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Schnitzel McGuire Wier - May 2001, 4 years 6 months old

My baby was my best friend. I don't think it was his time and I am so upset that more wasn't done to help him. I had no idea that he could die from a back injury. I will forever be haunted by the way he died. He was always there for me when I needed him, and I miss him desperately. I hope he is in a better place now and is watching over me and waiting for the day we will see each other again. I love you forever, Schnitzel!!!!!!! Please wait for me.

Miss Frankie Poo Poo - May 2001, 1 year old

My little Frankie was the best dog in the world. She loved to give kisses and she loved a belly rub. I will miss her every day.

Molly Darlin' Starr Breckler - May 2001, 11 years, 5 months old

Our Beloved Little Girl. Where do we begin? The song, 'You are the SunShine of My Life', can't even come close to how we truly feel about you. The joy in Mommy's and Uncle Boulder's hearts stopped last Monday night when I held your lifeless little body in my arms for the last time. You ruled! From the time we picked you out to the time you went to the Bridge you loved us without hesitation. You were a lover of life and knew just how to make our days and always calmed the nights. We will miss all the expressions of love. When you tried to nurse us, the way you bossed us around, and your opinions that you knew just how to share. You will be in our hearts forever. We will be together again. Always remember you are and always will be 'My best little friend'! The family will never be the same. Love Mommy,Uncle Boulder,Shane,Niki, Gavin, Whitey, Noodle,and Bob

Lexi - 'Alexis of Atlanta' - May 2001, 3 years old

Two days ago, I had to have my beloved little companion put to sleep. She was suffering from a form of canine leukemia. It came on so suddenly and it was over so quickly. I couldn't bear to see my loving, playful pet in pain and so confused about what was happening to her. I agonised over this decision with our vet and feel like this was certainly the kindest choice for her, but it's so hard on me. I didn't have much time to say goodbye and so I thought I would lay her to rest in this garden where I could come and visit her again and again while my heart tries to heal.

Oh Miss Lexi, my sweet Lexi-Lou, I miss you so much when I come home. I walk through the door and no one is here to greet me. I miss you when I hear someone on the steps and no doxie voice bosses the stranger around, telling them not to intrude on our little haven. But I miss you the most at night when I lie in bed with no warm little doxie body curled up behind my knees. I know you are in a better place, but this hole in my heart will always belong to you. I miss you, baby dog - tiniest sweet girl.

Chase Eddy - May 2001, 6.5 months old

I never knew how huge an impact an animal could have on my life. I was never a person to get attached to animals, until I met Chase. He was like my second child and he was always able to put a smile on my face. I love him dearly and it tore my heart out to loose him. He will always be in my heart.

Mattie Bishop-Noonan - May 2001, 9 months old

You were the light of every day during the hardest of times. Brave, clever, funny with the sweetest heart. We can only hope to meet you on the other side. We loved you Mattie.

Frankie McKemy - May 2001, 14 years, 11 months, 15 days old

My dear sweet little weener dog furter head, I bought you in August 1986 while I was in college at Auburn University. You were always there through thick and thin - to greet me at the door when I came home with a wagging tail and a bark - to give me lots and lots of weenie kisses, or to offer a friendly smile and love when I had had a bad day. Your love was totally unconditional. When I received my B.S. degree you also got your B.S. Then I decided to go for a Master's. After 2.5 years you received your M.S. at the same time I got mine (what a smart weener you were!!!). Then we moved to Illinois for a short time and then finally up to Syracuse, N.Y., where you became the smartest furter head ever. In 1997 you received your Ph.D. right along with me. You were always there beside me. Whenever I thought I was never going to finish writing the dissertation you would look at me with those bright eyes saying, 'if I can write one you can too!' You were always accepting of all people even if they said that they didn't like dogs. You always made them cross over that bridge to liking at least one dog - you.

Seven years ago, when I met my partner, you welcomed him into our family and instantly accepted him as your second father.

