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Dino - August 2001, 1 years, 7 months old

Dino. A loving friend. Your stay with us was very short. You gave us so much love and understanding. I will remember you in my heart always. The loss may be forgotten but the love you gave us will alway be in our hearts. You have changed our lives. I now know the meaning of 'man's best friend'. You will always remain my best friend. I love and miss you very much. I will see you again my friend. I will see you again. p.s. momma loves and misses you very much You are missed by all who knew you.

Gidget - July 2001, 1 year, 6 months old

We all love and miss you and I'm sorry that I forgot about you and Scoodles in the car. I love you so much!

Bungle Matthews - August 2001, 2 years, 10 months old

Bungle was our life. He is missed beyond belief... There's nothing else we need to say!!!

Stanton's Little Hershey Bar - August 2001, 10 years, 11 months old

Hershey was born on 2September 1990. She was the smallest of her littermates - her black and tan coat shone like silk. She was our constant companion, our travel mate, our protector, a babysitter extroardinaire. Gentle to a fault with infants, accepting all the abuse they could give her, and willingly returning for more. Hershey was the queen of our home. All other dogs bowed to her, regardless of size - from puppy to grown Rottweiler.

When Hershey went to the Bridge, she took my heart with her. I await the day when we cross that Bridge together, and she fills my void again. Until we are together again, rest peacefully, Hershey!

Chrissie - August 2001, 14 years old

Chrissie was part of an original threesome - the other two were Max and Suzie. I shall miss Chrissie with all my heart, she was a wonderful dog. Like the other two dogs she was obtained from the dog pound. Like the other two dogs, Chrissie was a real comfort in my mother's ailing years. We named her Chrissie because we got her right before Christmas. One year after Christmas there were still a few presents under the tree and I knew one of them was a box of chocolate-covered cherries, a no-no for dogs. Anyway, we went shopping one day and came home and Chrissie had found those cherries and took them outside and had a field day with them, she never got sick. Also my nephew used to throw his sweaters and jackets on the chair and Chrissie would get them and chew all the buttons off. Chrissie, I love you with all my heart. I look forward to meeting you on the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you are rejuvenated and running through the fields with Max and Suzie.

Love You Forever, Tom and Ben

Kassey - August 2001, 9 years, 2 months, 15 days old

Kassey, My Best Friend,

I love you and miss every moment. I will never forget the time we have spent together. You are still here in my heart. We will meet at the Rainbow Bridge one day. Until then....

Always Loved and Never Forgotten, Mom

Sir Ricco - August 2001, 11 years old

Sir Ricco was my parent's dog, more specifically, their child. He loved them with an enthusiasm and loyalty that only a dachsie could and they returned the honour. He passed suddenly one Wednesday morning in August which will forever be a black day in our hearts. He was loved with a vengeance and will be missed the same way. Until we meet will always be in our hearts.

Spike Heath - August 2001, 5 years, 5 months old

Our sweet Spikey went to the Rainbow Bridge due to interverbral disk disease. He was only 5 1/2 years old. We got him for our daughter's seventh birthday when he was just six weeks old and he was the best dog we ever had. We called him Pi-Boy,Pdog,Spikey,and our daughter called him her little 'longweenie' but she always said it with an Italian accent. We always joked that he was of German-Italian decent! We miss you soooo much Spikey-Pie!

Pip Holm - August 2001, 1 years, 8 months old

Pip inspired everyone with his spirit in the face of adversity. He was always happy, and lived to see his 'Mommy'. This special little boy will be remembered by all who met him.

