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        This page is dedicated to Zwerg Mighty Sound - Sonia, beloved dog first of Terri, Michelle and Bert, and then of Meredith and Amanda. She was most precious.

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        Sonia - July 2000 - exactly 9 years, 2 months oldstar

        star'Small time, but in that small, most greatly lived star this star' star

Holly Day - July 2000, 6 yearss old

My dog, Holly, was one of a kind. She passed away due to a calcified disc in her back and was taken away very abruptly with no warning signs. There was nothing we could do to save her and it was hard to watch her go. She was my world, my best friend, and my little girl. She was a beautiful shiny short hair red girl and the love of my life.

Rusty Morgan - July 2000, 2 months old

This is in memory of Rusty Morgan. He was a sweet dachshund who was only here for a short while. Words can not describe how precious he was. And still is in my heart.

Red von Lorenzo - July 2000, 13 years old

Red, from a fat, over-sized puppy to a stubborn, loving old man, you were a joy to all who knew you. You are gone, but the memories will live forever. Rusty and Pepper hope there are some German shepherds and Pekingnese for you and the others to romp with over there.

Halley (Beaner) - July 2000, 14 years, 6 months old

Halley aka Beaner was our 'Original Ween' - loved by all and sadly missed by all. She went to the Rainbow Bridge on 13 July 2000 in her Mommy's arms. She's buried in the garden that she loves on the farm that she loves. I know there's squirrels and gardens at the Bridge, Beaner. We just wish you were here catching them in our own gardens. We love and miss you - the void will never be filled. You were a true lover of life and gave us so much. We miss you so very, very much. Love, Aunt Marie and the Gang.

Pumpkin Rydberg - July 2000, 10 years, 9 months old

My little dachshund, Pumpkin went to the Rainbow Bridge on 17 July 2000. I miss her so much. She was a wonderful, loving little girl. I did not think she would die so soon. I thought we would have a couple more years together. She had something wrong with her liver - possibly cancer - and went very fast. I will always cherish my memories of her kisses, her little wagging tail, lying in the sun by the patio door and snuggling under the blankets. I will never forget her, she will always be in my heart. I Love You Pumpkin, Mom

Lucy - July 2000, 5 years, 11 months old

Lucy was only with us for a very short time - about 8.5 months - before succumbing to liver disease. She was extremely personable, very cute, and a bit mischeivious. Although her time with us was short, she immediately became a very important part of our family. Lucy, we miss you and we always will. We still look for you in all of your favourite spots and we keep expecting to see you there. We wish that you could come home and we constantly think about you and we like to go to your favourite spots for rolling around in the grass to remember how much fun we had with you. We will always miss you!

Hughie - July 2000, 5 years old

Hughie joined us five years ago and brought us far too much joy to describe. You stood guard, defending your home and mates with the dignity of a knight. Chasing games around the dining room table; eating grapes; sleeping under daddy's T-shirt; sleeping on the dock at the lake; your poopy dance; those eyes and your kisses - how could we possibly ever forget Mr Cozy?

Wait patiently Hughie. One day we'll join you at the Rainbow Bridge and spend eternity together running through the fields and among the flowers in the meadows under the bright warm sun.

Your loving face and huge heart are greatly missed by your brothers Niles and Morgan and your two fathers.

Love from all

Cindy Igaki - July 2000, 5 years, 3 months old

My lovely dog, Cindy, a red long-hair, was born in Australia on the 27 April in 1995. In 1996, she left Australia for Japan with her husband, Spark, and her owner, Hatsune.

In her short life, she gave a birth 4 times, and had 13 kids, and 5 grand-kids. All the time, she was around when we need her.

Sleep well, and thank you, Cindy!! I love you forever.

Rusty Morgan - July 2000, 2 months old

This is in memory of Rusty Morgan. He was a sweet dachshund who was only here for a short while. Words can not describe how precious he was. And still is in my heart.

Sara Lin - July 2000, 12 years, 7 months old

Our beloved Sara left us early in the morning of July 5th. We spent the 4th of July sitting by your side in the ICU praying for a miracle. Our little Sara had been fine only two days before, playing with her 'brother', BeeBee, and the neighbour dogs, Jesse and Lizzy. She was stricken with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. It progressed so fast. She was so weak! Her little ears were so white! She could still wag her tail and kiss us. Then the seizures started. The sedation they gave her to control the seizures kept her asleep until she died. You were our Princess Sara, our little hamburglar - always trying to steal BeeBee's food. You were 'total trust' with a personality that was so exhuberant. BeeBee has missed you terribly. His little face has gotten so white since you've gone! He now has a new 'brother' who we named Howee. He's only 15 weeks old and so precious! BeeBee isn't sure about this guy - he's got so much energy and his teeth are so sharp! But with time they're getting to be close buddies. There will never be another Sara.

Molly Lynn - July 2000, 2 months old

Molly Lynn,
I miss you so very much!! There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you. I know that we will be together soon. I love you Molly.

Tina 'Nugget' van de Hoef - July 2000, 10 years old

Dear little Tina, we got you on my birthday and you left us exactly 10 years later. We miss you so much. You were always there for us...seeming to know exactly what we were thinking. Sammy misses you too. Missing you, Mum, Dad and Sammy

Chloe Elizabeth - July 2000, 1 year old

Our beloved, beautiful Chloe. She left and went to the Bridge on a hot summer night, while looking for her Mommie. We miss her so much, and she was the most georgeous dachsie in the world. We will see her again.

Mr Spot - July 2000, 10 to 12 years old

In loving memory of our Mr Spot, another loving gift from estate of Maria Hayes (Maxshoun Kennels, National City, Ca.)
Mr Spot was the best double dapple dachshund to ever live in this doxie home !!!

He was killed too soon by a rescue german shorthaired pointer. The funniest looking doxie, half of his face was white with 2 blue eyes.

We know you also wait for us at the Bridge.We all loved you so much and miss you with our whole hearts and souls.

Alex (Albert LeRoy) - July 2000, 17 years old

Hey Buddy, you were with us for a long time and helped us get through some tough times but somehow you always made things better.I'll never forget when mom told us 'go say good-bye to Alex' - she made the decision none of us wanted to ever face but it was the best thing for you. You were so sick you just laid there and would wag your tail a little when you saw us. The day you left us we all lost our best bud. We miss you and love you.
P.S. thanks for sending me Bailey. Everything he does he reminds me of you.

Suzie Leboeuf - August 2000, 8 years, 1 month old

Suzie, we are so sorry that all the veterinary doctors we took you to could not diagnose and treat your medical condition. We miss you so much since you crossed the Bridge. We think and speak of you everyday. Stay with Candy and run and play and when we cross the Bridge we'll be together again. Bye for now. We love you.

Nicholas Alexander XIII (Nicky) - August 2000, 13 years old

Nicky, my dear friend and constant companion, beside me through many phases of my life. Ever there, always happy to see me, awaiting a tidbit, hamburger, or a walk beside me around town. Or perhaps a ride in the bicycle basket. Nicky and I had a long history together, weathered many storms, always there to dry my tears, wag his tail and offer his warmth and love. Rest in peace little old man, dream on of squirrels to chase, trips to make, friends to greet, and a walk down the street.