On 17 May 2001 you took that final journey to the Bridge. We knew that your kidneys were beginning to fail and that you had been diagnosed late last year with congestive heart failure - but you had been doing so well. We had been lulled into a false sense of wellness. Late on the 14th of May the congestive heart failure caught up with you. Until that time you were as active as ever - barking at us if we didn't give you your cookie or your dinner fast enough, chasing your ball around the kitchen and dining room and getting it stuck under something and barking until we retrieved it for you. We tried the conservative route of medication but your body wasn't up to it this time. The hardest decision we have ever made was taking you to the Bridge but it was the best thing for you before any real pain and suffering set in. We miss you terribly - more than mere words could ever express. Run, play and bark at the people there until they give you your cookie for being a good girl while outside. Keep an eye out for us because we'll see you at the Bridge one day. Until we see you again - goodbye for now Frankie furter.

Elsa Harvey - May 2001, 9 years, 6 months old

Elsa came to us as a puppy in 1992. She was timid, disliked all men, and got carsick. Within a few months Elsa owned the house and us. She slept in our bedroom, sat on June's lap every time she sat down to watch TV, sat on the lap of whoever sat in the front passenger seat of the car. She travelled over most of the east coast of Australia by car. She loved our God-children when they were tiny babies, but would confront the biggest dog in the street.

Your Mother loved you dearly and will never forget you. She talks about you and remembers the funny things you used to do together. You are at peace in our garden, but if there is a Doggy Heaven - You are there.

Skipper White - May 2001, 14 years old

Skipper was with us for 14 beloved years. He was a great sailor and loved the water. He began sailing at three months of age and took to it like a duck to water. He sailed on both big and small sailboats and loved to race as much as he loved to cruise. He was my daughter's companion from the time she was born until we lost him on a family outing. We were able to bury him in a beautiful setting on a dry lake bed (where we were attending a landsailing regatta) surronded by mountains. We are thankful for the extra years that we had with him after he herniated a disc one Christmas Eve and thought we would have to put him down as he was paralysed from the waist down. Thanks to our skilled vets and a lot of patience and TLC I was able to get him up and walking again via hydro-spa baths at home and physical therapy. He will forever be a part of our lives. We have since adopted our first standard longhaired and my daughter believes that Skipper came down and had a chat with Austin to help ease him into our family and to fill the void. This is my daughter's first puppy and we all see so much of Skipper in him. I don't think that there is any other breed on earth for our family. We are true dachshund hounds!

Emma - The Grand Duchess Mrs Emma Strauss - May 2001, 10 years old

Emma was my best friend. I got her when she was four weeks old. I bottle fed her and slept with my hand in her crate so she would not feel alone. She was at my side through the hardest times of my life. And I am honored to have had her in my life to do so.

Emma just remember -

'For one so small your were so brave,
You'll be in my heart always'

Maxie Rascal Sanchez - May 2001, 12 years old

The loving family you have left behind will have a joyful 12 years to look back upon. Mother and Daughter, rest in peace. Love,
Michael and family

Sara Lee - May 2001, 9 years old

Although I was not a big dog fan, when Sara Lee came into our lives my mind was changed. We adopted Sara Lee, for our then-eight-year-old daughter whose name was also Sarah! Sara Lee was such a joy to us. One day while out playing, a bigger dog attacked her, and weighing only nine pounds are Sara Lee was hurt badly. A time that was suppose to be a joyous time in our child's life became a sad time because she lost someone that she loved very much. Although gone, Sara Lee will never be forgotten for the love she constantly gave us. She was so tolerant of us - allowing us to dress her up as Hank the Cowdog for the children at the school where I worked. It has been a year since she has gone and whenever we look at pictures of her we still get teary eyed. Good-bye our friend - and run in pastures at the Rainbow Bridge We love you!
Jef, Max and Sarah

ToeB's Cloie - May 2001, 9 years, 6 months old

Cloie, good friend to your sister, Fanwya, and brother, Gabreil, loving daughter to your mother, Sasha, and your father ToeB. Sweet child to your human mother Stevie and father Jordan, you are so missed by us all. Pulled from loving arms by that bad dog in our yard. Fawnya made it back, but your soul did not get back to us on this earth. We pine for you, it is only now after a year that we can speak of this. We will see you one day, my love, one by one till we are all together in a better place. We know that Josh and Elena will look after you until we get there, Dear Heart, along with Blackman Dooo! God Bless...

Greta - May 2001, 13 years old

What else can you say...'she's just a gam-ma!'

