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Chap - November 2001, 12 years old

I lost my best friend in the whole world. I got Chap when I was five-and-a-half - now I am almost 18. I basically grew up with him. Does this pain ever go away? The pain of not having him anymore. I can barely sleep at night without his warm body by my side. I love him so much and yearn for the day he's by my side again.

Ms Lisel of the Valley - November 2001, 11 years, 11 months, 18 days old

The 'Lise' was a good friend and companion! Tolerant with adults and loving with grandchildren more 'her' size, at 15 pounds, she was the guardian of her domain, always ready to go for a walk, or take a nap under a quilt.

She will rest easily tonight! That has not been the case for over a week. We will see her again at the Bridge where she will be able to breath properly again.

Don andand Shirley

Hoser Smith - November 2001, 1 years, 6 months old

Hoser was our baby. We got him when he was five weeks old and he has been a joy ever since. He had the biggest ears that we loved to rub. When we moved into a house last year with a big fenced-in backyard, Hoser was so excited that he could run around and check out everything available. He would eat everything and we think he might've eaten a poisonous mushroom. He held on for five days on fluids and antibiotics, but he just couldn't take anymore. We miss him so much.

Oscar Willie - November 2001, 12 years old

Oscar Willie lived a very loving life. His familly loved him more then anyone could love a pet because he wasn't a pet - he was part of our familly. He will be dearly missed and thought about every day. We, his familly, will only think of the good times because that's all there were with this loving family member. We will love you always, Oscar Willie. Rest in peace, knowing you'll always be in our hearts. We love you.

Miss Aimee - November 2001, 9 yearss old

Miss Aimee, you were a beautiful show dog and you came into our lives after the woman you owned passed away. We missed your puppy years and getting to see you become a mother and grandmother but you were so energetic, loyal, loving and protective of us that it seemed we had always been together. Despite the best medical attention, your heart problem took you away from us at a very young age.

You never let on that you had a problem. You never complained...but we knew. You never gave in to feeling bad and always wanted to run and play right up to your last moments with us.

We had just less than two years together Aimee, but they were great years. You gave us so much in your short life and we enjoyed making you our little princess. I would grumble in fun about my favourite part of the couch being usurped but I was glad to have you there where you could see everything that happened. That corner is very quiet now and I miss you very much. You had poise, charm and you knew how to get what you wanted but you always made us smile and laugh. You tried to attack the postman and the Fedex guy but never seriously. They knew you were protecting us and despite your fierce barking, they loved you too - they told us so.

Despite having four beds around the house, you always wanted up in bed with one of us. You wanted to be close...and so did we. Thanks for all the great living we packed into those two years. We'll always love you Aimee

Fritz, my Good Boy - November 2001, 20 years, 3 months, 11 days old

Fritz, my Good Boy. I knew he'd say goodbye one day. That he'd wait until I was ready and, somehow, guide me through. Twenty years is a long time to share a rich and varied life; of trains and planes and people that we knew - New Orleans, Paris, Normandy and such - my intrepid companion in good times and bad, a shadow always by my side.

And in the darkest of life's hours, he lay close and comforting all through the night. Devoted, stubborn and unwaveringly loyal, somehow, he truly seemed to take real pride in being called 'the most durable man in my life'.

Fritz woke me before dawn today, with a whimper just loud enough for me hear. He wanted me by his side to follow his lead and say goodbye on his terms now. It was time, after all our years together, for him to go ahead alone and wait for me one day.

Like bookends of our lives together, the beginning and the end; the new puppy cuddled close in my arms those 20 years ago, the fading heart of an old friend now beating close to mine.

The doctor gently told me that old dogs are different; that unlike any other, at the end they will take one last deep breath. Cats and younger dogs never do. I want to think it is a great sigh of satisfaction, contentment and shared memories of a life well lived.

There was a brief wag as I kissed the graying fuzzy face goodnight and stroked the face I loved so well. And then, indeed, there was the sigh and rest at last - until we meet again.

Our ashes will mingle and scatter together one day, across the places that we knew while, in that timeless place beyond our dreams, well snuggle close one more; hearts together side by side.

Jackie - Kathy's Jacklyn von Teckeldorf - November 2001, 16 years, 4 months old

My little girl, I miss you so.

