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Rocky - January 2001, 6 years, 6 months old

We love you Rocky. I'm so sorry you suffered so much after the surgery. I kept trying to help you but you didn't seem to feel better physically but nevertheless, you were ever as loving and sweet and devoted. What a little trooper. Forgive me for making the decision that I think was best for you and the finality that I think you wanted. I miss you so much and can still smell you so Eli and I are convinced you're still sort of hanging around here. Go onto the Rainbow Bridge. One day we'll hook up again, along with Harry. We will never forget you little Rockybocky, sweet little Babydog.

Sport Bass - January 2001, 11 years old

I lost my heart on the first day of the new year. Sport will always be in my thoughts. He touched many hearts during his time on earth. I miss his greetings of hugs and kisses and the touch of his shiney back coat. I miss his snores during the night. Whenever I want to see my Sporty I look towards the stars and close my eyes and say I love you baby. See ya again Fat boy.

BJ Brewster - 9 years old , and

Lilly - January 2001, 4 years old

On 2 January my two lovely dogs began scrabbling in the bushes near where my son was cemeting. They usually barked when they found something, but this time they didn't - but they were very busy.

A couple of minutes later they came out of the bushes - proud as punch - carrying a large snake, which they dumped in the carport. A ranger came immediately to take away the damanged (but not yet dead) snake, and though we took our babies to the vet immediately it was too late.

The snake also died of its injuries. It was a metre and a half long and as thick as my wrist. This all happened less than a metre from my back door, behind which live three adults and three children, and who are visited regularly by grandchildren and other family. My little dogs gave their lives protecting ours.

Run and play at the Bridge, my babies, until we join you.

Casey - January 2001, 8 weeks old

Casey - you were the best Christmas present I have ever received. We lost Kaylee, our other dachshund, in September of 1999. We decided to fill the void she left in our hearts with you. Even though I had you for a short time you wigged your way into my heart. I am feeling an extreme amount of guilt because my precious little angel was killed by me - it happened so fast I slipped on the icy step. When I was falling all I could think of was to keep you up out of harms way. I don't know how I ended up hurting you. We took you to the vet, and he tried to save you but it was just too much for your little body to take. Casey I'm so sorry for hurting you - please forgive me.

You will not be alone at Rainbow Bridge, Casey. Kaylee and Oscar are there and will take care of you now. Kaylee will be a good Mom to you. Play now my sweet little angel. We will see you again sweet Casey. Until then, take care of yourself. We love you, Mommy, Daddy, Mike, Amy, Stacy, Baxter and George.

Jack Williams - January 2001, 12 years old

Jack will be sadly missed by Jessica - his dachsy companion - and Alan, Dot, Shaun, Damien, Patrick, Josephine, Michelle and Katie - the family that loved and cared so much for this little boy. He will be joining Jill, his first dachsy companion. His pain is now over, ours selfishly just begins. We love you Jack and miss you dreadfully!

Oscar Kurtz - January 2001, 16 years old

Oscar, even though you were adopted at the ripe old age of 9, we loved you as if we had raised you from a pup. We'll never forget the first time you went outside and were so scared, or the first time you saw a Big Wheel and how amazed you were! We would have gotten you one, but your legs were just too short! We enjoyed seeing the world though your eyes. Mommy misses seeing your 'Einstein head' poking through the railing, just waiting for her to pull up, and dad misses you rooting through the dirty laundry at night fot his socks. The bedroom sure is quiet at night now without your snoring! I hope you are enjoying playing with Schnapps at the Bridge. I know your idea of heaven is to have no brushes and no baths - we hope this is true for you! We miss you, Einstein - Love, Mom, Dad, Heidi and Ruger

Whoopie - January 2001, 10 years old

My sweet Whoopie,
Our lives will never be the same without you. We miss you more than words can say. We know that you are still with us and you will never be forgotten.
Mom,Dad, Erica,Corey, Nate, Bubby and Jazz

Ch. Uneetoile Drumstick - January 2001, 9 years, 362 days old

Uneetoile's first standard smooth champion - remembered with love by Terri, Michelle, and Bert - 'In the heavens there was a star danced and under that was I born'

Sammy Adkins - January 2001, 5 years, 6 months old

My Sammy was very special to my family. She was very overweight until she got sick. She loved to run and play and lick us in the face! She got sick and lost 18 pounds, but the vet could not figure out why. Last Monday she went into seizures and never came out. I had to have her put down. She had gained most of her weight back, too, so I was suprised when this happened. The vet thinks it was a brain tumor.

I know she is in a better place now and that she is not in pain anymore, but I miss her smiling face. The night before she died, she slept extra close to me. I think she knew it was coming. I loved her so much and I know she loved me too. I will never forget her.

Oscar de la Dog - January 2001, 9 years old

Tonight we lost our most loving little creature. My pain is unbearable it seems, but his pain was physically intolerable. I pray to see Oscar again some day to feel those kisses and see him as he once was. Happy, feisty and pure love.

We love you little man!!
Norm and Pat

Daisy Nakon - January 2001, 9 years old

Daisy was such a sweet little girl.You could see her halo and little angel wings. She died of Cushings disease at 9 years old. I miss her so much...

Alfie Cremona - January 2001, 14 years old

Alfie - your Mom and Dad miss you. You were gone so fast with no time for goodbyes. Your joy and happiness walk through each day with us. I still hear you by my side. We take comfort knowing you're with Peanut in heaven and you'll be taking care of each other until we see you again. Our home and our hearts are empty without you...

Heidi Mae - January 2001, 15 years old

Heidi Mae was my closest and dearest friend. She was the only lasting relationship I ever really had. She did everything she could when it came to protecting me and her surroundings. She was really quite possesive! I miss her terribly, but I know one day I will see her again and she will feel much better than she did on the day she went to the Bridge. I LOVE YOU MY BABY!