Gretchen Smith - June 2001, 11 years old

Although you were only with me for three years, you were my soul mate. I can still see you running toward me with your little ears flying. I never understood why people got so attached to dogs or why they got so upset at their passing. I know now - you were never really 'just a dog', but my friend. My heart is broken and I will miss you forever.

Elvis - June 2001, about 14 years old

Elvis walked into my life five years ago. I already had a dachsie named Augie. Everyone knew I would take this little stray in. He was the best. He would sit on his hind legs and rub his two front paws till he was rewarded. He would sit by me when I was sick or just watching TV. He always made me laugh. Elvis went blind this past year, and went downhill from there on. He could no longer eat his food or do his tricks - he just slept. He was the light of my life and I will miss him forever. He was put to rest in my husband's arm. Elvis, I love and miss you.

Isetann - June 2001, 10 years, 6 months old

I am sorry to say that Isetann died of a sudden stroke this evening. He had his breakfast this morning and Randy then gave him and Sam a bath. They spent the afternoon sunning themselves on the deck. It was apparent early this evening, however, that something was not right with him. He seemed to have lost his sense of balance. He would walk a couple of steps and then fall over. I took him to the emergency animal medical clinic. It was unusual, but they were really backed up there....usually nobody is around but this evening, the parking lot was full. He lay on my lap while we waited about two hours. At one point he was snoring so loudly that the people waiting with their pets laughed. One woman said that not even her ex-husband snored that loud. The vet checked him out finally and said that there really was nothing she could do. His pupils were not reacting properly to the light and there were several other signs of neural damage. She said that she could put him to sleep or we could take him home to say our good byes but that there was no point in attempting any heroic interventions. I carried him back to the car and laid him down in the passenger seat. Sometime during the drive back home, he died. It is kind of ironic, as Isetann had always enjoyed riding in the car ever since I had first brought him home.

I will look around and find a new dachshund in a couple of days for Randy. He says that he doesn't want another dog but I think that after a proper mourning period, he would probably enjoy a new wienner dog.

Maengwyn Madoc - June 2001, 13 years, 1 month old

The house seems so quiet without you running around and barking. We never realised how much you ran things! I wasn't ready for you to go so with so little warning but I am glad you did not suffer and had every chance. Offa misses you. I hope we see you again.
Love Karen

Max Von Wood - June 2001, 14 years, 10 months old

We love you our beloved Max. Thank you for your loving eyes, and silly smile.You will be in our hearts forever. Love, Mom, Dad, and Bobby.

Oscar Pytlarz - June 2001, 5 months old

Little Oscar was a precious gift from God. We were truly blessed to have had him in our lives. Our beloved puppy was taken from us when he escaped out of our fenced back yard into the neighbour's yard. Thinking he was going to play with the two dogs next door, they brutally killed him. He never knew anything but kindness, and never suspected the harm that would come to him. I am sorry, little 'Osckie', for not being there for you during your time of need. Please know that you have taken a special place in our hearts and we will never forget you.

Sissie Snickers - June 2001, 9 years old

Sissie, you will always be in my heart. The days that have passed since you left me have been, for the most part...filled with smiles, laughs, and beloved stories of you. You made a lasting impression that will be of great comfort in the months and years to come without you. Just to name a few of my favourites, I would have to say...your 'big 'n bad' attitude when anyone in the house raised their voice in anger, your barking would make all concerned take notice. And...I loved how you would sit up and paw at the air, (saying please) if you wanted a treat, but the best part was if it was a real lucious treat your little tongue would stick out a little between your teeth and you would just drool for it. You will always be the most special friend. As I told you all your life, and I want to memorialise in this dedication...'Momma loves her baby, and the baby loves her momma'. Thank you for being so special, and filling my life with such joy and love.

Ruby Craig - June 2001, 5 years, 7 months old

Ruby Red, my precious girl, can't wait till we meet again. Years may come and years may go, but remembering you never dims. Tears may subside, and even dry, but not the hurt that I feel inside. Words cannot express enough as to how much Eddie and I miss you and how a part of me, too, has died. Can't wait till we meet again, wait for me, wait for me. See you one day, not too far away. Love you precious girl.

Pebbles, 'Bozzie Girl' - June 2001, 3 years, 4 months old

I miss you so much, Pebbles. You are my heart, my love, my happiness. Mama, loves you baby girl.

