to go out and bark at the pigs. Mother would get so mad at you for pulling up her flowers in the middle of your paths. When she would spank you for it, you would go lie on them. She finally quit planting flowers in your paths, so you did win that battle. I still remember the time you were stolen and I went to rescue you. I now have another dachshund named Scooter, a standard black and tan. I have told him all about you. I am so sorry you died after being attacked by that Norweigen elkhound. I know you were just trying to protect mother, - I wish you hadn't been so brave. I wish I could have been there to see you one last time, Red, but I was at college. I still put the Christmas oranament of you and me on my tree each year. You will never be forgotten by me, L'il Red, you were a true l'il friend.
Love and miss you forever.
Richard Curtis

Brandy ('Killer') - October 1991, 8 years, 5 months old

Brandy, you were born on the same day I got home from the Army. When I saw you in Gulf Breeze, at first I couldn't decide on you or your sister. Then one close look at you face, and I knew you were the one. You were always there for me. You had the sweetest disposition of any pup I have ever known. You dearly loved to have your belly scratched. You even were a bit jealous of my wife-to-be when you met her. Then you to grew to love her. Your sweet disposition and loving ways smoothed the transition for my step-daughter who was afraid of dogs. You soon changed her. I always enjoyed coming in when working mids and seeing you up in your recliner all covered up. Just seeing you for a minute and saying hi! made my shift go better. When you got so ill and the doctor said you had diabetes and that the best thing we could do for you was to let you go, I cried like a little baby. Me, there in my uniform, a big deputy that nothing bothers, crying like a little lost boy. I am so sorry that I didn't go into the room with you and hold you while you went to sleep. Please forgive me. I love you so much that I didn't think I could stand it. I love and miss you so terribly. My sweet, sweet Brandy, I'll see you again some day.

Chessie - November 1991, 2 years, 5 months old

Chessie was my first dachshund. He was given to our family and was to be my sister's dog but we fell in love and we were always together. He was only two-and-a-half years old. He became ill and died and I thought my life was over. But I know he is in a much better place. I know one day we will be together again when sweet Jesus calls my name you'll be waiting at the Bridge for me.

Love, your daddy, Scott

Noodle - December 1991, 14 years

Noodle the Free-Wheeling Dachshund - who said a handicapped dachsie couldn't have fun!?

Sir Wagner of Cockrell - December 1991, 6 months old

You left me way too soon for the beautiful fields surrounding the Rainbow Bridge. You meant so much to me - your selfless love touched me in so many ways. Christmas Day you got sick, putting quite a damper on the holiday festivities. You had been so excited the night before - your first Christmas Eve; I could see how all of the shiny paper and lights made you feel, just from the sparkle in your eyes. When you acted lethargic on Christmas morning, I hoped you were just tired, that it was something that would pass. You died the next day. I still grieve for you my little friend. I still have your little sweater that my mom made for you - it was bright orange so that you would be safe while you were outside. We could always tell where you were... I'll tell you what - I'll try to bring it with me when we cross the Bridge someday... together. I love you Wagner.

Badger - 1992, 15 years old

I was about two when Dash died from a stroke. I really miss him.

I'Chaya - 1992, 8 years old

I'Chaya, you saw me at Military Circle Mall in Norfolk, VA, while I was in the Navy. You were at the window watching all the people stare at you and banging at the window. But it was ME you came up to the very second I walked up to the window. I knew right then and there I had to have you. I bought you, snuck you on the ship (the USNS SIRIUS T-AFS 8) and then got the approval of the captain to keep you in my room on the ship. I remember how hard it was to put you in the crate and fly you to Severn, Maryland with me. I remember how you bolted out of the crate as soon as we got home and ran around the yard with Mom and Dad laughing at you. But Daddy had to leave you behind for eight years. Stopping by every so often for a visit and then leaving my baby again. Finally I recieved orders back to Maryland and was able to be with my baby. But you injured your back so bad. I remember Pop-Pop helping you pottie. But you were too far gone to help. I couldn't take the pain you were in, baby. I know it hurt me so much to tell Pop-Pop to tell the doctors to make the pain stop for you. Yes, Pop-Pop and Daddy cried but I know you are out of pain and waiting for me.