Clyde - Tarallyn Silver Accolade - January 2001, 2 years, 6 months old

My greatest treasure. What can I say about you? You lit up my life for only a short time to me. You were my shadow, my constant, our friend and our ever watchfull gaurdian. But you have now left us to go and stay at the Rainbow Bridge. You'll be waiting for me - I know you will. You and April too. I'll see you soon, someday. Love you always my baby dog. Love from us all.

Whiny Rinehart - January 2001, about 10 years old

To Whiny, our beloved dachshund. You were a big part of our lives. Your devotion to us, your love! You were like our child, Whiny.

For just over two years you lived with us, through two changes of residence. Yes, there were some times we were exasperated at you, but we loved you. You slept right beside the bed, and you loved your blanket. But you hated that vacuum cleaner. Then came that sad day when you were sick. We thought that you would get better. But what we did not realise was that you were in such pain. The last time we saw you alive we thought that you would come home the next day. But when the vet told us that you had passed away our tears flowed like the water into your bowl. Our sadness was without mixture. We still cry over your passing. I cried sorrowfully when I saw your body in that box. It was so hard to see you taken away.But now you are at the Rainbow Bridge, and you have no more suffering. Someday we will see you again, but now we must be content with the memories of you. RIP, faithful dog.We love you and we miss you.

Jessie Rogers - Jessie Babie - January 2001, 9 years old

To my darling Jessie babe, your mama misses you a lot. Especially when you are not here to start my day and to greet me at the end of my work day with a mooch. We all miss you.

'Til we meet again - I hope you are happy at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love Jan (mom), dad (Rod) and your buddy (Brian)

Holly - January 2001, 13 years old

So small and sweet when we brought you home - playful and loving the sweet baby you were. As you grew to the fine lady you turned into, you loved to do tricks for your treats and were always alert to noises around your house. When you grew into your senior years, daddy and I tried to do the best for you. Finally, we had no choice but to let you go. I know you know that we were there when they took you to the Rainbow Bridge and I look forward to seeing you there. Daddy, Sissy, Grandma, Sam Cleo and I all miss you and you will be in our hearts forever. Rest in peace free of pain.

Persephone - Sophie - January 2001, 1 years, 3 months old

Beautiful Sophie...I can't begin to tell you how much joy and love you brought into our lives. The day that the vet called and said that despite everything, you were gone was one of the hardest days in our lives.

The year 2001 was not a good one...besides you, we lost your dear friend Holly, and another little girl named Willow. I know that you are all playing in the lands beyond the Rainbow Bridge, chasing each other and waiting 'till we are reunited. We love and miss you, sweet girl. Gone from our sight...forever in our hearts. Mommy and Daddy

Jacob Marley Taylor - February 2001, 14 years, 5 months old

Our Jacob, a loyal, kind and sweet dog who was not a pet but a member of our family. How he loved to ride in the basket of my bike, the wagon behind the tractor and in the car. He sang when our daughter played piano, slept with our son and shared their secrets as they grew into adults. He was not selfish and shared his home with two newcomers and became the proud 'grandpa' dog to both. Every time we see a sunbeam on the floor, we will remember him lying in one, warming himself just as sure as he warmed our hearts and lives. We love you, Jake and know you are not far as long as you are in our hearts.

Lilly Caballero - February 2001, 3 years old

I never met you, but you were truly loved by your mom, Millie. Please send her dachsie kisses as she is very sad without you. You must have been a very special girl - you were beautiful in body and in spirit. Please help give your mom the strength to continue to help other dachshunds in need.
'To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die'

Love always,

'Middi' - Herbert Henry Alfred McRuff Ruff Hawkins - February 2001, 5 years, 10 months old

Middi was our baby boy. He was with us every day and everywhere we went. When we were upset he was there, when we were happy he was there, always behind us and under our feet. Always the comedian he made us laugh. He loved chasing balloons, torch lights, mice and the neighbours cats.

An avid chocolate lover, we spent many a night pigging out together and we always finished the night with a cup of tea.

Our hearts are broken with his untimely parting. He was too young and we tried everything we could so that he could stay with us. It wasn't too be.

Please know Middi, we love you and we hope to see you again someday.

All our loves and licks your Mum and Dad XXXX

Little Minnie Mouser - February 2001, 11 years old

We are so SAD! Our dachsie went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday ... it was unexpected, very unexpected - so we are in shock. She possibly had some type of a tumor that burst, but we are not sure. She did not suffer at all and died peacefully in my arms, wrapped in a blanket (which she loved). She was only sick one day before she died We are puzzled as to what happened as she acted fine.We are going to miss her...the house is not the same without our little Minnie. She will be missed. She is with her big brother, Shep, who went to the Bridge in July of 2000. He was a black lab and she was a miniature red. They made quite a team and looked so cute together. Minnie and Shep, we love you and will miss you very much!! Chase those balls and play with your squeaky toys Sausage Dog! We Love You So Much!! Mommy, Daddy, Alexa and Luke

Peppy 'La Pew' Powell - February 2001, 2 years old

We had only had him for seven months. I didn't even want him when we first found him. We already had three dogs, two cats, and a pygmy goat! We did NOT need another dog. We took him home and he made himself right at home.

We scanned the ads and looked for his home, but after a couple days, I was so relieved that no one claimed him. I had already fallen in love! I had never had a dog who slept so close, and after a few days started crawling under the covers by my side. He was more like my baby, than my pet! He was almost the perfect pet - house broken, entertained himself, got along with all of the other animals - just perfect! We lost him just two weeks ago and I thought I would lose my mind! I miss him so much!!!!!

Coco - February 2001, 7 years old

Coco I am so sorry I could not help your back. I tried keeping you with the cart but you didn't like it. When your leg was infected I knew there was nothing I could do. I miss you so much and I feel a loss. Frodo misses you. He has been sleeping on your pillow. I am so sorry Coco I wish I could have helped you. I know you are at peace now and with your sister. We miss you.
Amy and Frodo

Brandy Raden - February 2001, 11 years, 6 months old

Our little Brandy was the oldest and ran the house. Her loss is deeply felt by her Mommy and Daddy and little sister, Gretchen. Gretchen loved to lie with her, resting her head on Brandy's back. She was also aunt to Chico, Pugsley and Daisy, and Dougal's cousin.