Baron Wilhelm von Rekos - Willie - June 2001, 10 years, 3 months old

Willie, I know you were a wandering dog, a wandering little boy, but it doesn't make my pain any less of the loss of you. You were my boy. You cheered me up every single day. Everyone loved having you around. Even if you did give three different people a sad look and got three dinners, or open the door and go wandering around the deck, or start barking at something dropping and we all got angry, we still loved you no matter what. I know you're happy because now you're okay. You're all back to normal, no more cancer in your ears, and you can bask in the sun without getting it again, and you can eat all you want, without getting asthma. You probably are all a maghoney red again, not the cute little old man anymore. I know it was better that you died quickly, but getting hit by a car was not my way that I wanted to see you go. They didn't even call and tell us. At least someone had the respect to call us up and tell us. Willie, I know everyone that knew you will miss you. Everyone here will miss you, and you're always in my memory, and my love for you will live on. I always will miss you, I hope you're happy up there, 'cuz you were a great dog and the memories that I got from growing up with you are the best memories. I will always remember. Something that people can't take away from me. I love you, Will.

Yo-Yo (Yoey) - Aust. Ch. Schon Show Shadow - June 2001, 11 years old

Little Yoey, for such a placid little dog you came to a tragic sudden end. I thought you were going to live forever. You were one of the easiest dogs I've owned. Fortunately your son, Inky, is the image of you and will, we hope, be with us for a long time. Your memory lives on in him. Miss you, Yoey.
Melissa, Scarlett, Whoopi, Saffron and Inkadu

Bertha Jo Marie Benda - June 2001, 10 years, 10 months old

Bertha Jo was my little baby. She was the daughter of my little 15-year-old paralysed dachsie, Bino. She was the orneriest, singingest, grinny-diggingest little girl there was. Bertha was always heavy set, but she was also the sweetest little thing. She loved her daddy. My Dad also loved this little girl. To him, this was his granddaughter. I lost Bertha very unexpectedly. It has been nearly two months and it seems like I miss her more, as does Bino. I get through the days knowing that Bertha found her Grandpa waiting fo rher, and he is now holding her as he did when he was on earth. Someday, Bino, LIttle Bird and I will all be together again.

Turbo (My Buddy) - June 2001, 13 years, 7 months old

Turbo. (My Buddy), was my brother's mini doxie, but he belonged to everyone in the family.

Turbo had large saucer brown eyes that could melt your heart, and these eyes could always convince anyone in the family to give him another doggie treat (even though he had several already!).

Turbo had some minor health problems associated with doxies, but the loss is still very painful, and the emptiness is still there. Turbo was such a joy, and brought much happiness to our family. His death was a hard blow to deal with.

Turbo, I miss you a great deal and will always love you. (Little did we know that your little sister, Pepper, would soon follow.)

Your pal, JoAnn

Hildi - June 2001, 7 years, 2 months old

Hildi was the sweetest little girl, and we lost her too soon, her little body just gave out. She was always there whenever her people didn't feel good, and she always had kisses to give to everyone. She loved her kitty friends, and her little Gusy friend. She will always be in our hearts, and she will be watching over us to take care of us. We love her and miss her!

Emily Ettling - June 2001, 13 years old

Little Emily Ettling was bought by my mother-in-law. She was the runt but my mother-in-law loved runts. She was Marilyn's pride and joy. Emily made her laugh and how she love to hold her! Some years back we lost Marilyn. So Emily lived with Marilyn's mom, Velma. Velma was older and couldn't hear the door bell or phone ring, so Emily became Velma's eyes and ears. When I would visit, Emily always loved to be held. But those two always held a special bond with each other. A few Christmases ago we lost Velma but gained Emily. She lived with our two doxies, Ginger and Heidi. At this time Emily was up in years and her health was fading. It finally came time to have her put down. During all this, Ginger and Heidi showed her nothing but love. My wife decided to put her down. It was time for her to be with Velma. We had her cremated and my wife and kids took her ashes and spread them on Velma's and Marilyn's graves.