Spike Norris - August 2001, 11 years, 8 months old

We called him Spikedude and Dudeman and Dude. These were our pet names. He was my Dad's dog but because he became very ill as a young pup, I took him to nurse him back to health. Well I did it and by the end of his nursing I was so attached that even my Dad said he could'nt take him back. He became my little buddy and a special friend who I miss dearly. After his death it was hard to be home - the memories and habits were hard to bear. All of his favorite spots were no longer occupied by him. It is most difficult at night because that was my time I would sit down and he would sit next to me. We would share apples and he loved all fruits especially grapes. He begged for them like they were steak. He adored me and loved me so unconditionally. One day, at nine years old, he just couldn't get off the bed and was barking as if to say, 'Hey come get me!'. I took him to the vet and they said it was his back. He was on steroids until those last few days of his life. His back never healed and it was quite hard for him since he was such an active dog and couldn't stand not to be able to play. The last two years and nine months of his life he never got better. He was okay for a while but little by little other things began to go wrong. He now needed thyroid medication. He then started to loose co-ordination in his paws which eventually turned into arthritis. Time passed on and until now I look back and feel the guilt of maybe not realising that his quality was not that great. Everyone looked at him and said he was in bad shape but to me I could not end his life because he still showed me he had drive to live. It just was not time to let him go. In his mind he was still so alive. He had lots of up and down times. So many times I said goodbye to him and them he would pull through. This last time I said goodbye he came through again for a couple of days and them he took a turn for the worst. He was at the vet's for a couple of days. I went to see him and although he was happy to see me he was so painful. Every breath in was a sigh out. The vet wanted to let him stay for a few more days but I decided to let him be free of his pain. I felt so guilty for letting him go. The last week I was very busy and did not expect it to come to this. I feel that I did not get to spend that final time with him and I needed that. I visited with him before I said goodbye. I held him and saw him go to rest and very peacefully. I held him after and cried as if I lost my child. I am looking for another and feel guilty because it's only been not quite three weeks. I will never replace him but I feel the need to have that lap dog again and how I miss him so. He was cremated. I bought a beautiful box and put his ashes in it on top of his sweater.There is a letter I wrote to him the day he died that is in there, too. He now occupies a shelf in our living room. I think about him all the time and so many times I forget he is gone. I wish and pray that he will visit me in my dreams.
Goodbye my Dudeman. You'll always be in my heart.

Tex Weyland - August 2001, 11 years old

Hey little buddy! It's been almost two months, and Rosie and I miss you very, very much - sometimes the pain is so great, it's hard for me to breathe! Rosie seems to have gotten over it, but who can tell, she's just a baby you know, but her, like me will never forget you! I miss you with all my heart and soul, Johnny and the whole family do too! Take care in the 'garden' til we meet again, take care of all the other angels up there with you - I love you! Dad

Penny Alverson - August 2001, 14 years old

Penny was a wedding gift to me from my husband. She gave me 14 wonderful years. She was my best friend and constant companion, even going with me to work everyday. She was very ill for the last six months of her life but never complained. She taught me what true love really means. I miss her so much but I am so glad she is not suffering anymore and I know she is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me to join her one day. Donna Alverson

Dash Wickham - August 2001, 12 years old

I got Dash when I was in the first grade. He used to follow me everywhere, bark at cars, chase tennis balls...He was our baby boy and we will always think of him as that. One time, when I was about 8, we were going home from the beach and Dash didn't know where I was. Well, I was in the car asleep, ready to go home and Dash wouldn't get in the other car. They had to wake me up and make me call him before we could get him home. I'll always remember him for the kind things he did. We'll all miss him dearly.

Sammy - August 2001, 6 years old

Our little Sammy, we're here to say goodbye
We'll miss you for sure but we'll try not to cry.
You'll be in a place where you can still chase and run
And lie in a big chaise lounge out in the sun. You can go after squirrels and bark at big dogs
Roll in fishy things on the beach between logs.
You'll have a big blanket in front of the fire,
play the tug games for ages and you'll never tire.
You can run free and roam wild and not need a cart
Forever more you'll live on in our hearts.
You sure loved your walks with me and your dad
You pulled on the leash and gave it all you had.
When you played with your squeaky or were begging for cheese
It just seemed that mainly you wanted to please.
You've been a brave little hunter dog, loyal and true.
You deserve more that this so we are releasing you.
We love you, Sammy, and wish you Godspeed.
You're in good hands now and that's all that you'll need.