Nicky, gray and old, his back arched from age, his eyes clouded with cataracts as the years progressed, moving slower as the years go by. But in his dreams he is young again, his vision cleared, muscles in his thighs as he jumps from the porch after another squirrel, rabbit or perhaps a mole to dig up in the yard. Nicky, you will be missed more than you know. I will always love you for the rest of my days...Goodbye Pookie

My Perfect Jake - August 2000, 12 years, 10 months old

Jake, My Perfect Little Boy, I could not see you gasp for air and fight any longer to stay here on this earth with me. I love you too much to do that to you. I know you are with Mary now and waiting for the rest of us at Rainbow Bridge. Nothing can ever fill the empty space here in the house that you left. We miss you, Jakie. We love you and will see you again. Susan is so lost without you now. 'Your Mama loves You, Perfect One.'

When I'm gone, don't cry for me.
Please smile each time you think of me.
I'm not beneath the ground you see.
Each breeze that blows is part of me.

I'm in the clouds so soft and white.
My eyes will shine in stars at night.
Don't think of me as gone for good.
I'll be around. You knew I would.

I'm watching everything you do.
I am still sharing life with you.
No need to look both far and near.
Just listen close. I am right here.

I'm here to listen every day
To all the things you want to say.
I've seen you cry so many tears.
Be glad we had so many years.

I'll wait until you come to for me.
Our lives will be like they used to be.
We'll both be whole and free of pain,
My life with you will be back again.

Please take the love you gave to me
And give to more that are just like me.
So when I'm gone, don't cry for me.
But smile each time you think of me.

BJ (Bubba) Earwood - August 2000, 13 years old

Although I recently moved 3000 miles away, knowing that I will not be able to hug you the next time I visit hurts so bad. I will always have a special place in my heart for you, and I will think of you often. I love you always Bubba. Tracy :)

Duncan - August 2000, 1 year, 6 months old

Duncan was a bit larger than life itself, smiling, playing, and endearing himself to the entire neighborhood. Duncan's accidental death was a devastation to me, a loss of a part of myself.

He accidentally was strangled by his blanket and found by his petsitter. This was a very freak accident, but please be careful of leaving your beloved pet with a blanket that could accidentally hurt it. You know they love to tunnel.

Duncan wouldn't want me to be sad, because he was always happy. But he was my little boy, and he didn't deserve this to happen to him. I'm so sorry, baby. I would have done anything for you, and I'm sorry I couldn't stop it. I'll always love you.

Wally - August 2000, 8 years old

Goodbye Wally,

My best best friend. Im so glad that you didn't suffer any pain.

Please watch over me and always be with me.

Love, Ben xxxooo

Win-Winston - August 2000, 11 years, 6 months old


Thank you, thank you! I miss you so much and see you everywhere I go. I can't wait to see you again. You are forever my 'goob-boy'.

We love you, m

Samantha Jane Blankenship - August 2000, 15 years old

Sammie, to you a special piece of my heart was given. You will always inspire me to love life and others as you did. I thank God for creatng you for us and for all He taught us through you.

Curly Joseph Hutchison-Watkins - August 2000, 10 years, 9 months old

Curly was the most loving, loyal, intelligent dachsie who ever graced the earth. To say he is missed by all those human lives he touched is a gross understatement. We cannot talk about him without the tears flowing. He came into our lives in the summer of 1994 as a gift from my brother: he was already 4 years old. We feel badly that we missed his puppyhood, as I'm sure he was a delight. From the first moment he entered our home, we became better people and our home a happier place. He was a friend to everyone, but decided I was definitely his 'mama', and he even learned to mouth that word, when asked, 'Curly, who do you love?' His 'mama' can hardly stand to come home to an empty house and no happy face and wagging tail. Every morning he lived with us, I left him after a pat and the command to 'Guard the house'! He always did his job. When he left us, because his warm, loving heart became diseased and could no longer sustain him, I asked him to guard the Rainbow Bridge for us until we could join him there. I know he will, and I look forward to being with him once again. We love you, Curly. Mama, Dad, Lauren and Mark

Weena Patina - August 2000, 4 years old

My sweet little Weena, oh how I miss
Your sweet little tongue upon my lips
Your fluttering tail, with my each smiling glance
Your bare little chest, a rub please? Perhaps?
Your sweet little screams as we'd walk in the door
The way you would dance all over the floor.
Your cute little panting as you'd followed us around
It is just too silent now, with you not around.
Your sisters are lonely since you have gone.
The wonder pack of three ha s lost the special one
The joy you have brought us is beyond words expressed
We love you, our Weena,
We pray you are at rest.

Gretchen - August 2000, 13 years, 7 months old

I had had Gretchen since I was only 7 years old and she was my little girl from then on. She waited at the door if I just stepped out for a while and she would be so happy just to see me home again. She was the only one who was ever there when I needed someone to talk to, someone who'd listen! And then have a kiss for me to show how much she cared. I lost my dear little girl on 2 August 2000 from cancer. She was a fighter 'till then end and I will always keep a place in my heart for her. Mike

Gidget (Gidgey) - August 2000, 17 years old

I lost my Gidgey two days ago and my heart is broken. I will never have such a loyal loving friend again. Her kidneys could no longer flush the toxins from her body. No need to leave last bites from every plate or have her follow me every step I would take. She lived a full life with our family, but the decision to let her go was the hardest thing I ever done. I'll never forget my sweet Gidge, such a empty place in my heart remains. Good bye my friend, you will always live in my heart.

Moses (Mo-Mo) - August 2000, 2 years, 8 months old

My little Mo-Mo how I will miss you. I will miss the times we played ball together, when I rubbed your ole head and belly that you liked so much. I will miss seeing you standing on your hind legs begging for my food which wasn't good for you so I would give you a dog biscuit. I will miss you lying on my chest and your little tail wagging and me saying 'I luv you'. I will also miss you giving me some 'sugar'. I love you Moses, wait for me at the Bridge and we will play ball again.

Tuborg, 'Zirndt's Falk' - August 2000, 14 years, 2 months old

Turbo Tuborg, 'Zirndt's Falk', was a German miniature wirehair, black and tan as a youngster, but a dignified silver and tan at his 14th birthday. It's been a hard decision to let go of you, Tuborg, even though I know that little Uschi and Granddad are waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, and that you'll be able to see and hear again, and romp and play without pain from arthritis. We'll miss your goofy sweetness until we're all together again, sweet boy. Love always from Mom, Sigi and Hannah

Reggie-Mein Klein Reinie - August 2000, 13 years, 6 months old

My precious Reggie, mommy misses you so much. You were in my life before Daddy, Josh and Julie. I miss my little friend, my baby girl, my Mein Klein Reinie. You have left such a big hole in my heart, such an empty place in my arms. God made you to be so incredible, so wonderful. What a big part of my life you were for so small a dog. I pray when God makes 'all things new' that will include you. I'll love you forever, my baby girl.

Chiara - August 2000, 13 years old

Chiara passed away of a stomach tumor. We are very sad, but it was also better for her because we didn't want her to suffer

She was a very sweet, obedient, and funny little creature. Chiara new many tricks & made us very happy. Chiara will always be in our hearts until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, she will be in our arms. WE LOVE YOU!

Gladys - August 2000, 12 years old

Gladys has her own special memorial site. Please click here to read about a very beloved pet.

'Do you remember the day that we met?
That's the day I knew you were my pet.'

Cleo - 'Clebo' - August 2000, 13 years old

We miss our little girl every single day. We know she is in a better place now, and not in any more pain. We would give anything to have her back with us, but we know that is impossible. So we have many years of happy memories to help us get through this hard time. Cleo, we love you and miss you very very much.