Brandy loved sailing, lying in the sun by the pool, going in the water (if daddy would hold her), playing ball (endlessly), sleeping in a waterbed, camping, canoeing (to look for manatees), riding in the car (especially to pick up daddy from work), and opening Christmas presents. We all love her and miss her terribly but from the beginning, Brandy was always DADDY's GIRL and Mommy's best friend.

Brandy, thank you for the years of joy. When we come to the Rainbow Bridge to get you, we'll bring your favourite ball. You'll be able to play endlessly, and never get tired. It will never be 'time to put it away'.

Waska - February 2001, 5 years old

Waska, you were our first dog and the most beautiful chocolate-and-tan miniture dachshund in the world. We loved your smooth coat,and your kind and loving eyes which seemed to speak to us. You were the most wonderful thing we had and it hurts us so much now that you are gone. You were a gift from God and our lives were made more rich because of you. You were always so happy to see us when we arrived home and looked so depressed whenever we had to go. You were so sneaky, too. You loved to hide under piles of pillows on our bed or curl up on the couch. You would bark at us whenever we kissed until we would pick you up for a giant three-way hug! Oh, we miss you so much that it almost hurts just to think about you. You were so healthy and strong. How could you get so sick in just one week? We hope getting you sterilised the month before did not contribute to the liver problems which they say led to your death. You were only five, Waska. We thought we would have you for years to come. We feel empty now. We have cried for days and still call out your name hoping you will come to us. We love you, Waska.

Max Hooper - February 2001, 15 years, 9 months old

Goodbye my friend.

Our hearts are empty without you here. No more pitter-patter of little feet behind me or another nudge for more petting. Denise and I miss you. From the day I adopted you as a pup when your previous owners abused you and gave you away, you have been a joy to my life. You were always active and determined to get out of any room, fence or pen I put you in. You were a constant comedian in my life.

Goodbye my friend.

Perhaps you will be running around at the Rainbow Bridge, chasing butterflies and digging near the river of life, Though my heart is broken that your are no longer at my feet, I'm hoping maybe, just maybe, one day we will again meet, You were created by God and I thank Him today, For allowing me to care for you and love you and for bringing you my way.

Goodbye my friend.

Charlie Accardi - February 2001, 11 years, 4 months old

I lost my best friend on Saturday. No one but a dachshund owner can understand the friendship and eternal acceptance of my wonderful dog. I loved coming home to see him in his chair - he had to be up high, eye-level to humans - waiting for me at the window. We had to cover his eyes at the drive-through at the bank so he wouldn't bark. He loved to exert his masculinity to anyone who would listen. I miss his head in my lap every night while we watched our favourite shows. I know I used to yell at him for chewing the eyeballs out of my stuffed animals, but I'd give anything to see a shredded teddy next to my bed tomorrow morning. I wish I could hold him in my lap again while we read the paper. I want to find him under my blanket in the afternoon, snoring louder than any human I know. He loved to just watch me do silly things around the house. I miss his company so much. I know he's happy, wherever he is, and we'll be together again someday. He'll have all the rawhide strips and pig's ears to keep him pudgy and beautifully sausagy for the rest of time...I LOVE YOU, CHARLIE!!

Peanut Zacira - February 2001, 14 years old

Peanut was attacked by a pack of five stray dogs. I am not Peanut's owner. She was the beloved companion to a widow named Lottie, who lives in my neighbourhood. This little dachshund meant everything to Lottie. Lottie's son gave Peanut to her after Lottie's husband passed away. The newspaper had an article about the five strays attacking little Peanut as Lottie watched in horror and could do nothing to save her baby from the five large dogs. They ripped her up like a rag, according to Lottie. My husband and I own three dachshunds. My heart aches for Lottie. She stated in the paper that she always knew that Peanut would die sooner or later but not this way. Peanut, I know that you were so very loved and will be forever missed. Every time I've ever talked to Lottie she always asked about our dachshunds and would glow with such pride when she spoke of her little Peanut. Peanut, mommy misses you. I am so sorry that those five big dogs got you. It upsets me still and always will. Play and be happy at the Rainbow Bridge where you can be safe from all dangers. You will be in my memory always Sweet little baby girl. I wanted to write this in memory of you, Peanut.
Love, Carol

Sophie Bea Aguero - February 2001, 5 years, 5 months old

My dearest Sophie, please forgive me for prolonging your pain. Please know that I did it out of love for you and in hopes that you would survive. I'm so sorry I put that plant in the yard, how did I know you would eat it and get deathly ill. Everyday I came to visit you at the vet I saw you getting weaker and weaker. You dropped four pounds in three days. You seemed happy to see me, giving me a tail wag but you were so sick. Finally, your liver gave out, your body took on a yellow cast, your eyes looked so pitiful, you wanted me to let you go to the Rainbow Bridge. I didn't want to let you go...I realised you were dying and held you in my arms sobbing uncontrollably. How could I go on without my little sweetie? We held you in our arms as the doctor gave you the shot, you took your last breath and left us with an enormous hole in our hearts and lives. We closed your eyes and kissed you good-bye and then cried in bed for three days. I cry nearly evey day still. But you know this, don't you? I miss you so much, I miss your snoring, your sweet face and fat paws. Your kisses and smell. Your soft ears and cute walk. Your stubborness and your bark. Scooter misses you too. We will never get over you - EVER. We will see you again my sweet little baby. I'm so sorry!

Patrick Jesse - 'PJ' - Koether - February 2001, 6 years, 2 months old

PJ, you came into my life and changed it forever. Your arrival just before Christmas in 1996 was a real miracle. Only five days after my dear Grandpa Max went to the Bridge at age 14, a rescue organisation found you for me at a shelter. It was as if Max looked down and realised I needed a boy and you needed a Mom. You became the sunshine in my life and because of you we became involved in rescue work and found so many dachsie friends all over the world.