Sammy was a handsome red male doxie and was paralysed to the deepest level. We had to make the hardest decision to put him to sleep. He is buried in our back yard with his favourite blanket and toy.

Fritz the Ancient - August 2001, at least 10 years old

My daughter found Fritz roaming our rural subdivision after a snowstorm on New Year's Day, 2001. He was almost frozen and starved. He was truly the happiest dog I have ever met and always had love to share with everyone. He was only with us for eight months, but we made sure he was happy for that time. It was obvious from his condition that he had been a stray for a long time. Even at his advanced age, he stood his ground against a large dog that was threatening my son. I can just imagine what a fantastic dog he was in his youth.

Mischief Mommens - August 2001, 5 years, 10 months old

Even after all this time I miss him terribly - I will miss him for ever. I am very greatful that God saw fit to bring him into our lives - even if it was for a too short of time. Good night Buddy - I love you!

Badger - August 2001, 8 years old

Shocker, I miss you so incredibly much. I miss the way you felt. You always managed to startle me when I didn't know you were coming, but once I realised it was you, little guy, then I smiled and squeezed you as best I could. You brought me so much pleasure over the years, and there is no way I could ever repay you. I miss your tongue, how you always got me wet - it's the little things that I miss more than anythign else. Love you, buddy,

Moejoe - August 2001, 8 years old

Moejoe, was Penny's brother!! What a good boy he was. He took up where Penny left off in watching over me!! The sweetest baby ever, he got sick after Penny died - he had heart problems. The vet said he always had them but Penny's death brought out the sysmptons. He lived a year without our beloved Penny, and then he became parlysed in the back legs and I had to put him down. Now he plays with his sister, waiting and watching for me!! I buried him by her and think of him everyday!! Jesus keep my furbabies safe and happy till I can once again look after them!!
momma (leslie)

Hahns von Wasserman Lash - August 2001, 1 year old

Hahns was a best friend and running companion. My family truly misses him and his legacy will live on through his daughter and grandson. Tennis balls will always be in our home for him.

Scooby Doo - August 2001, 1 year old

I had to write a paper on TS SS CI for school. I wrote a paper on my baby Scooby. It won the WHOLE fourth grade!!! My mom helped me, and we cried all night about it. It went like this.

My dachshund puppy, Scooby, was my closet companion in the world. Everywhere I went, Scooby followed me. If my family was going on a trip, Scooby would hop in the van and hide under the seat because he wanted to be with me. It was important to Scooby to be my faithful protector at all times. When my cousin, Taylor, would play and hit me, Scooby would growl, and bark and chase hiim, and bite Taylor to make him leave me alone. Even in the loneliest times, Scooby was there for me. After being sent to my room, Scooby kept me company by wagging his tail and licking me right on the lips to make me smile! Scooby Doo was the best friend I ever had, and I miss him very much becuse Scooby passed away. Scooby was the best dog anybody could ever have!! I am never going to forget him!

I got him for Christmas and he died eight months after that. He died a couple weeks before his birthday! I had him for eight months. He was my very best friend and I will love and miss him forever more!!! I love you Scoob!! We got two new puppies named Rascal (Rascal is my puppy) and Toby. They can never replace my puppy. I am ten years old and lost my very best friend. I understand it is hard and painful. I lost my very best friend. I only wish he was still here, but I can only imagine. If you go to a Christian muscic store, listen to the song I Can Only Imagine.

Schultz Schuppe - August 2001, 11 years old

Spencer Savoie - September 2001, 12 years old

Spencer, we miss you so much. You were very special to all of us. My Puppy Doodles, I will see you again one day and I will kiss you and hold you.
Love Mom and Dad

Kabuto Snyder - September 2001, 1 years, 8 months old

Kabuto was loved an adored by all no matter where we went. In San Fransico you had your picture taken by a stranger while barking at the sea lions. The balloon clown made a special ballon just for you. On our trip home from the west coast several tourists stopped us at the Grand Canyon to take a picture with you before they even made it to the view point for the canyon.