Love Daddy Thom and Daddy Steve

Penny - August 2000, 3 years, 8 months old

Dear Penny,
I am so very sad that you are gone. I want you back so very badly! I am always thinking about the things that I should have done that day so that you would still be here wth me! I know that Dumplin' acted as if she hated you, but she did not the day we buried you. Dumplin' just sat there with Vanilla, Basil,and Cookie long after every one had gone inside. The memory of that night is still fresh in my mind. Well, Penny, I guess I will see you one day at the Rainbow Bridge, and I love you dearly!

Simone Alee - August 2000, 12 years old

I got Simone when she was just six weeks old and at that time she really did not look much like a dachshund. My best friend came over to see my new baby and started laughing - all she could see of her was a nose and two eyes looking out from a blanky I got for her. At first I felt sorry for her because my other dachshund puppy, Little Bits, kept biting on her ears and she would just sit and cry until one day she had enough and bit him back. Then I knew she could take care of her self! Simone was very smart. When she wanted something she either would offer the other dogs something she had found in the couch or just sit and stare at them. She loved to play in brown paper bags, or with Little Bits, or sleep under the blanky even if it was 100 degrees in the shade. She used to love to run and get the toy before Little Bits did then drag him, hanging on the other side, back to you.

But all that came to a stop when she started having trouble walking. The vet said she had a bone disorder and there was nothing he could do for her. He said that she would get to where she could not walk at all. She lived four more years after that and even though she did lose the use of her back legs she still got around and did what she wanted to do. Nothing could hold her back. She showed me that a dachshund's will is very strong - no matter what. My Simone went to the Rainbow Bridge in August 2000. She took her last breath in my sister's arms. I will always hold her in my heart and think of the good times we had with her and how she lived...ooh - how she lived.

Oscar Meyer - August 2000, 1 years, 5 months old

I got Oscar for a graduation present in 1999. I had never owned a doxie before, but I learned quickly how to take care of him. He liked his hotdog and newspaper toys, along with any hats. He was very active. He died one summer in August while fishing on the river. He slipped on a rock and fell in near the dam. My boyfriend jumped in and tried to save him and he almost drowned too. I will never forget Oscar. Later that year, all of my friends and family pitched in and bought me a mini doxie and we named him Billy.

Fritz 'Dumbo' Rudd-Howell - August 2000, 10 years old

Fritzie was the sweetest dachshund and we loved him very dearly. He was a mini red short hair that my mom received as a gift from a friend. And what a wonderful gift he turned out to be! We only wish he would have lived longer. Ten years was just not enough to spend with our beloved dachsie. I don't think Fritz ever realised he wasn't human...he was a loyal guard dog, and a loving companion throughout his years. He was precocious and playful, and loved darting out of the back gate when he was younger. He got a little ? in his old age, and had back problems, but he was no less loving. He had to be euthanised because of liver failure. My mother got him for me as a pet, but he ended up being more hers than mine. I guess he found a kindred spirit in her, as she had grown up with dachshunds all her life. But Fritz was never mean to a soul, either. He was more likely to kill with kisses than anything else. A tear will often come to my eye to this day when I think of our loving Fritz. He was a special dog, and is in a better place now, where we know he is running and playing with his friends, letting his big, floppy ears blow in the wind. We love always you, Fritzie! Mom and Eileen

Bara Z. Poschingeru - August 2000, 12 years, 8 months old

Gretchen Flower - August 2000, 16 years old

I let you go. I thought it was a kindness, but it has broken my heart. Never again, I won't let my darlings suffer, but it will not be at a vet. You should have died in my arms when you couldn't take another step or a bite of food. I miss your devoted sweetness and your flowery smell. I remember studying for tests with you perched on my knee. You were total love, not a single bad memory. You made us laugh, you never made us cry. . .until you were gone. I love you my little brown baby. Mama

Fritz Weaver - September 2000, 13 years, 8 months old

Fritzy was our little boy. We had him for 13 years, but the time seemed so short. We will really miss him. He always had a happy tail. His eyes always sparkled. He loved us no matter what. We will miss you more than words. Love you, Denise, Dick, Jen and Buddy Dog, Grandma and Pop.

Cash Delaney - September 2000, 14 years old

Cashie and her sister, Saint Vincent made my home a wonderful place no matter where it was. In her 14 years, we lived in seven homes - each graced with love, hugs and dog kisses. She was the baby, the sensitive one, and the maxi. Got her in Cotuit, Massachusetts. Here's a poem:
There once was a girl who could do it,
And, sister, she certainly knew it.
She pooped on a shoe
To say I love you -
and her name is Cashine from Cotuit.
Whenever I recited the poem, she'd sit up on her haunches with the back real straight. She recognised her poem. She loved being appreciated.

She had a big heart. This last year she lived on pure will and pure love. The responsibility of caring for this wonderful dog was nothing compared to the responsibility of releasing her from pain. Cashie, Vincie and I have you in our hearts, chasing balls, greeting people and doing your famous growl. Forever.

Sebastians Precious Heidi - September 2000, 7months old

This is in memory of Sebastians Precious Heidi born into the Phillippe family on 27 February 2000. She was taken to the Bridge on 20 September 2000. She was a dear part of our family and will be missed by her Father, Mother, and Brother who remain in the family to watch over her final place of play with her saddened family Don, Terrie, Jeremy, Jacob, Bradley, Katherine, Steven, and Michelle the Phillippe's. The few months they shared together will never be forgotten.

Mandy Van Mac - September 2000, 4 years, 2 months old

Mandy - you were our baby. You brought so much joy and happiness to our family. We miss you dearly. We will never forget your loving disposition. Not a day goes by without remembering our 'puddin pie'. The day you entered the Rainbow Bridge, you took pieces of our hearts with you. Rest in peace precious little girl - We will always love you!

Dachsheider's Pepper MS - August 2000, 3 years, 4 months old

Pepper passed away on 17 August 2000. It was sudden and unexpected. We at Andia Dachshunds are missing Pepper, our fallen angel, but we know she will also be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Pepper will always be remembered for a fantastic attitude. She always gave 100 per cent in everything she did. She did all the little things right: mother, hunter and showdog. Dachsheider's Pepper - We love you Peppy, you are missed and the void can never be filled. Sadly missed by your mommy and daddy and all of your kennel mates...And you are especially missed by the two precious babies you left behind, little Jack and Irene.

She-Ra -September 2000, 13 years old

She-Ra my dachshund doggie - had her for 13 years of my 17 years of existence....she was such a great fun dog and I really loved her so much. we all miss her and hope that she actually is in 'doggie heaven'...she was such a wacky little dog, and so much fun, while also being stubborn and lazy (hehe)...but she fit right in. She will always be in our hearts. I still can't believe she's gone.

Trixi Smith - September 2000, 19 years, 1 months old

Trixi was a very special little girl. She helped me through some tough times and asked nothing in return.

Her loss is the hardest thing I have faced. I will never be the same.

Cooper - September 2000, 2 months, 29 days old

Dear Coopy baby, I miss you so much. It has been a week now since you left me and I still want you back - I only had you five weeks. I miss your kisses and the way you cuddled up to me to sleep. I am soo sorry you had a bad pancreas and that I didn't know that you were in pain the whole time I had you. I am soo sorry. Until we meet again, my little Coopy baby - I love you so much, and Daddy and Matt and Katie all miss you so much, and love you.