Your disc problems came out of the blue. The 11 days you were at the hospital seemed endless but the surgery went so well and you were to make a full recovery. I was so hopeful. Then unforeseen complications arose and you became so weak and your coming home to me was not to be. I did what I had to do to ease your pain. I hope you know that you were not deserted by your Mom and that she did everything she could to help you become whole again.

My heart is broken and I will always love you as I told you so many times. My life will never be the same without you in it but I will try to remember all the wonderful memories and the good times we shared. I hope Grandpa Max, Squeak, Max I and Heidi are watching over you at the Bridge and I pray we will all be together again one day.

Mom loves you, PJ. You are my beautiful boy.


Killer Whitlow - February 2001, 6 years, 11 months old

Killer, I want to say thank you for being my loyal friend. No matter what was happening in my life, I always knew I could count on you to love me no matter what. You were my baby, the love of my life. Since you left all I can do is think of you and feel this huge gapping hole in my chest. I never knew I could hurt so badly.

Thank you for your unconditional love, loyalty, patience, and your friendship. I loved you and will always love you. - Daddy

Bubba Boy Raley - February 2001, 14 years, 9 months old

The loss I feel is almost unbearable. It's hard to go into the kitchen - no one is between my feet. If I was sad Bubba, you were always there for me. It's hard to remember a time when there was no Bubba Boy, strutting so proud where ever you went. And it is even harder to imagine tomorrow without you. Your love was so unconditional and always there. Momma misses you more than words can express. I didn't know I could cry so many tears or hurt so bad! Your home is so lonely without you. I dream of our meeting at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then my sweet beautiful little red boy, you will be buried deep in my heart with love. I will always love you, Your very lonesome Momma.

Mitzi Lee Jackson - February 2001, 5 years, 6 months old

My dear Mitzi baby, you were our sunshine and we love and miss you very much. You brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. You understood mama's moods and were like me in so many ways. So independent and stubborn, so smart and knowing, so loving and loyal to our family and close friends. Always wagging your tail and giving kisses to us when we needed them. So, our little puppy protector, please watch over us now until we cross over to the Rainbow Bridge and can all be together again. All our love, Mama, Daddy and Brandy

Pippy Marie Haden - February 2001, 13 years, 10 months old

In loving memory of Pippy Marie Haden - 23 April 1987 to 15 February 2001.
Pippy, you were our sweet, brave little dachshund who we miss so very, very much. You were with us for most of your life, and we know you are now waiting for us.

At the age of 10, you became suddenly blind, just as you became accustomed to the darkness, auto-immune hemolytic anaemia (AIHA) struck you down! You were not supposed to live a week, but you were a survivor for another 28 months. The illness took a toll on you, and chronic pancreatitis developed. However, you survived countless pancreatic attacks over the next 28 months. We took you everywhere with us and showed you a good time. We wanted you to live your life to the fullest. You loved to 'go fishing', go to fairs and carnivals in you little stroller - you were happy as long as you were with us!

Finally during your last pancreatic attack, the doctors thought you had suffered enough and we had to agree. Very reluctantly, we gave you back to God. You left such a big hole in our hearts and also in the hearts of many, many cyber friends. You are survived by your Mom and Dad, your human brother and sister, your furry cousins, your Grandpa Hank.

Especially Mom has taken your death very hard, but Mom wrote a beautiful memorial site for you...your light will shine forever, little Pippy. You will always, always be in our hearts...we will see you again, our sweet little baby, rest in peace, play and have fun..until we meet again...

Love Always and with Tears Mom and Dad

Ollie - February 2001, 13 years, 7 months old

My little buddy, my child, my friend... You will always be in my heart and in this home. I still hear your pawsteps at night, see you sitting on the couch waiting for me, and feel you next to me, cuddling in bed like the little 'heater' you always were. There will never be another one like you. You were the one that always 'knew' me, and I will miss you forever. My bud, my baby, my good little boy, you took a piece of me when you left, and you will never, ever leave my heart. We will love you forever...
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Lily and Reggie

Roscoe - February 2001, 17 years old

Roscoe, you came to me at seven years of age, a trembling little bundle of neuroses. I took you in because you were a dachshund. I've always had dachshunds, but you, my friend, were special. At first it was tenuous, you were a ladies' dog, not a man's dog. But within a short while, you were my Siamese twin. When I went back on the road as a truck driver, you were with me every mile. Sitting in the shotgun seat, watching the miles roll by, you criss crossed the country with me, taking it all in, barking at every cow and sheep we saw. You were afraid of nothing at all, especially other dogs. No other dogs were allowed near us, and you didn't care how big they were. Thank God I got ahold of you when you made a beeline for that rottweiler that time in Kansas! You were with me when my son died, and though I never told you this, you're the reason I kept on after that. You were all I had in the world for a long time. You never asked for much, except for most of the bed. I never saw a bigger bed hog in all my life! When we married Darlene and moved in with her, you took to her and the cats with complete aplomb, and behaved as a gentleman should. You suffered the last few years of pain and infirmity with stoic good grace. Even when I couldn't let you go, despite your pain and suffering, you always had a tail wag, and lick of the hand for me. God forgive me for making you suffer for too long before I let you go. I just couldn't bear to lose you old friend. I still miss you so bad, and even after a year, I still find myself looking for you to take you out in the mornings. Take care my friend, and I'll see you again soon enough.

Love, Nels

Sasha Girl - February 2001, 9 years, 6 months old

I don't understand why you had to leave so suddenly, without a chance for us to say goodbye. You were fine one minute and the next thing we knew you were in cardiac arrest. I miss you so much Sasha Girl. You were my special cuddle bug and how you brought laughter and smiles to Uncle Joe. You are missed as every day goes by and we will forever love you. I wish you could have been with us longer. You were LUV's playmate. We still have all the pictures of you out for all our visitors to see. We will meet again, Sasha Girl, and when we do what a reunion we will have. My tears still fall for you, sweet Sasha.