Lord Amoré Schreider - November 2001, 4 years, 1 week old

Moré was the best present I have ever received. He was a present to myself. I received him on 1 January 1998. I have never seen a puppy more loving, playful and good natured than he. He was loved by everyone that came into contact with him. His father and I are both in the United States Air Force. We were both on our way to an overseas area and More´ was coming with me!! Unfortunately, the same day his father left for his adventures, Moré left the both of us, forever.

This is the hardest thing that I have ever gone through. It is just like losing a child. We just wanted everyone in the world to know what a great difference he has made in our lives. Our hearts are with you always, Moré D. Dog!!

Love Mommy and Daddy

Molly Hullinger - November 2001, 10 years old

Dear Molly and Olive, you were the best dogs my great aunt and uncle could have ever had. They miss you guys so much, I know they miss the long walks and the way you two would play together. Well, thanks for being great dogs, see you later.

Schmutzig - November 2001, 3 years, 10 months old

I loved her with child-like abandon. She was my dear little friend and miss her very much. I am so sad that she is gone.

Olive Hullinger - November 2001, 10 years old

We loved you so much Olive and Molly. I'm so grateful that my great aunt and great uncle were able to give you guys the best years a couple of dogs could ever dream of. I hope nothing ever separates the two of you, please be there to greet my aunt and uncle when they go to heaven, they need both of you just like before.

Tobe - Muffin's Ontario Tobe - November 2001, 16 years, 1 month old

Tobe, was our first dachsie, given to me by our children at a very special time in the life and love of our family. She taught me well - everything dachsie, and many things concerning life in general - that had escaped me during the previous 50 years or so! Definitely was our 24 hour alarm system, until age took it's horrible toll! Mercifully, now, her sight, hearing, and perception of her surroundings is restored. Now she and Lisel can again run and play together. And will see her again, as we remember our Tobe, at the Bridge.

Schultzy Barcelona-Priem - November 2001, 15 years, 6 months old

In memory of my darling Schultzy - he came to me when he was one and spent the next 14 years and six months helping me through life. His buddy, Yeager, who was six months younger than Schultzy was with him (and me) all that time and they went together to rest eternal. I think of them both often and miss them terribly.

Yeager Barcelona-Priem - November 2001, 15 years old

In memory of my sweet boy, Yeager. He came to me when he was a few months old and spent the next 14 years and six months helping me through life. His buddy Schultzy, who was six months older than Yeager, was with him (and me) all that time and they went together to rest eternal. I think of them both often and miss them terribly.

Holly Noelle - November 2001, 1 year, 2 months old

Precious little Holly, your Daddy and I were devastated when the doctors told us that you were failing fast and they only held a 1per cent chance for your recovery, but you fought so valiantly that we were sure you were going to beat the odds. I knew when they took you back into surgery that I would never feel you kiss my cheek again...and when they told us that it was hopeless and that we shouldn't allow you to wake up, I held you in my arms until the monitors said you were gone. It was so hard to even let go of your lifeless body while they removed the tubes. I held you all the way home, where we buried you next to your friend Sophie. You are gone from our sight, but forever in our hearts.

We miss you, sweet angel. Love, Mommy and Daddy

Charmin - November 2001, 12 years, 8 months old

She was the best dachshund I have ever seen. She loved everyone - I guess it was just time to let her go. I still can't stand to hear her name. My mother told me that as soon as I got home from being born she jumped up to the basinet to see me.

This is how it happened. We were out in the woods and she started to act funny and about six hours later she died of parvo.We all miss you and we'll never forget you. I know someday I'll come home with you.

Maggie - November 2001, 10 years old

We rescued our precious maggie from a family that no longer loved her. She was the sweetest dog - we miss her so much it still hurts and it has been over seven months. Whenever we see a black-and-tan mini doxie we both tear up. She was a very special puppy. She will always be in our hearts. She will never be in pain again as she was always sick in life we know she went to a better place. She is now pain free and waiting for us to join her. Maggie, I am writing this to let you know how much you were loved and how badly you are missed. I wish we could of had more time together but we gave each other the best five years we could. This is not goodbye - just a parting for a short time. We love you.
Mom and Dad and Rachael, your doggie sister

Taylor Boy Jackson - November 2001, 13 years, 6 months old

My dog died so unexpectedly. He died of a heart problem but had many other problems. When he was 7 he fell down the stairs and landed on his back. Also, when he was 10 he had serious liver problems. The day he died he merely started panting a little too much and we didn't expect anything was wrong. While I was out somewhere that night he was taken to the vet's. He was doing fine considering he had fluid build up in his lungs. At exactly 10:00 we got a call from the vet. I never knew how much he meant to me until he was gone.Taylor,you will never be forgotten.