You touched the hearts of MANY and always brought a smile to everyone!!

I miss you terribly!! I miss holding you in my arms like a baby, I miss you sitting on my desk while I surfed the 'net, watching as if you were reading every word. I miss you sneaking under the covers at night to sleep at my feet.

Kabuto, you were not with us for long but you left us with many memories that will last a life time!! You will NEVER be forgotten!!

Hershey Bud James - September 2001, 6 years old

Hershey Bud James was a beloved little chocolate dachshund whom Mark James in San Antonio, had the unique opportunity to nurse back to health after rescuing him from the streets of San Antonio. Hershey was only with him for a few short months before succumbing to a brain lesion that caused seizures which ultimately took this precious boy from his newfound home. At least he knew love and caring in the months before he went to the Bridge. Be well and happy Hershey, Mark misses you deeply.

Prince Anthony (Tony) - September 2001, 10 years old

Tony, I miss you so much, you were always by my side. You had your own pillow in bed and we shared the covers, I hope you are warm now and not in pain. Josh and Megan miss you too and talk about you all the time. We made a collage of you so we can see you anytime we want and your ashes are with us, we talk to you and give you kisses I hope you are getting them. My best friend, I love you so much you will never be forgotten.

Bowser Tsuji - September 2001, 7 years, 4 months old

Bowser, my big dog - you brought seven years of joy our families and we all miss you so much.

You will always be our Number 1!
With your feathers and banner tail,
And a lapel that shown like gold!

I can see you sitting on your daddy's lap during a ride.
Your ears and tongue flying in the wind.

And you were the best big brother anyone could have,
So patience and kind, kind to a fault!
When the little one would interlope,
You would sit patiently for your turn.

I'll miss the 'Bowser quakes' when you crawled under the bed.
I'll miss sharing a pillow and a blanket on those cold nights.
I'll miss your taillights as you lead me into the house each night.
I'll miss those quiet times when you'd wait for your mom and dad to come home.
I'll miss the games of 'catch your nose'.
I'll miss all this and every little thing we shared.

Now you are healthy and with your brothers!
Running and jumping in the warmth of the sun!
Please take care of yourself and your brothers!
And don't forget to share your favours with them!

A million-zillion hugs, kisses and 'I love yous'.

Your Daddy & Mommy, Your sisters and brothers

Miles Daweenie - September 2001, 3 years old

Miles actually belonged to my boyfriend, but I quickly grew attached to him. He became my little sweetheart. when I would go to over to the house, he would come to the door and bark..and wouldn't stop till I picked him up and and said my hellos to him. What I will always remember about Miles is he had spunk and a personality all of his own. The bond between him and my boyfriend was a precious one. Miles would look into your eyes when you talked to him and it was like he understood you and if he had a voice...he would have talked right back to you. He liked to cuddle up to you and go to sleep. My best memory of Miles was when he thought no one was looking and snatched himself a slice of pizza and took off to devour it. It's sad that Miles is gone...but his memory and spunk will always live on within me.

Scotch George Chandy - September 2001, 4 months old

Our Scotch was a cutie... we loved him deeply - he was our first baby:( We're gonna miss him and really don't know how we're goin' to survive without him! He was oh so intelligent... he lived such a short life, yet he made his presence felt everywhere and anywhere he went! We love you Scotchoose (that's what we call him with love) and can't wait to be with you soon!
Love Mili and Ash

Josie McKay - September 2001, 12 years old

Josie was my best friend. If there is a true soul mate pet, then she was mine. I feel so alone and my heart hurts for her. Josie, wait for me at the Bridge. I love you, Baby Girl.