Christy - March 2001, 11 years, 5 months old

This is a dedication to my little girl who is now at the Bridge. She was a life-long companion, a sweetheart, one of a kind. Christy, we all miss you so very much. We know you are running free with all your puppies you lost long ago. If only I had just a few more moments in time to hug you and look into your big brown eyes. You will always be my Christmas doggie.

Maxwell - 'Old Man' - March 2001, 13 years old

How I miss my little Squeekie buddy who would lie in the hall where his favorite toy was kept to play day and night. He would bury his little body under our blankets, as all doxies do, and would rattle the blinds when he wanted up. No human was spared from his bringing toys to play with while in the bathroom or dumping them in the bathtub. My little Max, how I will miss you all my days until I, too, cross the Bridge...

Gretel Hilgenberg - March 2001, 16 years old

In memory of our beloved pet dachshund, Gretel, who filled our lives with love and excitement for 16 years. May her eternity be a day at the lake.

Buffy Klug - March 2001, 8 years old

This memorial is dedicated to the very first dachsund I ever came in contact with, my boyfriend's pup, Buffy. She was such a sweet little girl - we love her very much, and miss her terribly. The tears we shed are in honour of her, the tears will be shed for years to come, because Buffy was certainly one of a kind. We love you, and miss you, Buffers. You are with your Mommy, Heidi, now and she will take care of you.
Love always, Sherry

Liebchen Hund von Corey - March 2001, 15 years old

To my darling Lieb - you were my heart - always giving so much and asking so little - I will forever hold your beautiful loving brown eyes in my heart - wait for me at the Bridge,

Max of Phillip Street - March 2001, 17 years, 3 months old

Dear Max,
Thank you so much for being the best friend a family could have. You were always there for us when we needed you and we only hope you are sleeping in the peace and comfort you so deserve. Goodbye little buddy! And if there is food in heaven, please help yourself to it all!
All our love, Danny, Janice, Jessica and Deborah

Bo Diddley - March 2001, 12 years old

He was our beloved son who left us too early. He started out as Mama's boy, but ended up being Daddy's little boy. We loved him very much and miss him even more. We just hope that he happy and that he has found his one true love, our beloved Cocoa. I hope that they are waiting for us at the Bridge together and will be happy forever. We will see you both again one day.
Love You, Mom and Dad, Aggie and Dawg

Molly Wilcox - March 2001, 2 years, 10 months old

Our special Molly, we will miss you and love you always. You were the very best dog in the world. We will miss your playful ways. We will miss having you in our beds, We will miss your beautiful face. Today we have lost a member of our family and we will never forget you. Our hearts are breaking and tears are falling for you were so very special. Ben and Josh could not have asked for a more loyal friend, and we could not have asked for more. We love you forever.

Reginia Ann Pennison - March 2001, 9 years, 11 months old

Ginia Ann passed six days shy of her tenth birhday. I miss and loved you so very much. Mommy and Daddy just want you to know that you meant the world to us and that you will always be our little girl. Thank you for all the nights that you kept us up wanting to play, for all the 'ginia' traps you left for your daddy to step in when he did not expect it, for all the times you got up on the table looking for food, for bugging me for a slice of my orange. I would give anything to have you do it right now. I miss you so much!!! I never thought that you would leave me. I know that God has a plan right now - I just wish that he would let me in on it. Please be a good girl and do what you are told up there and I know that mamacook and paw paw are taking good care of you. Don't worry, we found your ball this morning and I will bring it with me when I come. You were a brave little girl up to the end. I really thought you would you were going to be o.k. when I came in the back to see you, you looked so happy. I know now that you were just waiting to let me know that it was o.k. and you were right, I know now that it will be. I am going to miss you, little bit. Send Mommy kisses, I will be sending you kisses every night. Love Mommy

Missy - March 2001, 4 years, 1 month old

My little Missy girl, it's so hard to write without crying because you were so special. I never thought I could get attached to a dog but you changed that. You made a lot of people smile and laugh. When I was pregnant with Hannah you knew it and you seemed to think you were too. And when she got here, you watched over her as if you knew she was yours. You were such a smart dog. And I miss you so much, Missy. I miss you scratching at the door, jumping in the bathtub, running to the door when Michael and I said, 'Go outside Missy?' I miss you going crazy when you heard us putting on our jackets or when you heard keys rattle. You knew we were leaving and you just wanted to go. Im sorry, Missy for leaving you out when Hannah got here and for not letting you sleep with us any more. I stopped showing you attention when she got here and I know I hurt you feelings. The last few moments I spent with you before you died, (ran over) I whipped you because you used the bathroom in the kitchen. Now I realise that the only reason you did it was for attention. I have to live with that for the rest of my life. Michael tells me that you knew I loved you, but it's hard to believe that. All I see when I think about you are your sad eyes and you tucking your tail in between your legs because you thought that I was going to whip you. Im sorry Missy and we will always miss and love you. I hope you forgive me. Thank you for the happiness you gave me and Michael. Watch over us, little girl.

I have your collar and a picture of you in my new car. I wish you could have ridden in it one time before you left us. Love you and miss you,Cynthia (Mom), Micheal (Dad) and Hannah (Sister)

Maxine of L. Guinto - March 2001, 6 years, 8 months old

Maxine was a faithful dachshund - she was always vigilant, always alert, sniffing around for strange scents. I'd always remember the whimsical, ever-alert look of hers. She died while giving birth to eight puppies. I'll miss you maxie, maximo

Blaze - Daddy's 'Little Stinker' - March 2001, 2 years old

Blaze, you were the light of our life. We only had you with us for a short time, but that time will be forever in our hearts and minds as some of the best times of our lives. We have an empty spot in our souls that can never be filled. We promise to raise your beautiful puppies the best we can for human beings, because they are your legacy. We miss you so much it hurts. We think of you daily, sometimes smiling, sometimes crying. You were our baby, and there will never be another 'Blaze baby'. We will never forget you, or stop loving you. Mommy and Daddy miss you, little girl. You taught us what unconditional love is all about. You made our lives richer.