Gracie Jane - November 2001, 2 years old

'God's Littlest Angel' Heaven seems distant and far away
When I think of you up there at play
My eyes cry wet tears for you alone
But my heart is warmed knowing you're home
On day we'll meet in Heaven above
We'll give each other kisses of love
The memories we've shared will never end
I'll never forget my truest friend.
A warm, sunny day with birds to chase
Challenging squirrels to a quick race
Snuggling in my lap on cold days
Begging to play in the sun's warm rays
Tormenting the cat both day and night
Fighting and playing with all your might.
Craving attention with great style
Never failing to make me smile.
Such a small dog with a loving heart
It hurts me to know that we're apart.
Please wait for me in your home on high
And dry my eyes when you hear my cry.
Please take a break from playing around
To gaze down on me without a sound.
In my mind and soul you'll always be
Gracie, the dog who always loved me.
You'll be in our hearts always,

Daddy, Mommy, Jessie, Coco, and Ruthie Grace

Callie Sue - November 2001, 11 years old

Our Callie Sue had a rough little life before we even got her. She had been in an abusive home, then given to an elderly lady who eventually had to go live in a nursing home, so ours was her third home. But I would like to think that we were her only real mommy and daddy. She was my constant companion who spent the ten years that we had her stuck to my side like glue. She had two back surgeries in her life, once at 3 and another at 4.5 years. But each time we were given very good odds for recovery - and she went on to live several more years with us. In November of 2001, the end came quickly. She started acting strangely on a Monday, and by the end of the week she had passed away. We and her bigger (but younger) sister mourned her loss - but were thankful that she had been a part of our lives.

Albert - December 2001, 8 years old

My dachshund was eight years old when he went to the Bridge. We had to put him to sleep because he had cancer. I miss him so much and I wish he was still here. I have two other dogs who are depressed and miss him so much.

Oscar 'The Duece' Liebrecht - December 2001, 15 years, 10 months old

Oscar was such a big part of my life. My dad brought him home on 10 April 1986 to suprise my brother and me because we were both really upset about our first dachshund (also named Oscar) had passed away. I've had him ever since I was four years old and I am now 20, so his passing is very hard on me, - I cannot remember not having him around. He was always there to lend out a loving paw and kisses to show that even after a long, hard day, he was always there to listen to you pour out your heart without judging you. He always seemed to know when you needed the company and comfort and would come up and lick your feet when he wanted to show how he cared for you. This time is going to be very hard on my family and me, but I know that he misses us and that he is in a happy and pain-free place where the water and dog treats flow like milk and honey. We miss and love you lots Oscar, and will always remember the joy you brought to our lives!!

Rusty Young - December 2001, 12 years, 4 months old

Rusty was the beloved pet of Marie. His most faithful playmate was his sister Maggie who misses him greatly. Rusty gave me 12 years of unconditional love, peace and a sense of purpose to go on after after the death of my parents. He met you at the door every evening with his bright shining eyes and the wagging of his tail. Rusty you are greatly missed my your mom and sister Maggie. We love you and miss you.

Albert - December 2001, 8 years old

Albert was eight years old when he went to the Bridge. He was very special to all of us. He loved my mom and he followed her everywhere she would go, but he loved to sleep with me. Albert loved to play with my two other dogs who miss him so much, all of them used to be best buddies. I had Albert from the time I was 6 years old - now im 14. I loved him so much and I miss him a lot. I love you Albert... Melissa

Brooke - December 2001, 4 years, 7 months old

My dearest Brookie...You were my very first very first miniature dachshund. I never realised how much a dog could be so much a part of my life and heart. You were loved SOOOOO much. All the prayers I prayed for you were never answered this Christmas. I don't know why I had to loose you. The only hope I have now is that one day I will see you at the Bridge. You are missed so much my Brookie baby.