Gretl Wootton - June 2001, 11 years old

My Darling Gretl,
No words can ever tell you how much of a friend, confidant you were, and how much you were loved. Life is so lonely without you and no one can ever take your place. I miss your sweet kisses every night when I come home, your kisses to wake me up every morning, our golf games together, lying out in the sun and so many other wonderful things we did. No longer is going to the drive-up at the bank any fun since your not there to beg for a cookie. I have truly missed you more than I ever thought possible. I only look forward to the day when we will be together again.
My endless love,

Sachiko - June 2001, 16 years old

She was my Mother's little shadow and a loving, sweet, long haired mini-doxie. She lived a long life without any serious problems other than sensitive skin. :) She passed away in Hawaii with my mother and her best friend Kai at her side.

Daisy (Descartes) - June 2001, 14 years, 6 months old

Dearest Daisy, We will miss you always... Love Mummy, Daddy, Lisa and Little Girl

Shelby Anne - June 2001, 6 year old

We still miss you everyday and I miss you every night. You where the best sleeping buddy.

Suzie - June 2001, 7 years old

I really miss my dachshund. She was my baby. Loved by the whole family. My husband recently bought me another boy named Oscar. He is two months old. Beloved family manner, greatly missed.

Buddy Ashwell - June 2001, 2 days old

Cleft palate. Your three legged sister is still with us and a delight. Wish you were too.

Russia Ashwell - June 2001, 2 days old

Our lovely little boy.

The Meador's Angel - June 2001, 12 years old

Angel was with us from as soon as she was weaned until she passed at 12 years. I grew up with her, and, in fact, I knew her only two years less than I've known my little brother, who was 14 when Angel passed. She was a good dog.

Bubba Vincent - June 2001, 7 years old

Trudi Mesjie - July 2001, 9 years, 3 months old

To our dear Trudi Mesjie Churn, who in her wonderful nine years, ate two of our chickens and countless doves, made every pillow in the house her own, chased the electricity man away three times and still managed to look sweet and innocent at every moment. Now that you are gone there is a hole in our lives, and while we can never replace you, we have been able to adopt a dachshund from Dachshund Rescue to help fill that space. Every time we look at her we see a little bit of you and it is like you are still in the house with us. If I close my eyes, it is your toes I hear tapping on the while you are gone from our lives, you will never be gone from our memories. May you chase chickens, eat t-bones and sleep in front of the heater until we are all reunited again with you. We miss you Trudle (oodle oodle) and look forward to hearing your content grumbles again. Love from your family (and surviving chickens)

Heidi Bo - July 2001, 14 years, 7 months old

My heart is broken, my best friend is gone. You gave me such love and devotion over the years my Bo. I in turn, loved and devoted my being to you. I await my turn now and together we will cross the Bridge. Rest easy little one, I won't be long.

Bruce Green (Wired for Rock and Roll) - July 2001, 5 years, 8 months old

I lost my baby very suddenly last week and I miss him so much it hurts. I miss my little wire-haired shadow and his black waggily tail, his smiling face, his happy and loving nature and his kisses.

Bruce loved everybody and everything and everyone loved him back. He knew so much and although he coudn't quite speak English, he could always get his point across somehow in his own special gentle way. Goodbye my baby Bruce. We all love you and we'll see you again.

Teeny (Anna Christina Meine Hund) - July 2001, 6 years old

My dearest Teeny Girl, Oh, how I miss you and our time together. There hasn't been a day go by that I haven't cried tears when thinking of you and your Momma. I had only lost her three months ago and felt even a greater sense of closeness to you since I had helped her deliver you into this world. From day one, you had been my Teeny Girl. I am so thankful to have had you in my life. Oh, how I wish I could bring back that dreaded day and stop you from running into the street. I still can't understand why you ran in that direction. You had never done that before. Did you think that you were going bye-bye or did you see a squirrel or perhaps a bunny? I am so sad to have lost you and miss our lap time. You always helped me to settle down at the end of our day and nothing is sweeter than your warm cuddles and kisses. I hope that you found your Momma at the Bridge and you are both running and playing like the old days when she felt like playing. Take care my Teeny Girl. I am sending lots of hugs and kisses. When my day comes, I hope that you and your Momma are both waiting for me at the Bridge so that we can walk and play together again. I love and miss you terribly.