Oingo Boingo - March 2001, 2 years, 8 months, 3 weeks old

Oingo Boingo bounced from the first day I saw him - when he was just six weeks old. I looked up one afternoon and he was 'boinging' under my cherry tree, picking a cherry with each bounce. He was a lively, inquisitive, brave little dog, a shorthaired red miniature dachsie - with a sweet, gentle profile, and a tender heart that went with it. We miss you, Sweetest Heart. Susie, Don, Mr. Yohe, Coquille, Chaz and Sarah.

Tobi Jug - March 2001, 4 years, 9 months old

Tobi, you were the most precious thing in my life. I was 10 years old when I got you and you and I did everything together. You were smooth hair and black-and-tan.

Last Friday I was worried about you when you were in your bed all day. Then your wee back legs wouldn't move. I took you to the vet and he said you had a prolasped disc in your back so you had the op. But yesterday you woke up completely paralysed and we had to make the choice to put you down, so we did as you were in pain.

I held you later on when you were gone - your body was cold and hard. We dug a hole out the back and buried you. I just want to say sorry if I ever dropped you as we don't know how you hurt your back and that Mum, Dad, Colin, Gran, Uncle Jim and I, and also the cat, Puss, really miss you and we love you.

Freddie Mac - March 2001, 13 years old

To my Freddie Mac - I am so sorry! I love and miss you. You will always be with me.

Holly - March 2001, 12 years, 6 months old

Holly, Such a simple name for such a wonderful friend and family member!! You loved each of us and your love never failed. You were there for me and my children, you helped my mother over her loss of my father just by being there and being you. You have filled my days, my mom's days, my sisters' days, and my childrens' days with love, and happiness. I know you are with my father now and the two of you can go for walks again. I miss you, but know you are at peace. I love you Holly!

Zoe Levin - March 2001, 3 years old

I try not to see you terrified and in pain. You died in my arms your favourite place. I turn expecting to see you there, rope dangling from your mouth, tail wagging, eyes bright with anticipation, paws scrambling as you slide to a last minute stop. Zoe my 'pupsy', you were much loved and gave us three years of great pleasure.

Marty Ann Volentine - March 2001, 3 years old

Marty Ann! You were the sunshine in Mom and Dad's day! You gave them so much love and happiness and they loved you so very much! Please forgive them for the accident as they didn't see you. They miss you terribly and their hearts are broken. I know that Buttons, Andy, Heidi and Missy are taking care of you now.

Milo Rader - March 2001, 9 yearsold

Milo was a handsome black-and-tan standard we adopted seven years ago. He was our first dachhie. We added two more so he would have friends. Milo was my best friend. He was always with me. Milo would always cheer me up when I was sad. He made me laugh so hard at times I cried. From blowfish lips, to holding on to my pant legs as I dragged him around the house. Milo's back went out two weeks before he left us for the Bridge. We had ordered his cart and things were fine until an infection overtook him..The vet found massive tumors, nothing else could be done.We knew what we had to do..... Milo died in our arms with all his family holding him on his favorite blanket. His ashes and loving memories are all that we have left of our beloved Milo. Thanks to the best dog in the world, for the joy he gave to me.. I know he will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge when my time on earth is done.God bless my dog and hold him in the palm of his great hands, until I can hold him myself once again. Your loving Mom...Sharon

Abby Avera - March 2001, 12 years, 8 months old

Our Abby girl adopted us a month after we married and endured our many moves with such grace and enthusiasm. We often said that God broke the mold when He created her, so I doubt we'll ever have another quite like our first fur baby. She fought Cushing's disease over the last two years, but lost a valiant battle against hemolytic anemia. We tried everything within our power to help her, but in the end, the illness won.

You're in a better place now, Abby girl. Chase lizards with your cousin Rastus, and don't guard your treats as they will be plentiful and endless! Your sister Katy misses you awful, and your daddy and I will always have a hole in our hearts until we see you again! All our love always!

Mom, Dad and Katy

Grandpa Shaggy - March 2001, 14 years old

We knew when we lost our beloved baby that we had a void. That void was filled the day we stopped at the shelter and saw you. There were so many there that day - no-one gave you a glance, but our hearts opened when we saw you. We took you to the doctor and we were told you didn't have long. We learned a lot about one another in just a short time. You had been a caged dachshund, and then you were freed to roam. You had your dignity! You are missed so dearly.

Jasmine a.k.a. Gigi - March 2001, 13 years old

You will always be in our hearts. There is no other dog in the world that gave the type of unconditional love you had. You were my shadow, always close by and there to comfort. Our happiness and needs came first in your world, during the bad times you were always there, the most faithful dog I've ever known. We gave you the best life a dog could have and we'll never forget our little Gigi.

BooBoo - April 2001, 18 years old

My l'il man was all I had. He helped me through my low blood sugars(I'm diabetic) and stayed with me through thick and thin. I always knew that he was there, waiting on me to come home from work, so we could sit down and have dinner together. He was always there for me for 18 yrs. and I will miss him with all of my heart.

Oskar (Don Juan) - April 2001, 14 years, 5 months old

Oskar - I can clearly remember the day that Mom and Dad brought you home. They had said that they were only going grocery shopping. I was 11 and we had just moved to a foreign country. I was so angry - I had been home alone, bored and lonely for several hours. When they finally came through the door I was prepared to give them both barrels when a little yelp came from beneath Dad's jacket, and out peeked the most beautiful red face. It was love at first sight!!

How can I thank you for all that you brought me? Being the kid on the street with a puppy attracted instant friends - despite language barriers. When the time came for us to move to yet another foreign destination, you followed along, and this time I didn't have to feel alone as you were my constant companion and best friend.