Krypto and Killian keep I'Chaya company at the Rainbow Bridge, while they all wait for their Dad.

Puddles Gustav Autobahn - January 1992, 8 years old

Christy - April 1992

Christy, my dear, I never knew how old you were when you came to live with us or when you left us, except that I know you were older than I'd thought. You were a great gal and the consumate 'Duchess', a good mom to Sabrina and a great sister to Bruce. You were strong, brave and ornery. I was so thrilled when you recovered after your first stroke and I hoped you would be with us forever but that was not to be. I am so thankful that when the second, devastating stroke came your friend and veterinarian cared enough about you to take you to her home but you were ready to go to the Bridge and thankfully that occurred peacefully and painlessly. I miss you now and will always remember you with love. I know you and Bruce are romping together at the Bridge, pushing each other around and loving each other.

Till we meet again, Love, Mom

Gretl Shuler - April 1992, 14 years old

She, Gretl, was my Dad's (Garry Shuler) little pet. Mom and Dad adopted her just before I was married, after their other doxie, Ginger, had passed away at the age of almost 19 years old in December of 1977. Gretl was reddish brown and weighed just 12 lbs. Ginger was dark cordovan brown and weighed about 11 lbs.

Pollyanna - July 1992, 18 years

To my best friend, Pollyanna - I will miss you forever. From second grade until after I was married you were with me - all 18 years. Your picture sits at my bedside and we still talk about the good old days and all the funny things you did, and all the joy you brought to our lives. Apollo and Steamer miss you along with Pine Mountain Lake our new little girl Talula gives us much joy and she will try to fill in where you left off. May the doggie angels take care of you and pet your belly every day, along with giving you a kiss on the nose every hour. I miss you every minute. I love you.

Anna - July 1992, 19 years, 5 months old

Our dachshund was only one year old when I got her in 1973 when I was in college. She was a female, smooth hair, miniature, brown dachshund. We loved her very much. She loved to ride in a car unless it was to the vet and she cried before she got there. She loved to hide under a towel when she slept and was very picky eater. We have many pictures of her since she loved to pose for a camera. She got cancer in her 19th year and we had to put her to sleep on Fourth of July week in 1992. A friend had gave us a casket for a girl baby so we buried her the back yard and I got her a marker from our local funeral home. We still miss her very much and have not replaced her yet.

Rosky - August 1992, 13 years old

My loving Rosky ...I do miss you and I know that you are at the Bridge smiling down at us. I'm sorry that I wasn't home when you were getting very ill. It seemed like you waited until I returned home to say goodbye. I hope that at the Bridge your 3 broken legs and neck are all healed after your fall off of the deck. I also know that God had cured your arthritis. God bless you Rosky. Taz is very proud of his Grandpa. He sends you love just like we do. Katt Katt sends love also. She really misses you around the house. She didn't know where you went when you didn't come home. Once Taz showed up, she knew you weren't coming back. But Taz looks similar to you, so she know that you are with her always. Take care my friend. We all love you!

The Js

Shady Lady - September 1992, 16 years

Shady Lady was my mom's dog, but I knew her for about six years. We had to put her to sleep one tragic day because her back was injured badly. But, a little while after she died, we got another little dachshund friend named Gracie who took Shady Lady's place. Wait for us Shady Lady and we can cross over Rainbow Bridge together! I miss you dearly!