Zachary (Zach) Franklin - July 2001, 9 years old

Zach was the sweetest little boy. His eyes were so trusting. He loved his twin sister, Lucy, so much. They were inseparable. He will be forever missed. I pray he is walking at Jesus' heels.

Turbo Martin - July 2001, 13 years old

Turbo was my best friend. She licked my tears when I cryed and gave me wonderful kisses everyday of her life. I will truly miss my little Turb. She will always be in my heart. She was truly the best friend I ever had. I love you Turbo, rest in peace.
Love, Mamma

Lilly Bug - July 2001, 1 years, 2 months old

We miss you 'Bug'.

Fred Klaiber - July 2001, 13 years, 11 months old

My precious Fred, you gave us so much love, how will my heart ever heal? I feel such an empty place in my heart. I miss our quiet times together that no one knew about. How will I ever sing Happy Birthday with out you joining in. I will miss your sweet kisses and your unconditional love for all our family. Your brothers look for you - their hearts are saddened too. I will put your ashes under the blessed Mother statue with your brothers, Frankie and Pepper. I will feel better knowing you are there with them. Thank you for your love, until we meet again - and I know we will - take care of your angel child. I love you forever and always, Mom ox

Rusty Tsuji - July 2001, 2 years old

Rusty, my little dog - my little Brown Dog! Your short life was a whirlwind of joy!

Your name said it all! That beautiful rust colored fur
that shown so brilliantly when you sat in the sun.

Your playful face and demeanor. I picture you tugging on
you big brother's fur when he was trying to jump on the coach.
And your 'bat dog' leap off of the couch.

You were the rascally little brother that I always wanted.
And so fast on your short little legs! Gone - in a flash!

I'll miss seeing you at my doorway, yapping for attention.
I'll miss sharing my blanket on those cold nights.
I'll miss the 'alien tongue' slithering out of the hole in the box.
I'll miss watching you on the hill.
I'll miss the games of 'catch your nose'.
I'll miss all this and every little thing we shared.

Now you are healthy and with your brothers!
Running and jumping in the warmth of the sun!
Please take care of yourself and your brothers!
Don't pull on their tails and ears!

A million-zillion hugs, kisses and 'I love yous'.

Your Daddy & Mommy, Your sisters and brothers

Cloie - July 2001, 4 years, 2 months old

Our dearest girl, stolen from our hearts and life by another's careless act. Your fathers will miss you - both human and dachshund, your mothers both pine at the loss, and your brother and sister look for you always. You will remain forever in our hearts dear one. See you in the next life...

Indy (Indiana Jones) - July 2001, 3 years, 6 months old

Indy, you came to me when I needed you most, and were with me during the most difficult time in my life. You were my best friend and never judged or scolded. I could always count on you for big sloppy kisses. I didn't want you to suffer, and I hope you understand.

I hope you liked the cookies I brought you before you went away. I'm glad I was able to hold you as you drifted off to sleep. I hope you are playing with Fritz now. I will see you again sometime in the future, so wait for me, little dog.

love Daddy.

Mollie Lynn (a.k.a Dink) - July 2001, 1 year, 30 days old

My precious little angel you left me way too soon. My dear Mollie Lynn, the moment you left my heart broke. To think, when I get home now, you aren't there waiting for me with those big brown eyes and beautiful smile. You aren't there welcoming me with your Daddy Boo, sis Maddie, or old girl Misty. I can't simply reach down and pick you up and give you kisses! I can't tell you just how much I missed you today or how much I love you. I can't even smile it seems. You were my best friend, My Baby. You were always there when I needed a hug or a gentle kiss. When you came to me, you were only four weeks old! My intentions were to have you live with Dad, but after only a couple of minutes I knew I could not let you go. So then and there, you became mine, from then on, you never left my side. You seemed to love it here, running around the yard with your Daddy. You really enjoyed terrorising your best friend, Maddie, and when you ran Misty out of the kitchen, we all knew just who ran the house. I think the thing that I loved most of all, was the fact that when all the others went out to play, you were always waiting for me to follow. You were the baby, but you never let anyone get away with pushing you around. You were always there to comfort me when I needed it.

As short as your life was here on earth, you made such a great impact on all of us and will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge my Lil Dink. We all love and miss you Mollie, Love, Momma, Papa, Boo, Misty, Maddie, Grandma-ma, Grandpa, Aunt Vicki, and everyone else. Take care my precious.