XOXOMommy and Brett

Chiggers (Chig-a-Pooh) - December 2001, 4 years, 8 months old

He was our baby-dog and loved very much. It was very sudden, but we allowed him to cross over peacefully with no pain.This little guy raised one cat and two puppies, plus watched over numerous grandkids. He'll be greatly missed by every one. To Chiggers we will all miss you - not only were you my best friend but you were the best friend to all little kids who loved you. And you will be missed. I love you. Allan, Mom and Dad

Scooter Guenkel - December 2001, 7 years old

My Scooter, I miss you already
We were such good friends
You licked my face with your bad breath
And made me laugh every day
I wanted to spoil you because you were my baby
And you loved me so much
You were always there for me
When I was sad and lonely
And when I was happy, too
You were so beautiful
with your speckled head and blue eye
You rolled over and showed me your tummy
And always helped in the kitchen
I miss you so much, Scooter
I love you so much
I would do anything to get you back
I can feel you in my heart
Walking by my side
And cuddling with me on the couch
I'll see you in heaven
By the Rainbow Bridge
Rest in Peace

Buffy Cox - Christmas Day 2001, 8 years, 11 months old

Our baby girl, Buffy, earned her angel wings on Christmas Day 2001. Buffy came into our house and hearts at the age of six weeks in March 1993. She loved life and everything about it. Her favourite things were: playing with mom, dad and the girls; snuggling under the blankets with mom and dad in bed; snuggling near all of us every time someone sat down. She loved rides in the car, walks, playing, eating treats and sneaking a little people food every once in awhile. She LOVED presents. She seemed fine on Christmas Eve opening all of her presents under the tree and then opening all of ours, too.

She began to pant and breathe heavily and we took her to the emergency pet hospital - they thought she had pneumonia and other problems, too. She had had a malignant melonoma on her soft pallet that was removed in March 2001, and though she had been fine since then the x-rays showed that her little body was full of the cancer again. She didn't want us to know she was sick as she spent her last few days as good as the first few days of her life - running, playing, opening presents, eating treats. My heart has a HUGE piece out of it - will it ever mend? Our dear Buffy will NEVER be forgetten - she stole the hearts and love of EVERYONE she came in contact with. I know you are in a better place now, Buffy - and Mom, Dad and the girls were all with you as you took your last breath and went to sleep. May God bless and take care of you until we meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge. We will all be together someday again. Love you Angel Buffy! Miss You too - Would love a puppy kiss right now.Buffy, you not only touched our lives but our hearts and you took a big chunk of our hearts with you on Christmas Day. I know we will be together again someday to laugh and play like the old days. We love and Mmss you very much Buffy - may God bless and keep you until we meet again. Love, Mom, Dad, Whit and Ash

Tucson - December 2001, 11 years, 1 week old

This memorial is written in loving memory of Tucson, our loving black-and tan baby who died on the night of December 18th. He was beloved of my parents, with whom he lived, and me. I originally bought him for them after they lost their first dachshund, also named Tucson. He developed complications due to a brain tumour which caused his body to create excessive amounts of cortizone and caused his organs to swell up to terrible, and probably painful, proportions. Tucson was more than a dog - he was one of the family. To my Mom and Dad he was like a son, and to me he was like a son and also a brother. he loved me so much, and he was loved in return. He had a special bark that he only used when I would visit my parents' home. He wouldn't stop barking until I gave him some love, talked to him, and rubbed his belly which he would always expose quickly for me to rub. We will miss you terribly, Piyito, you will always be remembered and loved, and I hope we will all some day see each other again...Love

Ali Perry - December 2001, 6 years old

I miss my lille girl dog - Ali girl - my friend who loved to give me doggie kisses...we called it love therapy. Ali loved to play ball - a ball was everything to her. She would even go after balls I putted and drop them right by my club. My best buddy loved me no matter what and I love that little dog with all my heart and soul. Ali, I will see you at the Bridge but, for now, give my Mom and Dad and sister love therapy...I love you.

momma Mary

Patch - December 2001, 12 years old

A note from the webmaster: I have left Patch's memorial quite long because he was such a special dog despite his years in a puppy mill. Ten years is a long time to be homeless. I'd like to think he's pleased to have an especially *big* place on this site. Patch: named by the crew that got him from the West Virginia puppy mill where he had lived for ten years. Named Patch because of the large burn scar on his back. He was also called Patch Adams, because he was always funny, and knew it. He was a raggedy little dog; weighed 4 pounds when Jill and Becky drove him down to Atlanta with three other dogs from the same mill. Scars all over his body and the hair never did fill in at the end of his tail, although that was hard to see with his tail wagging all the time. He lost all but eight of his teeth due to the serious infections in his gums; his lower jaw was actually broken from the infection. Patch had flat feet from living in a wire cage floor for ten years and it make him sort of jaunt when he walked.