Dearest Beloved, Jessica

Duchess - October 1992, 15 years, 2 months old

My loyal and faithful friend! I love you so much. You were always by my side, always watching over me. You were always full of life and fun, until cancer took you away from me. I miss you weasel beak! I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge my sweet doxie baby.
Love, Karen

Bratwurst Nevius - December 1992, 13 years old

Our beloved Bratwurst was a rather unremarkable red shorthaired 'tweenie' until you got to know this incredible bowser. I have lived almost all of my life in a doxie household but my wife's family have just occasionally had dogs. I had to do a bit of persuading to talk her into going to the breeder to see a newly birthed litter of doxie pups. My folks had a doxie that was very old when I brought my then wife to be to meet my family and the dox didn't take to strangers well. I finally convinced my wife that it wouldn't hurt to go and just look - and we put down a deposit on a little one pound ball of energy. The new doxie's name was a point of disagreement until we were on the way home from the breeder. We live in Mansfield, Ohio and the breeder was in another town called Bucyrus, a short drive away. Bucyrus is famous for their midsummer bratwurst festival (A bratwurst is a very flavourful German sausage) where they are sold and consumed by the thousands. I saw a sign advertising this and it struck me - what better name for a doxie from Bucyrus than Bratwurst! This energetic, loves to play and bite puppy grew into a wonderful, smart dog. There were the usual battles involving potty training a hard headed doxie, but patience and perseverence won out (barely)!

I remember one thing in particular that happened one summer. I was mowing the yard and Bratwurst was outside lying in the shade and avoiding the noisy lawnmower. I was just finishing up when I heard her at the back door to the house, jumping up and barking like mad. I went to inversigate and found the house full of smoke! I had put a pot of soup on to simmer and had turned the heat on high instead of simmer. Another few minutes and the scorched mess would have caught fire, for sure. I threw the pan into the yard, opened all the windows, then sat in the yard with Brat and hugged her and cried like a baby. She got a 14 ounce filet mignon for supper that night. This dog never strayed from her yard and (it seemed) was always watching us - not in a needy way, just keeping an eye on the two clumsy humans she was responsible for. In the last few years of her life she had a lot of trouble with seizures, caused by her liver slowly going bad on her. We had to change her food from her regular food and tidbits from both of us to a boiled rice in chicken stock concoction which tasted about like I described it. I tried it - yuk! We did everything possible to extend her life and make her comfortable and it seemed that she was making something of a comeback. It was so wonderful to see a gray in the face and paws doxie holding a hand towel in her mouth, wagging her tail and wanting to play! She slept almost every night with us and on her last night I remember waking up and putting my hand on Brat and feeling her breathe and move in her dreams. Toward morning my wife woke me and asked me if Brat was alright. I put my hand on her and there was no movement. She was gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I was between jobs at the time and I'm glad because I cried like a baby for a long time. We have a very nice pet cemetary in Mansfield and we took her out there. She has a little headstone close to the statue of St Francis and I still stop and visit occasionally. A few months passed and we couldn't stand the emptiness in the house so we got TWO long haired minis, brother and sister from the same litter. The really nice thing about doxies is that no matter how many you have they are individuals with their own personalities and each capture a place in your heart. I love'em all!

Honey -December 1992, 13 years

You've been gone for 5 years, and I am still crying. I'm sorry I couldn't hold on to you longer, please wait for me.

Toto - December 1992, 17 years old

Toto was our first doxie. She was a black and tan smooth with the most beautiful tan markings I've seen in the breed before, during or since. Toto was my 'bedwarmer' - at my side for so many years. She was my daughter's first pet and she was good with her as well as being the family dog. I've heard it said the nice thing about a doxie is there's enough for the whole family to love. We still, after many years, laugh and cry at Toto's memory. Our brave, loyal friend will always live in our hearts.

Pretzl - December 1992, 16 years, 6 months old

In memory of Pretzl, our first doxie and one who will always be in our hearts

Hilda Dockins - December 1992, 13 years old

Hilda, you were a part of our family since I can remember. When going to Grandma's you where like a permanent fixture, running out and barking at anything or anyone that came up the driveway. No one in our family will ever forget you. Your legacy will live on.

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