Kapo - September 2001, 3 years old

Kapo was my heart and soul. She was so full of life that her death just doesn't seem real. She will live on in my heart forever.

Biscuit - September 2001, 1 years, 6 months old

In March, we had finally moved into a house with a big back yard with plenty of room for Biscuit and the children to play. Halloween was nearing so we went into the storage area to get the Halloween decorations out. It was a tidy little closet area under the stairs of our split foyer. Unfortunately, the previous owners had sprinkled rat poisoning into a small dish that was well hidden under the stairs. Biscuit had consumed the poisoning and it was too late for the doctors to save him. We are so sorry that this happened to you, Biscuit. We wish we could have saved you in time. There is a terrible emptiness without you.

Thank you for all the love you gave to us. We will miss you always.

Ballpark Jack Kramer - September 2001, 1 years, 2 weeks old

Ballpark (named for baseball fields) was Brandyn's (12 years old) early Christmas present 2000. He was eight weeks old at the time, and Brandyn received him in a Christmas stocking wearing a Santa hat. He was so full of love and life and brought joy to all of us. Oh, how we miss you!

Being raised around several children and a nine-year-old dalmation, Molly, we are all lost without you, Ballpark . We love you so much.

Bubba Hurst - September 2001, 8 years old

Bubba was a tweenie wire-haired dachshund. He was the most loveable and happy-go-lucky little guy you could ever have met. He loved sunny days lying in the sun. He loved suppertime most and biscuits at bedtime. I still catch myself calling him for supper when the rest of the gang comes trotting up to the door...

God bless you Bubba and wait at the gate for us... We love you. Mom and Dad

Pugsley Muffin - September 2001, 15 years, 4 months old

We miss you, our little adventuresome girl - from chasing baby armadillos and lizards to playing with your brother - chasing the vacuum. You have blessed us with many wonderful memories with your antics and love.We love and miss you so very much.

Mommie and Daddy

Dixie Ballard - September 2001, 14 years old

My Dixie was so special and sweet. She was our baby. We do not have children and we were mommy and daddy. I miss her so terribly much. Each night I come home and talk to her urn. There will never be another Dixie, but we are ready to have another baby and are looking at the present time. Please pray for our continued strength that we will be able to endure this loss.

Fritzl Schnitzel - September 2001, 9 years old

I miss you Fritz. You left us on 11 September 2001. That day was one of the saddest of my lie. You were with us for nine years and we all loved you so much. We tried to make you comfortable, but your back injury was just too much. We all miss you cuddling on our laps or snuggling under the covers at night. We miss you begging for food and the time you actually climbed INSIDE of a turkey to eat it. I miss those times when you just ran around the house for no apparent reason but just looked so happy. Everyone in the neighbourhood was sad that you were gone. People still ask about you. Ernie was lost without you. He lost two of his 11 pounds and we were worried about him too. I wish we'd had more time, but we are all so grateful for the time we spent knowing and loving you. Mom has put up pictures of you around the house. We will ALWAYS love and miss you.
Mom, Dad, Jess, and Lucas

Pretzel Roody Dog - September 2001, 7 years, 4 months old


'She was just a dog,' they say
'Your grief is not right.'
'Your pain is not real.'
'She was just a dog.' 'Just a dog?' I say.
'She was much more than that.
She was the slayer of the dragon
that was my fears,
She was the keeper of the secrets
I knew she would never tell,
Mender of my heart when it was hurt,
Kissed away the tears of life,
Made me laugh when I'd rather cry,
Made me smile when I'd rather frown,
Always there when she was needed,
Never judging,
Never holding a grudge.
She was my friend,
my confidant,
Now she is gone,
I reach for her and she is not there,
Not breathing beside me while I sleep,
She is no longer there when I come home,
No longer there to listen,
Not there to kiss away my tears,
No longer there to make my heart smile.
The rabbits in the yard are now safe,
Tho' they seem to miss her too.
My grief is real,
My pain is strong,
She was MY dog,
And will be forever,
Tho' a place in my heart will never be the same again.'