For the past two years we all knew that you could not go on forever, and that your time with us was short. With one medical problem after another we would prepare for the worst, and you sensing our fear of losing you, would perk up and fight, just to give us a little more time. Unfortunately, with the last illness the time to say good-bye had come. The most awful thing I have ever been asked to do was to sign the paper to have you leave us. I felt like I was betraying my very, very, best friend. I'm sorry, but the suffering you were going through was too much for us to ask you to bear. We had to let you go with dignity; after all you were such a dignified little man! I know that you are in a better place now, and that you are patiently waiting for us at the Bridge. We miss you terribly, our house is lonely now, we will never forget you. We love you buddy.

Lizzie - Lizzard von Bulow D Squared - April 2001, 3 years, 5 months old

Lizzie, you spent such a short time with us. You gave us such joy and love. We know you are playing ball non-stop now in dachsie heaven. Fraulein Edelwiess Sachs Coburg misses you so much - as do we all. Someday we'll see you again. Lots of love, Greg, Sandy, Chris, Nick, Ed and Mr. P

Snookie Smith - April 2001, 15 years, 6 months old

Snookie was half daschie and half cocker spaniel and a more loving and patient dog could not be found. She was adopted by our family at age six weeks to be a companion for our long-haired dachsy. They became life partners and shared three litters of pups.
Snookie's patience when our 'two-legged puppies' played with her was immeasurable. She would let them use her as a pillow or drag her gently around the floor. (She was the broom).
You couldn't ask for a better cuddler! She was not a brave puppy, but she was faithful and loyal. She'd rather run from a stranger than bark at them unless they got too close to the 'two-legged puppies' in the family. Then she would find the courage to stand her ground.
She and her 'hubby', Scooter, will be forever in our hearts and I can't wait until we cross that Bridge together.

Lambchop - 'Lambie' - April 2001, 15 years old

The most gentle, loving little girl. Your sister misses you terribly, as do we all. It broke our hearts to see you so sick. Thank you, Little One, for hanging on until we got home to say goodbye. God bless you, wonderful girl.

Oskar Meyer - April 2001, 10 years old

Oskar Meyer was one of the sweetest dachshunds you could have ever wanted to meet. He was loved by many children who showered him with attention at the yearly 4-H fairs, enjoyed spending Sunday afternoons sleeping in my dad's lap watching tv, enjoyed spring walks in the park, floating his days away in the pool, begging for Milk Bones, or just teasing the cats. He had personality like no other dog we had seen...he was nicknamed 'Prancer' because when he would walk, he would prance around the kitchen. He loved making sure he got the very last bit of ice cream out of the empty box, and always wore the ice cream on the tips of his ears. He was the proud recipient of many 4-H ribbons and trophies, stunning many judges since he was a shy, quiet dog. He loved rides in the car and often begged to be taken along even if it was a short ride. On sunny days, he could usually be found basking outside in the grass or in the living room in the rays of sun on the floor. He will definately be missed...but we know he is in a better place now, with all the other little dachshunds, were there is no more pain or suffering. He will forever be our 'Good Buddy', our 'Oskie' and he will always be loved.

Abbott - April 2001, 11 years, 4 months old

Abbott was my first dachshund. He was my son, my best friend, my confidant. A heart attack took him from me on 21 April 2001. I do not think he suffered, as his passing was a quiet one, in an adjoining room.I wish I could have held him as he went, but it was not to be. I cannot count the tears I have shed, nor the ones to follow in the coming months and years. Abbott, enjoy your time with your brothers and sisters who have gone ahead.Stella, Frankie and I will be with you soon.My friend, you know I wanted you to be with me forever...I love you.

Scooby Truxal - April 2001, 11 months old

Scoobers, if tears could build a ladder - and memories a lane - I'd climb right up to the Rainbow Bridge, and bring you home again!!! (But tears can't build a ladder, and memories can't build a lane.) Even though you were with us for just a short period of time, you have left paw prints on our hearts forever - and we will never be quite the same. Bye Baby Puppers, see you at the Bridge where the beautiful rainbow begins, have no fear - I'll get there, and you will guide me the rest of the way. (It is beter to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all). 'Till then!

Tawnee (Muto) - April 2001, 15 years, 8 months old

Tawnee and I were brought together by the kindness of the universe and now separated for reasons unknown. She took me from the cusp of youth to the cusp of old middle years with her were the best, never to be revisited nor equaled. Although we met almost 16 years ago, it was not enough for me...but her time seemed to be at hand.. I miss her so. She suffered with advanced kidney disease...she was so sick...I miss her...but she was sick...I am so, so sorry for the end. Please forgive me little Tawnee...companion..partner. I connected with her like no other on this planet. And will never again...Gary loves Tawnee

Pudge-Pudgey Wudgey Rodriguez - April 2001, 4 months old

Pudge was the best buddy any girl could have. He never wanted to get out of the bed on the weekends (he would sleep 'till noon if he could) but during the week when he knew I had to get up he would wake me up with kisses. He would watch baseball with me and get excited when our team won. He greeted me every day with love no matter what kind of trouble he was in. I miss him. I miss him a lot. I love you Pudge.
Natasha, a.k.a 'Mommy'

Kodi Dawg - April 2001, 1 year, 8 months old

Kodi, I didn't think I wanted a pet before I got you, but after your Uncle Stephano urged me, I brought you into my home. You soon became the love of my life. We did everything together. I loved the way you would sleep beside me all night and not want to get out of bed until I did. You barked at nearly everyone - you didn't need many friends because you knew you had the love of your daddy. I regret spanking you so hard when you tore the couch, you were just having a good time with Vito and Madison. Everyone here misses you, Kodi. I especially miss your kisses. The neighbors said you barked too much, but they they can kiss both of our tails - you were just doing your job. You quickly won the affection of Laura, even though she is not a 'dog lover'. She loved you so much, Kodi. Nobody meant to let you out of the apartment that day Kodi. You were just eager to run free, to run off to the Rainbow Bridge - where we will all see you again one day. See ya Kodidawg...Daddy, Laura, Stephano, Jennifer, Vito, Madison, Harley, and Hogan

Little Rusty - April 2001, 3.5 months old

This is for my Little Rusty. He was only three-and-a-half months old but he was very special to me, my two little girls and my husband. Our female, Dixie, had just two pups and we kept the runt who was a very tiny red male. I even had to hand feed him with a dropper and take him to work with me in a boot box with a heating pad because he was so small and had gotten too weak to nurse alone, but after about two weeks of TLC he was doing so well, and growing. He was so cute and sweet and had the best personality! He was so small that I took his picture by a Coke can to show the comparison when he was about two months old - he was just as tall as a can of Coke!