Petey Wilson - September 2000, 3 years, 6 months old

I miss you little buddy. I always thought you needed me greatly but that doesn't compare to how much you made me need you. You have been my greatest teacher of love, loyalty and joy. My heart is breaking like it never has before. Because of you I pray that there is a heaven for us, for our time on earth was far, far, far too short. You deserved so much more. Your love has left its mark all over my life. My empty pillow, empty leash and lonely walks. I still can't believe that I am not to see your beautiful soulful brown eyes, give you your beloved chest scratches, listen to you howl with my violin, and so much more than I can say here. I didn't know I had this capacity to love. You taught me I could love safely, you showed me parts of me even I didn't know existed. You were amazing as a friend, a companion, a fellow traveller and brilliant snuggler. I am so sorry. So sorry to have had to say good bye. You were so brave through your surgery and my heart was torn as I held your sweet head in my hand and thanked you for the past three years. Your last breath, sigh and heart beat that they said wouldn't stop. Good bye sweet Pete. Wait for me. I love you more than I had time enough to show you properly. You were a little bit of my everything. I just want to hold you, little buddy. I just wanted to make everything alright. Thank you for all the joys, Sunshine. All my love,

Cheryl, Pete's Mom

Sugar Puppy King - September 2000, 8 years old

Sugar was raised from eight weeks on a long-haul truck. She loved everyone, and was the official mascot of the Wyland Art Tours from 1994 to 1998. She loved people, kids, other dogs (as long as she was the boss). She was a black-and-tan miniature and can be seen in the Indianapolis Wall Crew picture She personally entertained thousands of kids on the 1998 Ocean Challenge Tour. She was our little girl and was taken suddenly from us on 19 September with fluid on the lungs. The vets have no explanation why, even after autopsy, and we miss her with all our hearts. Her soulmate, Mousse, a chocolate-and-tan, is heartbroken and doesn't understand.

Mommy and Daddy

Murphy - 'the Murph" - September 2000, 15 years, 6months old

In memory of my beloved weiner dog, Murphy. I miss you every day. Your wife and son miss you, too. They still look for you. See you some day, Buddy. You were a great guy. I love you. Nancy

Ginger Bell Martins - September 2000, 7 years, 3 months old

My time on earth was too short but I had a fun life! When I got up here, they let me pick out the fluffiest cloud ever, and I love taking naps on it. I can see my house and my dog-mother and my dog-father. They love me ten million oodles and I know they will miss me forever, but some day they will join me and so will my Dirtbag and my Sn÷flinga and the little Sasha Dachshund that lives with them now. I sure miss them, but this new life is fun also. I can do amazing things! Sometimes I make myself really, really small and invisible and I am a guardian angel on Sasha's shoulder. She needs it. She is a little troublemaker. But she'll grow up, like I did. There are many dogs to play with here and I like that. Sometimes I go play with the people who don't have any pets. They appreciate it.

There is only one thing that bothers me. You see, I'm from Texas, and I travelled with my dog-mother and dog-father to the desert where I lived for the rest of my life. In my lifetime, I visited lots of places. That was in my motor home but then they got a cabin in the mountains instead. Now, here comes the bad part - I didn't get to experience the winter and the snow up there! Rats! It looks like so much fun. Oh well, I'll just wait for the rest of them to get here and they will tell me all about it. And then I will show them how to pick out a good cloud.

Got to go now. See ya'!


Heidi 'Little One' - September 2000, 14 years old

Heidi was the love of my life. She was my constant companion. I am disabled and never married so she was the best friend I had. She loved crawling into the sleeve of my coat and I made a point to throw in on the couch when I took it off and it was warm with body heat just so she could curl up in it. She was a mini, 11 lbs, smooth and red with grey hair in keeping with her age and position of importance in my home. She was my 'Little One' who loved to play 'ball' using her nose to root back to me and chase empty two-litre Coke bottles. She would carry them like cigars by the spout out the side of her mouth. She now rests in her yard where she used to chase out the birds, cats and bigger dogs who dared trespass in her domine. I miss her so much...

Hotdog - September 2000, 13 years

To my beloved Hotdog. I will never forget the day I picked you out at the dog pound when you were about two years. old. You would be MY very own first 'furbaby'. You had great strength and willpower. You fought a long, hard battle. I'm so sorry I could not heal your horrible disease. Our last day together we laid out on the lawn with the sunlight warming our bodies. You were too weak to stand for long. You just stared at me with your big, sad brown eyes, as if to say,'Help me'. I will never forget you. You will always be with me in my heart. I love you, my little 'weiner-snitz. Love, your mommy, Paulina

Vinny - September 2000, 12 to 13 years old

This is dedicated to our dear Vinny. Several years ago, the phone rang early on a Saturday morning. The pound had found a dachsie. Could we come look? No, thank you - too soon since the death of our girl, Fritzi. Within five minutes of hanging up the phone, we called back. We would just take 'a look....' Our dear Vinny came home with us that very day. He was a long-haired black-and-tan, and was in terrible shape. The pound figured he had escaped from a puppy mill. All we noticed in the clumps of matted fur, rotted teeth and long toenails, were the eyes that shone like the sun. Here was a beautiful friend. We cleaned him up, and he lived three wonderful years with us. He became our friend, our protecter and the love we thought we had lost with the death of Fritzi. Vinny taught us how to love again, and was the first dog my husband has ever owned. Sadly, as time wore on, Vinny's heart became sick, as the hard years of life he lived before coming to us took it's toll on his small frame. On the evening of 17 September we knew he was very ill. We decided not to go to the vet, as we knew this was the end, and we wanted him at his loving home, not to go alone as he had spent much of his life. That night as we rested, Vinny went from boy's room to boy's room, sniffing and looking at brothers for one last time. He came to our room and went from my side of the bed to my husband's, as if to say goodbye - I love you my dear family - thank you for taking me in, I will miss you all so much. He knew it was time. During the early morning hours, Vinny lay down quietly in the kitchen, tucked his head, and crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. God bless you, our faithful little friend. Thank you for being our little star we see in the evening sky. You will be missed, and will never be forgotten. We love you, Vinny.

Mindy Londo - September 2000, 11 years, 10 months old

My Minders - I miss you terribly. I miss watching you hunt in the backyard all day and tormenting Casey. I hope that you and your Mom Molly are running and playing together all day. Take care of each other.
Love, Mom

Mickey Bolt-Buddy - September 2000, 12 years old

Thank you for being my companion and friend for the five years we had. I miss you every day.

Gracie Prescott - September 2000, 2 years old

She was the sweetest baby ever and will never be replaced. I cry for her every day. She was momma's little baby!

Lucy (Charlie's Baby) - September 2000, 7 weeks old

In memory of little Lucy. When we sold you to Charlie, Sweetie, we had no idea you were sick. He loved you so much! When he and his Mom came by to tell us you had gone to the Bridge, we were so shocked! We were sure that you were the healthiest baby in the litter! You were the first born, and much bigger than little Frannie, (she's doing so well...we weren't so sure for a while since she had hydrocephalitis). Your brothers, Baxter, Simon, and Oscar are such big boys now. I think of you often and wonder what went wrong. Your doxie Mommy, Penni, is doing well now. She had back surgery last October....Poppa and Uncle Joey insisted that we not put her down. She recovered beautifully thanks to Mimi's and Poppa's help with her medical bills. Lucy, you play with Sydney at the Bridge until Charlie comes to get you...Hugs and kisses from all of us!

Gidget Lee - September 2000, 9 years, 6 months old

Gidget, I love you and miss you so much. You were a big part of my life and I will love you always. Mitzi and Toi Ling recently joined you at Rainbow Bridge and I know you are looking out for them. You will live in my heart forever.

Sebastian - September 2000, 10 years old

Dear Sebastian,

Sorry I wasn't there for you. I am sorry for having to send you to my cousins' because of our stupid neighbours. I wish I would have been there for you. I will always love and miss you.