Pretzel, come to us in our dreams. Your buddy, Badger, and I miss you so very much, life just isn't the same without you.

Jake Froese - September 2001, 5 years old

To my first dachsie, Jake, who I lost at age 5.
I miss him snuggled beside me at night, hiding under the covers. I miss his attitude, and most of all I miss his love.

After going through the heartbreak of having a dachsie go paralyzed with a bad back, I would do it all over again. Nothing can compare to the love of a dachsie and of a friend.

Snickers (a.k.a. Snicker Doodles) - September 2001, 5 years, 3 weeks old

My little boy, Snickers, was so great. He was one of the smartest doxies that I have ever known. He was our first doxie and boy, we would never have anything else. He was loving and protective of me. He slept with us under our blankets everynight. Having to put him down was one of the hardest things that I ever had to do. I still cry for him. He was so cute he would lie on his back all wrapped up in the covers just like a person. Our other doxie that we got to be friends with him cried along with us. She would just sit and talk up a storm to us like she was asking where he was - and she wouldn't eat either. One of the hardest things that we had to do afterward was pick up his bed and toys that he loved to play with. To this day I'm missing him so much that when I look at his pictures I start to cry.

Sophie - September 2001, 15 years, 6 months old

Sophie our loving girl. The wagon dog.The whole world saw us together, me pulling you in your red wagon. Your life of loving and being loved was also a painful one. You survived two surgeries. After the first one, when you saw us at the hospital to take you home, the love and joy in your eyes, we will never forget. A loving wonderful life. Our treasure.

PJ's Princess Chelsea - October 2001, 9 years old

Chelsea, you were such a special part of our life and you were so brave through it all. We truly miss you.

Regis 'Gabriel' Ridges - October 2001, 4 weeks old

Regis was a very loving and sweet baby. He didn't have enough oxygen at birth, but he fought for life for as long as he was able. He was a stunning red brindle smooth. Regis is survived by his mother, Gabriella, father, Rascal, two brothers, and missed by the many who loved him during his life.

Abbey-Girl - October 2001, 17 years, 10 months old

My dearest Abbey...It's only been 24 hours since you went to Rainbow heart is aching. You were the light of my life and I miss you so much. I held on to you as long as I could without you suffering. I knew it was time to let you go and I hope I was as good a mommy to you as you were a 'baby' to me. You got me through a lot in my life and for that I will never forget you. You will never be forgotten Abbey. Every time I eat an apple or a raisin cake, I will think of you and thank God that he allowed me to have you in my life. Rest in peace, sweet Abbey. I will visit you with flowers for the rest of my life. I will talk to you and thank you for everything you gave me. Ellie will sniff the ground where you are buried and will wonder where you went. And when the time comes, she will lie in peace with you. I know you really did like just didn't want anyone to know! I love you sweetie.....

Andrea - October 2001, 11 months old

My dearest little Andrea,
When Daddy put that desposit on you that day, money did not mean a thing. Daddy phoned to tell me how much he'd falling in love with your little droopy ears and your big wagging tail and those little beautiful brown eyes staring at him just saying thank you for picking me. I had not got a chance to see you before we could come and take you home from the pet shop. But the very day we came to pick you up my heart fluttered and I went all mushy and warm inside, saying to myself, 'you are the best thing that has entered in my life. What a great soulmate and best friend I have just purchased for life'.

Heidi Ann Aden - October 2001, 12 years old

Heidi was always loyal to her family and was a 'big sister' to her adopted sister,DEXTER. She will be missed forever.

Mya Belle Rast - October 2001, 9 years old

My precious baby Mya just left me a week ago. I don't know why or how her life was brought to such a tragic end. All I do know is that I miss her very much and love her more than ever.