My husband is a volunteer firefighter \EMS and was going on a call when he accidentally ran over him one morning. The kids and I were so upset and when he I called him and told him what happened he came right home because he didn't even know that Rusty had gotten off the porch. Rusty usually never went off the porch because he was still too small to climb the steps back up, but that day he must have been brave. My poor husband even got the stethoscope to make sure he was gone ...we all cried so so so much and we even buried him with his blanket and toys, and the next day we made him a head stone with a garden stone kit and decorated it, and put his name and birth and death dates on it so we could have a special place for him in our yard to sit and remember him. I haven't gotten attached to a dog like that since I was 12 and I'm 31!!! We will miss him forever 'til we see him again. I still cry over that little dog , and I will be glad when we see him again : )

Sugar's Field of Dreams - April 2001, 9 years old

Sweet Sugar-Lumps
Helicopter-tail (when she ran and wagged)
Pea brain
Happy fur person
Great hunter
Fearless protector (as long as they weren't too close or too big)
Missed by all (human and canine)

Kashmir - April 2001, 7 years, 2 months old

Kashmir was a very loving and happy dog. He was my baby. It was a shock losing him so quickly and every day I wish he was back in my life. He was very gentle and the first dachshund to be accepted as a therapy pet for the Pacific Animal Therapy Society. I miss our walks together and the appreciative look he gave as he looked back at me every now and then, when he wasn't sniffing!I Miss you Kashmir!

Fritz Huges - April 2001, 11 years old

Fritz was a special dog for us. To know him was to love him. He could worm his way into your heart and stay there. We miss him very much and are having a hard time getting over his passing. He is always in our thoughts and our hearts.

Copper - April 2001, 6 years, 6 months old

Copper, you will never know how much we miss you. You were so playful and loving.

He had a ruptured disk in his lower back and we had to have him put to sleep. I just want him to know that he will never ever be forgotten he will never be replaceable and will always be in my family's hearts. WE MISS YOU COPPER, LOTS OF LOVE, Terry, Marsha, Terrell, and Jon T.

Brownie - April 2001, 6 years old

Brownie was a good dog. She was one of the best dogs I ever had.

Heidi (Eidelheid Meine Hund) - April 2001, 13 years old

My dearest Heidi, I named you after my childhood doxie and miss you so much. I have felt so guilty having left you at the vet's office that dreadful day. Please forgive me. I know that you had been in such pain and unable to move with ease for quite some time. I couldn't bear to see you suffer any longer. I felt more at ease knowing that I had a part of you still with me in your daughter. I know that you are no longer in pain and you are able to walk and run with all of your new friends. I hope that you found Papaw and Mamaw and jumped up into their lap as you always did here at home. I miss you terribly, my Heidi girl. I hope you will be waiting at the Bridge for me whenever my day arrives so that we can walk again together. Lots of hugs and puppy kisses...Mom

Little Shit - April 2001, 2 years, 4 months old

I miss you, LIttle Shit, and I am so sorry I left you at the vet alone that day. I wanted to just die when he called and told me you had passed away. You were so young! But you left me with a very special gift - on 28 May, Sneakie had four puppies: one boy and three girls. They look just like you did the day you were born in my lap, so I will see you again one day. But until then, I will love and care for your babies.
Your loving Mom

Emmeline Brianna - 'Emmie' - April 2001, 15 years, 6 months old

Emmie, not a day goes by that I don't look at our picture and miss you so much. You were the sweetest little girl, since the day we brought you home. I know now that you are with your sisters - Cassie and Heidi will soon follow. I remember so many things about you: how you liked to ride on the back seat in Mama's truck and always look out the window. You were always Mama's girl and I know that you loved me as much as I loved you. I remember how you learned to smile and curl your lip up to show your teeth. You would follow grandpa out to get a bone and all the other chores he had to do. He gave you the name Emmie Lou which everyone began to call you. Your sister, Cassie, was your best bud and I know you missed her when she went to the Bridge ahead of you. I was glad that you went in your sleep, so peacefully, and did not suffer. It was quite a shock when you left like that, but I guess God had something special for you to do. You were my beautiful longhaired wienie dog. You brought such joy and happiness during the years I was blessed to have you in my life. I can hardly wait to see you at the Bridge again, with all your brothers and sisters, too. You had more love in your heart than so many humans that it is unreal. You were my beautiful, loving and best friend. I have pictures of you where I can look at them every day, and everyone else can admire them, too. You were very photogenic! Your Daddy misses you too, and says he loves you very much. I guess I will stop now, my love. Just know that you live in my heart every day and may our day come soon to see you at the Bridge.

Babiche - April 2001, 15 years old

Gaan slapies nou Babiche ...

Tulip Taylor - April 2001, 12 years, 11 months, 21 days old

We loved you so! You took our hearts on sight. There you were, paws on your pen, all chocolate dapples and personality. You were so special in so many ways. You were the girl of our hearts. You were the best of Moms, too. And such spirit!

Two back surgeries didn't take that. The auto-immunine hemolitic anemia didn't take you the first time. You and God wouldn't have it then. In the end, it 'won', but you are with us still. Dearest Girl of Our Hearts.

Reva Barras - March 2001, 16 years old

I needed her love and warmth and she gave me everything...even today I still think about her...

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