Jack 'Dog' Scott - September 2000, 8 years old

I found Jack wondering on the street. I still lived with my mom at the time so she wasn't really willing to let me keep him, but I finally convinced her. I was never really keen on small dogs, but I fell completely in love with him. He seemed to be abused at his past home - he had pieces missing out of the bottom of his ears, he was REALLY overweight, and he seemed to only want people food. He had the most horrible brealth in the world. He would only eat out of my hand and finally I got him to eat out of a bowl. Jack just loved to sit in my lap all day and he would follow me wherever I went. My parents had three American bulldogs, who at the time seemed okay with him. I was going on vacation and I came home to get him ready to go with me and my stepdad put him outside when he left, which we never did when nobody was home, and I found him dead in the backyard. From that point on I loved the breed and I will always remember my Jack Dog. He was the best. I waited a year before getting another dog and I found him on a rescue page and I have now had him for almost three years, he may not be my Jack but he is special in his own way.

Stubby Dog - October 2000, 12 years, 9 months old

We lost our Stubby Dog just a few days ago. He had a very special place in our hearts. He's the last of the 'three musketeers' to leave us to wait at the Rainbow Bridge. They were all very special and now they're together again. He was a guy who never knew he was so little. All his life he lived big. He never missed anything and he was always right there - for fun on good days and to comfort you on bad. And he knew the bad ones even when you didn't tell anyone else.

He was around to help both me and my Mom through the bad times and converted my stepfather to a dog lover. He lived with me for awhile and with my Mom and her husband for a longer time and loved us all the same. He grieved with me when we lost Dolly and looked for her every day until I finally sold my house and moved. We're going to miss him terribly.

Stubby's family

Moonshine Underdog Rockstad - September 2000, 1 years, 1 month old

We love you so much! It seems unfair to have you taken from us after such a short time. I took it for granted. I never thought that you would be taken from me, and not in such a way. I think that God must realise how special you are and he wants you to be with him. We all miss you so much. Peanut cries for you as do we. We are trying to be strong, for we know it is what you would have wanted. You would never have allowed us to be sad for any period of time. You are so special and you made everyone else you were around feel special. Just remember that we will always love you, and one day...we will see you again and hold you again.

WE LOVE YOU! - Mommy, Daddy, and Peanut

Sir Joseph Earl of Corwyn, 'Joey' - September 2000, 1 years, 10 months old

Joey was a silver dapple wirehaired dachshund. He should have been two years old on 22 October 2000, but he was hit by a car. I don't know how he got loose. He was at my mom's friend's house. They never called. We found him lying on the side of the road. We made a marker, on a cement block, and put it on the place where he died. Someone took it. Joey was just so good. He loved everyone, he was happy-go-lucky. After it seemed like everything we tried to make some kind of memorial for him failed, we got a chocolate dapple long-haired male doxie. I named him Prince Dylyn Josef Montana. Of course we could NEVER live without more doxies.(Quincee, Taylor,Dylyn and Brooke) Goodbye, Joey. We love you.

Sable of the MacIntyres - September 2000, 8 years old

Sable was filled with a joy that she had no reason to understand. Rescued at five years old from an abusive, neglectful home, she came to us with only happiness and love. We did not know that the years of abuse had taxed her heart so greatly that we would lose her so soon, or so suddenly. She came to understand that she would eat every day and that human hands were only there to hold, pet and play with her...and she loved every minute we had together. Sable contained all the reason why rescues are so important. No matter how much time there is, you can make it better for those in need of rescue. And you gain ten-fold what you give. We miss our little girl very much, and know she was there waiting for Oscar when it was his time.

Juliette - September 2000, 3 years old

Juliette (black and tan) came to us at about a year old. She showed us just how much more affectionate female dachshunds are than male dachshunds.
Dachshunds are the only way to go.

Adolph von Diwby - October 2000, 14 years, 5 months old

This is our memorial to our faithful hound companion who was always present by my side, always offered 'licks' galore, a wagging tail, and a wet nose to all he came in contact with. We miss him terribly but died in the comfort of my husband's arms with me right by his side.

He filled our lives with unconditional love, and companionship.

Nellie 'Böskerhun' Lee - October 2000, 16 years old

Little Nellie died on 16 October 2000 due to intestinal complications of a pancreas infection. Although she had given us many years of unconditional love, she was ripped away from us suddenly while she still had unbounded energy and devotion to spare for us. Nellie was always a good girl and was always happy to see her loved ones; especially following 'Father' around to help with the gardening.

You were our treasured friend and companion; we will always cherish your memory and miss you. Love John, Jessie, Amanda, Paul, Nathan, Justin, Simon and Chern-Ling.

Sarah Jan 'Poosher' Randell - October 2000, 16 years, 9 months old

To Sarah Jan, aka Pooh, Izzapooh, SJ, Propellertail, Grizzly Dog, and too many other pet names to mention. I got you when you were five weeks old, and we both suffered and laughed through your many false pregnancies and consequent 'adoptions' of everything from house slippers to mice. I hated to let you go, but I couldn't bear to see you suffer through your last few days. So that's why I took you to see Dr. Love one last time.

We'll all miss you terribly until we get to cross the Bridge. I love you, my little brown dachs.

Gotham's Syren's Silent Song - 'Luna' - October 2000, 1 year old

'Luna; lived in a silent world but her love could be heard by everyone. She was taken from us way too early, but I think she was called. 'Luna' was better than this world, she came here to teach and love me, and I will never be the same.

Maxie Boy Burcham-Gulotta - October 2000, 9 years, 6 months old

Now you can run, Maxieboy. Now you can jump, Maxieboy. Now you can fly, Maxieboy. Now you've found Erica, Heidi, Robin, Nevelson and Misty. Shine bright in the sky, you precious ones. Your Dads, Joe and Wayne

Kritter Weasle - October 2000, 19 years, 3 months old

It was a week today we took you on your last ride
It's hard to believe the numbness inside
To see in your eyes the pain of age,
The same eyes that were so full of love and life, were now telling me, 'its time to leave'.

A sadness I have never seen in those eyes before, but just for a second, I also saw the love, the gratitude and respect you had for me, as I for you. I think back on the many years past, when everyday was filled with a 'new' adventure - you always found a new way to make me laugh, to comfort me or just be close. You waited so patiently for me to come home and always brighten an otherwise dull day.

The house is so empty now, your blanket still on the couch, your bowls still waiting for you to eat supper. As I sit in the chair that we always sat together in, I look at the pictures of younger days and wish we could do it all over again.

I guess deep inside I feel you still, saying to me 'Don't cry for me, Daddy, I am waiting for you here at the Bridge. We will be together again, I promise.' One week ago today...

Tubby Joe - October 2000, 17 years old

Tubby Joe was the best friend I ever had. He was one tough little bugger having been shot, shot at, dragged by a street car and been in so many dog fights that I became an expert in canine wound management. But cancer findly got him. He knew that I was fearful of euthanising and the day before I was scheduled to do so he died peacefully in sleep. He is missed by me, his K( pack member Annie and his cats, Alicia and particularly Sticky2.