Mya, I will always think of you when I look at Benson and see how lonely he is. He misses you very much also and is wishing you were here to play with him or beat him up. I don't think he knows what to do with all this extra attention he is getting. I am sure he wishes you were he to share it with or fight over. It probably just isn't the same when he automatically gets attention instead of having to fight you for my lap. Hugs and kisses to you my scooter pooter. Mommy loves you. Please wait for me at the Bridge. Don't try crossing over by yourself you might get lost. I miss you baby. Love Always, Mommy, Dana, and Benson!!

Pepper (My Little Girl) - October 2001, 13 years, 3 months old

We just lost Turbo (My Buddy) in June - little did we know we would loose you too in such a short time.

Pepper had never been sick in her entire life, and the evening Pepper died, she died of congestive heart failure (which was never detected). We never saw it coming since she had never showed signs of any illness. I am glad I was there for her when she needed it (unfortunately I was not there for her brother when he needed me).

Pepper was my mom's dog, but everyone in the family claimed her as their own dog. Pepper became 'my little girl', and had a way with everyone. She definitely had the run of the house, and always got her way. Pepper always went everywhere with us every weekend, and she would not take no for an answer. If we tried to tell Pepper that she had to stay home for whatever reason, we received the biggest guilt trip that a mini doxie could give, and Pepper ended up getting to go after all. Pepper definitely enjoyed going for rides/shopping. Pepper also had a passion for playing with her blue ball - it was her favorite pastime. Pepper always got that extra doggie treat, too, from everyone in the family. Pepper had a special tilt of her head that would melt your heart, and she was the sweetest girl.

We can't stop crying since her sudden death (plus the passing of her brother Turbo in June). The pain and heartache of two deaths in such a short time is very hard to comprehend. We think back on all the fun and joyous times you brought into our lives, and we are very grateful for the time we had with you. Pepper, I miss you and I will luv you always.

Luv Your pal JoAnn

Kayte - October 2001, 7 weeks, two days old

We waited years to have our first home-bred puppies. Sadly you were the only one and life was hard from the start. The vet wanted to put you to sleep at two days, but there was no way. We sat up night and day for four weeks and watched you slowly recover. At last you seemed to be a healthy playful six- week puppy, then you were diagnosed with a serious heart defect.The vet said if you made eight weeks, you might survive. On Sunday 30 September you were very unwell, and at 05:40 Monday morning you died in my arms. We miss you so much. Mummy,Daddy,Hazel,Bruce,Hannah,Sid and Chanel

Bonnie Jean Spitz - October 2001, 17+ years old

I first saw my Bonnie at the Humane Society. My daughter and I had gone there to find a dog to join our family. Althogh I had no previous dachshund experience, Bonnie looked at me, barked, and seemed to say, 'You look like a nice lady, how about we get the heck out of here?'

Her card said she was four, her gray muzzle and our vet said 10 or 11. For the next sevem years she was the most wonderful, brave little dog I've ever know. Bonnie had congestive heart failure for the past six years, yet she never seemed to be 'down' about anything. Our vet was amazed at her will to live, and often said Bonnie lived longer than he would have ever guessed. The night before she died, I gave her a cheese and cracker snack - her appetite was certainly healthy. As always, she slept next to me, and early the next morning I heard her make a little sigh then go still. Her brave little heart had finally given out. I wrapped her still-warm body in a blanket and took her to the vet for cremation. My husband and daughters know that when I die, I want to be cremated, too, and my ashes mixed with Bonnie's. I love her so, and always will.

Augie Doggie Donaldson - October 2001, 15 years old

Augie was a playmate for my son from the time he was five years old. My son is now 19 years old. Augie had a good life and gave us years of love and pleasure. We miss him desperately We got Augie a brother, Jasper, one year ago. He misses his brother a lot. No one will ever take his place. WE know he is a little dachsie angel now, watching over all of us.