Jesi - Jessica Lynn Burnette - July 2001, 18 years, 6 months old

Jesi, my baby girl, I will cherish the 17 years we had together. From the time I got you from the kill shelter at 18 months of age until your last breath that we shared together, you brightened my life. You never knew you were just a little 17 pound girl dog, you thought you were the most ferocious big protector that ever lived. I know your sister Ana and your old boyfriend Bogey who went to Bridge before you, were happy to see you, but oh how hard it was for me to let you go! I'll see you again, my precious love bug.

Momma Karen and sister Gerti.

Willo - July 2001, 9 weeks old

Willo, do you know how long I waited for you?? I had everyone searching for the perfect chocolate girl...and when they placed you in my hands, I knew you were the one. I had no idea that the dreaded, deadly Parvo disease was already at work, even as I happily cuddled you on the way home. When the vet told me the next day (I'd only had you over night) that you were sick and would need to stay, I was devastated...I called so often to check on you that they all knew my voice the minute they answered the phone. When they called to say you were gone, I was crying so hard that Daddy had to come and hang up the phone. We gathered your remains and brought you home, burying you beneath a beautiful pink pussy willow bush. I miss you, sweet baby, and so does Daddy.

Gone from our sight, forever in our hearts. Love Mommy and Daddy

Shana Punim - July 2001, 15 years, 10 months old

Shana Punim was a beautiful smooth haired red mini dachshund. She was a very important part of our family and we loved her in more ways then we can describe. She LOVED to eat, and loved to cuddle up with you and make you feel better when you were feeling sad. She had the greatest personality and I'll never see another dog like her. Even though she wasn't a person, she always managed to put a big smile on her face and clap hands with you. I'm 16 years old, and my family had Shana before I was even born, so I don't know what it's like without her...and now that she's gone it's very tough. Sometimes at night I can still hear her footsteps through the hallway and hear her cute little bark. But I know she had a great life, and she's not in pain anymore. I know your happy at the Bridge, shana, and I know one day I'll be with you again and I can't wait to hold you in my arms and give you a great big kiss. You will be greatly missed and we love you with all our hearts.
Love Jacki, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Tootsie, and Rascal

Ladiddy - July 2001, 13 years old

My baby girl who I miss a whole heap - always in my heart forever and a day!!! love you baby girl.
love, Mum

Holly Day Moulder - July 2001, 6 years old

My dachshund, Holly, was the perfect friend. She was more than a friend to me - she was my little girl, always there to sit with me and to lick my tears away. She could always put a smile on my face no matter what happened in my life or how sad I was. She was a joy to come home to every day and a joy to wake up to every morning. She was a smooth red hair girl and the most beautiful dachshund I have seen to date. She was very protective of me and my Mimi and Sally and loved us all enormously. She died in July of 2001 because of a calcified disc in her back. She was taken away abruptly and without warning. I still have not gotten over not coming home to her everyday or holding her when I am sad or happy or anything for that matter. What I wouldn't give to just see her one more time 'sitting pretty' and begging for a treat. She was truly the love of my life and brought joy and happiness to anyone with whom she would come into contact. My beautiful, loving, happy hyper Holly - you are sorely missed by your Momma, Mimi, and Sally Taylor Bell!!!!!!!!!
We love you baby girl!!!

Buddy - July 2001, 10 weeks old

Buddy waited for me. He waited for me at the pet store. He waited for me to make him mine. He waited for me in the wee hours of the morning to wake up and take him out. He waited for me to pick him up and carry him up or down the stairs that he was still too tiny to climb. He waited for my love. And in the end, Buddy waited for me one last time - to hold him, to love him, and to be with him just one more time.

All the tears, all the emotions I have kept at bay for the past 79 hours just won't stop. I hurt for him. I hurt for me. I hurt for all the adventures we will never share. I hurt because parvo had taken such a special little puppy. I leaned down and kissed Buddy one last time - so little and frail. I spoke those special words one only speaks when two hearts are saying their last good-byes. I touched his face, gave him a long, soft pat across his body, and one last look ... then I slowly turned away. This was our final moment together. My Buddy was dead.

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