Spike Cybulski - October 2000, 16 years old

Spike was good and loving dog even though he was unable to walk for the past five years due to a bad disc in his neck, but that never stopped him from playing with his brothers. His favorite hoilday was Halloween. He loved to watch the kids come to the door and he would never come back into the house until the last child was off the porch. He loved the snow but hated to get his tummy wet. Spike - Mommy and Daddy miss you a lot and we hung your Christmas stocking next to your brothers', Spart and Simba: rest well

Mom and Dad

Oscar Perham -October 2000, 1 years, 10 months old

My beautiful little boy was a black and tan mini smooth, with such a big heart and smile, a nose that felt like velvet and a strange soft little bark. He would wag his tail and the rest of his body would follow and as he ran towards me his little boofy paws would flick out proudly and his head often moved from side to side in his excitement. He loved going for rides in the car and always got excited when he knew we were getting close to Granma's house. Even for a little boy you loved walkies with a gusto and would go for miles and miles. To be taken from me so quickly from a virus you can't vaccinate against is very hard to deal with. I'll never stop missing you and I hope the Rainbow Bridge is all that it should be.
Love Mummy xoxo

Baron bon Budweiser - 'Bud' - October 2000, 14 years old

Bubba Bunn - October 2000, 13 years, 9 months old

Bubba, It has been almost three months since you have been gone and everyday we think of you and miss you. You were my best buddy. We went through a lot together and you were always there for me. We loved you sooo much. This Saturday, 27 January, would have been your 14th birthday. I wish so much that you were still here. We miss you so much. Thank you for giving us so much love. Thank you to for hanging in there a little longer for me. I know you had some tough bad days. You were such a fighter. We will always love you and remember you. There will never be another you, my lovely standard smooth red!

Bubba was cremated and has his own little shrine of poems, letters, condolence cards, toys and a beautiful flower pot memory vase from his vet. Also, his favorite baby blanket has never been washed and I sleep with it every night.

Rest in peace. We love you.

Dustin Tobias von Sellers (Toby) - October 2000, 11 years, 2 months old

Toby was a special member to all of our family. He was loving, forgiving, playful and clever. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, one of our sons was not able to be with us for the Christmases of 1998 and 1999. Toby had always enjoyed Christmas, but he was what made Christmas extra special for us those two years. He would open his presents and then help everyone else that would allow him. He brought some joy back into our lives. He died of Cushing's disease. We all miss him and can never replace him in our hearts.

Cherokee Red Horizon MS - 'Cinnamon' - October 2000, 3 years, 2 months old

Cinnamon was my first red smooth girl and my most beautiful ever. She was a character with personality that can never be replaced. She was demanding and a terrible mother but that will never change how much I miss her.

Cinnamon, I am so sorry you died the way you did, along with your kennel mates. I pray that where you are there is no pain and you are with your friends, Savanah, Smiles and Dudley. I hope that you and Ebony have learned to get along since you two will be together now for eternity. I miss you so much.Though God took you he allowed us to keep your brother Smokey and Susie and I promise they will get all the love and best of care given in your memory.

Love, Mommy Kathy

Shellie Girl - October 2000, 7 years old

If tears could build a stairway,
And memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to heaven
And bring you home again.

Shellie, I love you and still miss you with all my heart. You stole my heart the first day I saw you and you still have it. One day we will be together again and that will be a very happy day. 'Till then, my little friend, always keep in mind that we all love you still and miss you. Sleep well my baby girl.

Hamish - October 2000, 2 years, 6 months old

My baby, I didn't want you to go, but I had no choice. I love you and will forever more. I think about you each day, but hope that you are happy. I wish that we were together as no one will ever be able to take your place. No one will ever be able to love you the way I do. It would have been easier if you had really gone to the garden. I love you my hameyboy. Jill

Taco - October 2000, 17 years

Taco was my first of three dachshunds. She was a precious six-pound black-and-tan girl who loved giving kisses and remained extremely loyal to her family.

Taco entered our family when she left her litter and crawled into my lap to sleep. She was a tiny puppy and I was four years old. Taco was my constant companion as I grew up. I remember her love for walks and 'sic'ing squirrels in the yard. She also liked to bury treats and things in the flower pots outside, and loved to snuggle up in her doghouse.

Although her health deteriorated with age, she remained sturdy and upbeat. I finally received a call when I was in college that Taco had fallen into our pool in the middle of the night (the pool had been there since before she was born) and did not make it.

As part of the healing process, I painted a picture of a smiling Taco as an angel, complete with wings and a halo, that hangs over my door. I am convinced that 'all dogs go to heaven', and Taco is no exception.

The yard is quiet without you. I miss you and love you! ~Jessica

Sweet jenna - October 2000, 2 years old

Anyone who has owned and lost a beloved doxie knows the heartache and grief I experienced when i lost my Sweet Jenna so tragically after having this sweet little girl for such a brief time. I adopted her and fell in love with her immediately - I had her for only 10 months - but her memory will stay with me for the rest of my life. I love you, my Sweet Jeanna.

Lucy Ayres-Flynn - November 2000, 15 years old

Lucy will be missed after 15 years of companionship and soiled carpets.

Oscar of the MacIntyres - November 2000, 11 years, 9 months old

Oscar was a special friend among a number of special dachshunds. Like all our pups, he was a rescue...a puppy mill victim. His feet were never quite right and it took us three years to find a balance of food he could eat without becoming ill. But he survived when we were told he would not. And he never spent an unhappy monent in all the time he was with us. He loved being outside, sniffing the rabbit trails and chasing a tennis ball. He was always our greatest cheerleader, singing every time we returned home. He was always our gently cuddler, nuzzling in our arms whenever he could. He was always there...and his loss is greatly felt. He was my cuddle boy, my daughter's playmate and my husband's best friend. But, even with the pain of the loss, we are better for having him in our lives. Wait for us, little man. We can sing together again someday.

Wrinkles Johnson - November 2000, 8 years old

My angel baby, Wrinkles, passed away this month, on 13 November. I came home and found her. She had heart problems. I hate that I wasn't here when she went. I pray she knows how loved she is and will be forever. She is my best friend and took my heart with her. I will never be the same. She was the world. The most dependable, trusting, loving baby in the world. I love her and miss her so much it hurts every day.

Strudel Sunshine - November 2000, 14 years, 4 months old

My precious Strudel left me yesterday after a brief illness. She was such a trouper - she never complained. She took life head-on. She was my best friend - a bundle of love. I don't know how I am going to manage without her. She stole my heart! Today I took her to the canine cemetery where she will be buried. I was able to kiss her one more time. I loved her so!

Good Girl of the Roost - 'GG' - November 2000, 13 years, 9 months old

GG...her full name was Good Girl of the Roost. But she was always simply GG (good girl) to everyone who knew her. Ambassador of goodwill, GG never met a stranger...everyone was her friend. She was my friend. I miss her. There is a big hole here at Criscross, one that will remain forever. She was the first, the best, the most wonderful dachshund. Never a show dog, but a champion to me always. Until we meet again my friend.

Blondie Jones - November 2000, 6 weeks old

To Blondie: You were supposed to be our little girl; although you were the runt of the litter, we were so happy waiting for you to come live with us. Alas, it was not to be. Your sweet little dachsie heart wasn't strong enough to keep growing. We love you, Blondie, and will meet you at the Bridge. Run and play with Humphrey, Tillie, and Chloe. We will meet you one day and give you all the hugs and kisses you deserve that we weren't allowed to give you here on Earth. Wait for us! Love, your Family.

AJ Dameron - November 2000, 4 years old

AJ was a miniature red dachshund. I got him when I was 17 years old. He was a very sweet dog and everyone loved him. I picked him from a group of several puppies because he had wrinkles on his forehead. AJ was also bow-legged, but it was so cute. He was a big part of my life and I will miss him greatly. I am in college now and AJ was living at home with my mother. I am so glad I went home for Thanksgiving and got to see him one last time. He will always be in my heart. iloveyouaj-

Baron Fritz Von Weinerhound - 'Fritzy' - November 2000, 6 years, 8 months old

To Fritzy (17 March 1994 to10 November 2000), the best weinerhound we had! For being so low, you stand so very tall in our hearts and memories. You were with us but a short time, but we will remember you forever. There is a empty donut-shaped spot on our sofa and in our hearts. Love ya' hound, and see ya' at the Bridge.