Oscar Mayer (Beanie) - October 2001, 16 years, 6 months old

I will miss my Beanie forever. He was my constant companion for nearly 17 years and I still cry a lot. I only hope he knows how much I loved him. I am looking forward to meeting him at the Rainbow Bridge. To see a happy healthy puppy again. He will be at my side for eternity.

My closest and most loyal friend-Oscar Mayer (Beanie). May 1985 to October 2001

Cassie Grooms - October 2001, 12 years, 6 months old

Dusty Black Magic - October 2001, 1 years, 5 months old

Dusty, We miss you and always will. You will always be in our hearts. Thanks for all the fun times that we had with you. I will always remember the car rides and the times you were waiting for me when I got home from work.

You're a special animal. Love you always, Mom, Dad, and all the kids.

Leia - October 2001, 16 years old

My dog, Leia, was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. She was a black and tan smooth and wirehaired mix. On cold nights we would put our feet under her belly and she would always warm us up. Everyone called her Princess since she was named after Princess Leia, one of three of our dachshunds named for Star Wars characters, Jar Jar, Yoda and her. She was the mother of my first dachshund, Sugar, and always cared for her - she taught her how to groom her nails and be so beautiful. Once there was a rattlesnake in our yard and she attaked it along with Sugar while our boy dogs just hid behind our house until it was dead. One day she started bleeding and didn't stop we called the vet and it turned out she had bladder stones and had been hiding it for years, never complaining about them and so while they were operating we lost our beautiful princess who is now an angel.

'Captain-Dice' Dexter - October 2001, 8 years old

To our beloved Dexter,

You always knew how to make me laugh when I was feeling down. I always loved how you would wake me up in the morning and lick my face, or how you would bark like crazy every time the doorbell rang and friends came over. You will always be 'my little angel' and I hope our paths meet again. Thank you for all the love and companionship you've given to our family. We will miss you dearly. We love you Dexter!

Mom, Dad, Melissa, Bryan, James, Saber

Redbone Fowler - October 2001, 17 years old

Old Man Red, You stood by your master for many years - inseparable. The devoted dachshund.

By the time I came into your life you were old and tired and I was afraid I would break you. But we soon loved each other as if it had always been.

You are always in our hearts and thoughts.

Doxy Dells Wee Ebony Dandy - October 2001, 17 years old

Dandy was a wonderful companion, despite his occasional bullheadedness. I really miss him, and I know my mom misses him, too. I feel bad that I didn't notice his suffering and reduction in cognition sooner, but I am glad we were all there when it was his time to go. I'm sorry mom wasn't there during that time, but I didn't think she could handle it and I didn't want it to be any more difficult for her. We all have great memories, and I miss him.

Daisy Mae - October 2001, 7 years old

To my sweet Daisy Mae -

Your baby, Rebel, is so lost with out you, and your mate, Freddie, is going nuts for having to pull double the load. I miss you dearly.

Love, your family, Mamma, Freddie and Bebbs

Noodle Taylor - October 2001, 14 years, 2 months old

Your name waited in our hearts for your coming. And then you came. Tough guy! You had a hard beginning. Your dear Mom didn't survive your birth, but YOU did! Always loving, the good Uncle, and the good Dad.

Kidney disease finally took you, but you fought that, too, tough guy, for 16 months. In the end, you told us, 'it's time now'. Our very first, very special boy!

Bonzi Knott - October 2001, 3 years old

Bonzi was the coolest. He would guard the whole neighbourhood. He was sincere, beautiful and full of love. I love my Bonzi.

Delaina - October 2001, 1 year old

Wait for us Delaina, even though it has been these many years we still miss you. Trouble and the boys send their love too.

SunBear B. - October 2001, 6 years old

Hi, baby. We loved you so much. I was so sad when I had to leave you to move out, and when you came to live with me and Sunshine later it made our little family complete. I'm so glad you were there to keep her company during the day, while I was gone. I hope you didn't have a lot of pain. I think of you often and will always remember my little one.

Love, Mommy

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