I wasn't sure he would make it the first week we had him and would lie wake at night waiting for him to stop breathing. But he did make it and filled out to 7.2 pounds. We ended up removing the rest of his teeth the first summer we had him; there simply wasn't enough tissue to hold them. He was a true chow-hound and lived to eat. Not having teeth just slowed him down a little, but he even got pigs' ears treats. I would cut the pig's ear in strips and peel one side off so he would have a pliable piece to gnaw on.

With a receding lower jaw and no teeth his tongue wouldn't stay in his mouth so he always seems to have a goofy grin, but Patch wasn't a goofy dog. He was very smart and funny on purpose. He would start running in the kitchen and looked like a cartoon; his little legs would start spinning in place, then suddenly he would be gone. Lynn made him a red coat that he loved and he looked like a miniature Superdog racing through the house with his coat.

The other dogs gave Patch special status. He was liked by every dog that he ever met. Nobody snapped at Patch. If you took a vote among all of our dogs about which was the best dog, they would all vote for themselves. But then they would all vote for Patch to be in second place. He and Pansy would play fight and steal each other's toys all day long. Patch could make room for himself on the couch or the bed by just moving everyone over, including us, and no one ever argued with him. Patch would play fight with all of the dogs and had the most ferocious growl. On those occasions when he really did get mad, he would run at the offending dog and knock him down; no one retaliated.

Although he understood the concept of housebreaking, Patch never embraced it. And no one cared. He was a good dog, but what made him great was that we didn't care what he did; he was Patch. Patch never had to be punished for anything. He could be argumentative and very stubborn, even by dachshund standards. He was too small to jump up on furniture and couldn't do steps at all, so he got carried around a lot, but when he wanted down he could wiggle like no other dog.

If he noticed that I was leaving in the car and I wasn't going to take him, he would stomp his little feet and pitch a tantrum. He loved his car rides. He would stand up in my lap and look out the window until he got tired and then do his 'happy dance' in the passenger seat and go to sleep.

He had two places to hang out in the house. His crate was in the dining room and his Hamburger Bed was right next to it. He would snooze where the mood suited him and could keep an eye on the entire house from there.

Smufflenurks - December 2001,19 years, 2 months old

To our beloved old pup, we miss you so much and we know that car will get it's revenge.

Abby van Buren Pippi Long - Miss A - December 2001, 12 years, 5 months old

My little girl, Abby...I miss you.

Stretch Limozeen - December 2001, 11 years old

My dear little Stretch, we miss you so much. I am so sorry for the pain you had to endure for those final few days. We just couldn't bring ourselves to let you go. It was all so sudden and unexpected and unbelievable that you would ever have to leave us. Please know that we think of you each and every day. You are still our little 'Thunder Dawg' and 'Toad Wrangler'. Your daughter Murphy is there with you now...and your daughter Schnitzel and grandaughter Tater send you love and kisses. You were such a kind-hearted friend, a good mama, and a sweet old granny. We love you now and forever. Someday we'll be together and I'll rub your tummy and you will wave your little paws in the air asking for more, just like you use to. We love you and miss you. Wade-Gary-Schnitzel-Tater-C.C. and Pongo...