Momma and Dad

Muffin -Sweet Blackberry Muffin - November 2000, 14 years, 4 months old

You are now at the Rainbow Bridge with our Mom and the two of you are strong, healthy, whole, and happy again! You were such a brave little girl 10 years ago when you became handicapped and you taught me so much about love and patience in those years. I'm so glad you waited for me to come home last night before you had to leave so I could spend those last moments with you. Andi and Penny miss you so - you will always be in our hearts. I love you, Miss Muffin!

Brandin Bishop (Brandy) - November 2000, 17 years, 9 days old

Brandy - on 27 November you went to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us. We will then all go to heaven together and receive our wings. You have always been our little angel, always looking over us and protecting your family. It was only nine days after your 17th birthday.

Our home and lives are so empty without you. We see and hear you in every room of the house. I can still feel your kisses and feel your snuggled up to me. You loved to go out in the car no matter where we were going. How excited you would get after we'd pick up 'your kids' at school. Everyone who met you always fell in love wth you. You were the very best friend to each of us. You were so brave and loving even to the end. We will always cherish your warm hugs and wet kisses. We know that your spirit will always be with us and that you'll be our guardian angel. We love you forever... sleep well.

Mommy, Dad , Evan and Liz

Maggie McFarlin - November 2000, 15 years, 10 months old

Maggie was my very special little buddy. She was there when I needed comfort through some tough times. She made me and my family laugh. We all miss her very much.

Peanut - 1 year, 3 months old and Georgie - 5 years, 7 months old - November 2000 and

Gabe - 3 years, 3 months old, Bo - 5 years, 1 month old, Duffy - 11 years, 9 months old - November 2000

All Toni's dogs were taken from her in a tragic house fire the day before Thanksgiving. Please click here to see their special memorial.

P - Penny-Pwink - November 2000, 7 years old

In memory of our sweet precious P. We miss you terribly. You brought immeasurable amounts of love, joy, and happiness into our lives. You were our best friend. We will always love you and will treasure our memories of you in our hearts forever.

Love Mommy and Dee Dee

Johann - November 2000, 14 years, 7 months old

We'll never forget the day you came into our lives - 15 April 1990 which was your fourth birthday. You were previously owned by Joyce and Jim DeSanctis but when they planned to move to Arizona they wanted to find a caring home for you. So Aunt Maddy asked us if we wanted you as a pet. You spent the night with us at Aunt Maddy's and Uncle Vinny's home in Connecticut. From the start we were made for each other. We brought you to your new home on Staten Island. It took us a little time for you to get used to us. You were our first dog.

As the years went by, we built many memories with you. You had your favorite past times. You loved sleeping on the couch with pillows and blankets around you. We enjoyed having you sleep in bed. You always kept us so very warm with your love. When you were younger you used to dig with your feet on the bed before nestling in for the night. You were so very funny! You also loved to lick our feet after a shower. That tickled! We had fun dressing you up in a wig on Halloween. We put eyeglasses or sunglasses on you and Daddy would wrap you in a blanket just like a baby. You loved all that fussing over you.

Daddy misses you very much. You were his special friend. He loved caring for you through the years giving you baths, brushing your teeth and cleaning your ears. He misses you sleeping on his lap in the car. He misses lying down next to you on the couch and playing with you. You were his comfort and his strength after a day at work. You helped him to unwind.

We remember how you loved joining us in the pool and swimming across the pool like a pro. You were right under our feet when we were cooking or during a barbecue. You always wanted to share snacks.

We are happy that we got to go on our last vacation together this past summer in Vermont. We were worried that the trip would be too much for your aging body, but you made it up there and back with flying colors.
You were a determined dachshund. Five years ago a lump under your arm was removed and it was malignant. You made it through five additional years. Then you developed fatty lumps near your neck which were pressing against your windpipe. You were starting to have difficulty breathing and Mommy was worried.

Dr Hynes, your vet, felt that putting you through yet another operation would be too much for you to withstand. So you peacefully went to sleep and joined the other angels at the Rainbow Bridge.

We light an eternal candle on your grave. It's a reminder of the special times we shared our happiness on earth.

Now you are with Nanny who loved you so. She always babysat for you when we vacationed. You have finally gotten to meet Grandpa. Have fun in heaven! Until we meet again!

Love you lots,

Vicki, Anthony, Andrea and Valerie

Lucy Miller-Daniels - November 2000, 3 years, 4 months old

Our little Lucy-pup, our Lucy-fer, you are sadly missed.
She's a little Lucy-pup,
short and stout;
Here is her tail,
here is her snout.
When you roll her over,
she will shout,
'Play with me, and take me out!'

Freckles Baki - November 2000, 5 years, 6 months old

Freckles, we miss you and love you so much! You little tiny thing, you could stare right through me. I would call you 'Beetle','Pickles', and 'little bitty girl'. Peewee would follow you out in the yard. You loved to race Rudi from the run to the porch. I didn't get to love you long enough, only l 1/2 years. I know you will come back in another living form. Anyway, I will look for you all of my life. And I will always love you.

Opie von Kanobe Wiebusch Davis - November 2000, 15 years, 6 months old

Opie Davis was the best friend I've ever had. A good ol' wiener was he. I know that he will be waiting for me and the comfort I have is that I will feel his kisses on my face and hear his old howl once again. I love you, Mopie.

Sweet Pea Donaldson - November 2000, 7 years, 6 months old

Sweet Pea is the most precious dachsie I have ever known. Only five pounds, she was still full of enthusiasm and loved cheese. I miss her hiding when she heard the shower water, afraid that she would be getting a bath. I now cuddle with her niece, Tarrie, but Sweet Pea (a.k.a. wee-wee, Quee-Quee) is and always will be the Number One dachsie in my life. We cuddle in my dreams and I look forward to the day when I can hold her forever.

Oscar Meyer Weiner Bond - November 2000, 8 years, 3 days old

I know that you are not alone because a piece of my heart went with you. We miss you.

Walker's Black as Ebony - November 2000, 4 years old

Ebony was a very sweet dachsie boy who went to the Bridge early in life as a result of a bladder tumor. He was a rescue in the organisation I represent and my family adopted him only a few weeks before his death. He was a paralysed dachsie and we know that now he can run and play with no aid. We miss you, Ebby, and we know you are waiting for us on the other side of the Bridge.
Love and Kisses, Mom and Dad

Gretel Unsere Liebe - November 2000, 16 years, 2 months old

We have just lost our second love, Gretel, a mini red little girl. She was the joy of our lives and a real little 'princess'. Everyone loved her. We lost her brother, (A HREF="95toaug.html#hanselunser"> Hansel, in l995. She was very ill and we prayed that she would be made well, but if God wanted her more, then we would let go. When the pain began and no more could be done, we had to say our goodbyes. We weep each day as we see her everywhere we look. One day, we will see them both again, we know.