Spencer - 'My Little Red Man' - December 2001, 4 years, 5 months old

Dear Spencer,
It has been seven months since your untimely death at the tender young age of only four-and-a-half years old. It seems like only yesterday when I got the call from the doctor saying you had passed away unexpectedly. My heart must have left my chest and moved to my throat because I couldn't respond with any words. I was so shocked that I couldn't even cry. You and I had been through so much during the short time we had together. You were my 'little red man' and everybody new it too. I miss so much about you, Spencer. From the time you were only six weeks old, you were always attached to me; if I was standing, you remained by my side, and if I was sitting, you would be on my lap. When I came home from work, you could always be found by the door waiting on me to drop everything I had in my arms, just to pick you up and hold you close and talk to you. I sure do miss those days. I miss you running to me for protection when sissy (Katie) would run you out of her room. She would always try to deny that she cared for you, but she did. Just between you and me, we will call it a bad case of jealousy. Even daddy was jealous of you, too. He thought you got more attention than he did. I guess you did, huh? You go Spence. To tell you the truth, daddy misses those petopia moments that the two of you shared every night. That was just something between you and him that went on every night at bedtime. When you passed away Spencer, my life had such a void in it that I knew I would have to find another pet, not to take your place, but to fill the void. I searched for an entire month for Mr Chancey, the man I got you from. When I was able to locate him, he had one of your nieces that was expecting a litter two months after your death. I shared all my special memories with Mr Chancey about you. He told me that I could have the first pick of the litter when they were born. Well, I got the first two picks. I couldn't help myself. I wish you could see them both, Spencer. I think you would approve of them very much. Their names are Reese and Sydnee. They are the spitting image of you. They even have the same markings as you did - beautiful dark red coats with the four highlighted areas at the neck and shoulders. I use to ask God to let me feel your presence because I missed you so much; he does so through Reese. From day one, Reese's actions have been the same as yours. He sleeps like you did, he demands the closeness that you did, and his body is built exactly as yours was. I know this must have been God's way of answering my prayers about you. As for Sydnee, now she is a different story. She cuts a wide path, little man.If you were here, she would challenge you on a daily basis. But don't worry, little man, because you know who would be there to protect you as always. I love you Spencer, and I miss you more than words could ever say. Although Reese and Sydnee are a part of my life now, you are still in my heart, and are always in my thoughts and prayers. Someday I will be meeting you at the Rainbow Bridge. I can't wait until that moment when our eyes meet, little man. I want you to run as fast as your little legs will carry you so I can sweep you up in my arms and talk to you like so many times before. But this time I won't let you back down because I want to hold you while we cross the Rainbow Bridge together. Take care of yourself Spencer, and I will be seeing you soon. With all my love, MOM.

Wurstel Bennyboy - December 2001, 16 years, 6 months old

T-Teeny Weenie

Dixie who loved to ride the four-wheeler - December 2001, 2 years, 3 months old

She was the best, smartest, and most loving dog we had ever had! She always loved to ride the four-wheeler with us, and she could always find a critter in the yard to defend us from :) She is still missed by me and my kids and husband, but luckily we do have a female pup of hers to keep us company and she is following in her mommy's foot steps. We still miss our 'Dixie dog' - she was a special little girl.

Herman Pittman - December 2001, 14 years old

Oscar Bodine - November 2001, 9 years old

He came to our house from unknown...but left with our hearts. We loved you Oscar, and will always love you.

Rusty - December 2001, 16 years old

My sweet Rusty,

I miss you oh so much. You were my best friend in the world. You were always there through the sad times and the good times. I miss having you around. You were the best thing that ever happened. As you grew older your health was failing and it was so hard to see you suffer. You are now at the Rainbow Bridge and your buddy, Opie, is now with you. I hope you guys are happy. I just picture in my head you two running in the grass together, happy and feeling great. We love and miss you sooo much.

Love, Mom, Dad, Farrah

Snoopy Gosnell - December 2001, 5 years, 2 months old

Our first baby - born 15 October 1996 and died 3 December 2001. He was the best little fellow you could ask for. He was easily trained and slept by the bed on mommy's side. He developed pancreatitis and was in early stages of diabetes. He spent his last night in the hospital and crossed the Bridge alone. He will never be forgotten.

Love ya Dad and Mom

Homer Boy - December 2001, 10 years old

We adopted Hommie when he was five years old. He was a very large standard-size doxie with a red coat and long hair. We buried him under the bench swing in the yard. Homer loved to lie on the swing for hours and slowly swing with me. I miss him dearly. Even now when I sit and swing I can almost feel him there with me.

Braley -December 2001, 3 to 4 years old

Fritz Clineworth - December 2001, age not known

I miss him, but we will see each other some day.

Sam Cookie Large - December 2001, 15 years, 6 months old

He was a gentleman - courteous, dignified, noble and a little reserved. Six years after he went to the Bridge, I still miss him every day.

Sam Cookie Large - December 2001, 15 years, 6 months old

Dear Sammy,

We went out one day to buy my son new school clothes, and came home with a dachshund puppy, too! You were always my noble, dignified boy, proud, serene, and (just sometimes) a little bit foolish. Living in the Internet era as you did, you had many friends around the world who followed the stories of your triumphs, and also a few of your foibles. As I wrote in verse after one of your great victories,

There once was a dachshund named Sam,
Who was more of a bone-chewing man;
But when forced to play Chase,
He got into the race,
And gave Sadie a great body slam!

Rest in peace, our dear sweet boy, and we all look forward to seeing you again one day.

Love, Mom, Dad, Tim and Dave

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