Fritz - November 2000, 5 years, 2 months old

Missing you every day and every minute. You were robbed of many good years by cancer at such a young age. My memories will last a life time, you were my best friend. I love you Fritz. Freida misses you, too. Rest in peace my friend.
Love Chris

Winnie - November 2000 , 9 years, 6 months old

This is for winnie. To a dog that had a crazy but wonderful life and loved by many. You will always have a piece of our hearts. you will be truly missed.
Love, Lindsay, Danny Lane, Kristy, Terry, Cole, Lady, Tiny, but most of all, Holly

Wrinkles - November 2000, 8 years old

It has been one year today that you had to leave me, my baby girl. Not one day has passed that I haven't thought of you or felt an empty spot in my heart. I pray that you're happy and having fun. You only deserve the best, my little angel baby. You will forever be my very best friend. I miss you with all my heart and I love you, baby Wrinkles. You're my sweetheart.

Carolinen von der Lichtenberg (aka the Snack, the Rodent, the Ratina, the Teradactyle) - November 2000, 12 years, 6 months old

Born in Funabashi, Japan, daughter of a grand champion, but living a life without light. We brought her home via subway, at rush hour, the other passengers squealed when they saw her nose poking out of the basket (ah, its a rat! a mouse!). She went on to become a champion swimmer, mountain climber on two continents, and lived in the great cities of the world: Tokyo, Boston, New York, Washington D.C. and of course Grand Rapids Michigan. The resilient 'auxillery dog', partner to our doberman, Matchka. A feral, blood thirsty mouse killer, rock diving (and gnawing), sleep inducing 'orb'. We love you little Snacker; your spirit continues in doberman #2, Keito pie.

Nathan Ferguson - December 2000, 7 years old

Nathan was an incredibly loved dachsie. He was vibrant, energetic, funny, and yes, even a pest at times. But we loved him. He will be fondly remembered and dearly missed.

Heidi Kyes - December 2000, 12 years old

Heidi was a long-haired black miniature dachshund. We got her when she was eight weeks old. She went to the Rainbow Bridge on 4 December 2000 at the age of 12 (84 in dog years).

She was a wonderful addition to the family and will be missed by all of us. May God bless her and I know she'll be waiting for us with her tail wagging!! We miss you little girl!

Lacie Jane Gay - December 2000, 7 years, 11 months old

Lacie was a very special person. She was loved by all that met her. She had a very funny way of standing and looking at you when she wanted something. Lacie's left ear would be straight out and the other one would lie straight down. Lacie will be missed very much. Lacie we all love you. Hugs and kisses, Mom, Dad, Jess and Tracie

Max (Moo Moo) - December 2000, 1 year, 4 months, 13 days old

Max was a very wonderful dog, but after we lost Siegfrieda in February 2000, he was very frantic when he was home alone. Then his collar failed and he got away and went looking for us. Sadly, he managed to find the main road and got hit by a car. When we got home from a party he was on the road near our house. Dad thought he was dead but I realised he was breathing, so at 12 midnight we rushed him to the vet and he was put on a couple of drips and stablised but at 2.50 a.m. he died. He was the best dog, along with Seigfreda who is also listed on this site. They were both loved by all the people that visited my Mum's shop here at home. I hope you all see how much we all miss him.

Dear Max,
Have fun now you are with Ziggy again. We are all thinking of you - rest in peace. You are now buried next to Ziggy. Love from Noni, Bridget, Emily Garlick-Sloman, Adam Woolcock, Jennifer Garlick, Graham Sloman, Jan, Jack, Anna Fagg and Neil and all the other people that loved you as much as we did.

Nini - December 2000, 15 years old

Our Nini was a most beloved doxie. She was raised with Fred who passed on in October 2000. She was loving, sensitive, caring and a true fighter. She survived back surgery and learned to walk again. She was always there to comfort us when we were hurt. She will be in our hearts forever.

Piccolo - December 2000, 8 years old

Scooter Peanut - December 2000, 5 years, 4 months old

I had my Scooter for five years and one month. He was a red male who was the best dog I have ever had. He was a very lean muscular dog. When my mom died two years after we got him, he could feel our loss and I believe he felt loss and sadness too. He developed degenerative disc disease when he was four years old. He went down in his back once and got completely better without surgery. It was about 11 months later (December 2000) when he started having problems walking. I immediately took him to the vet and they started the regimen they did the last time, but this time the damage was too extensive. The paralysis was climbing up his little spinal cord and would take his life in a matter of days. We did not want him to suffer those last few days from our selfishness, so we had him put down. My husband stayed with him and looked into his eyes as he drifted off. I hope he is with my mom now. It has only been two weeks and I just got another dachsund today. I don't know if it is right or not but I had to get another one. This one will never replace my Scooter. I am afraid to go through the hurt again, but I feel that is a risk I will have to take. Scooter, we will see you again, and we miss you greatly!

Brutus - December 2000, 9 years, 9 months old

Brutus was our baby puppy even though he was nine years old. We rescued him after his previous owner couldn't keep him. We were just married and he helped us adjust to being a new married couple. He brought us lots of love and laughter! We miss him very much. We know he is now sitting with God with his head on his lap. We miss you Brutus the puppy!
Karen and Bill

Buddy Sulpizio-Gusler - December 2000, 10 years old

In memory of our beloved dachshund, Buddy, who lost the battle to pancreatitis. He fought bravely but he could not overcome this devastating condition. He was our 'buddy' and confidante, we miss him and will never forget his love and companionship.

Mickey Doodle - December 2000, 15 years old

You had a good life, Mick. You met many people, travelled many places, ate the best of food, and were always by my side. I remember the way you used to run, and were so full of life and happiness. It hurt me so much to see you age and slow down. I could see it in your eyes also. I know you will be waiting for me and we will walk together again my friend, just as you still do with me everyday. I love you Mick...

Fonzie - December 2000, 17 years old

Thank you for 17 wonderful years of love and devotion. I miss your soft brown eyes, that beautiful red tail, and most of all your warm body curled up next to me. You were my friend and companion and it broke my heart to see you go but I know you are no longer feeling the pain and frustration of growing old. I miss you terribly and will never forget the joy you brought me for so many years. You were truly my special and devoted friend from the first day we met. I will love you always and you will be in my heart forever.
Love, Mom

Alexander Speciale - December 2000, 1 years, 2 months old

Alexander, you came into our lives only three days after our sweet Max went to the Rainbow Bridge. You were a toughie, but you were so sweet and funny and cuddly. Cream-colored, we called you Little Goober. Even though you were with us only five months, you leaped so high into our hearts; we love you and miss you very much.

Alexander ran away from our vacation home in Vermont. We hope that maybe someday he'll find his way back to us, or that someone has found him and that he has a warm bed to sleep in and people who love him as much as we did.

Lady Gretchen Vaughn Travis - December 2000, 14 years old

Miss Ole Gretch,
You left us over Christmas after making sure all of your loved ones were home safely from college. You suffered greatly to give us so much love and pleasure. The 14 years you were with us got us through so much. I miss you everyday. I have your picture in front of me everyday with your ears at attention with the loving look on your face that always told us you care. Every time I go home I place flowers on your grave and cry. I hated coming back to college knowing that you werent there to see me off. I know you no longer hurt and are enjoying life to the fullest. I miss giving you a doggy treat and petting you and getting kisses. I love Miss Gretch. I still whistle your name with the others. I wish I could still wake up in the morning and see your face peering over the side of my bed wanting up. We all miss you and love you very much. You are our angel. I Love You!!
Love, Daniel
P.S. - I don't know how much longer I will have Chris by my side. When he joins you, please take care of him like you did here.

Oscar - December 2000, 1 year, 5 days old

Oscar may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. We think of him everyday. Please click here to visit his special memorial.

Hanna Jean Parks - December 2000, 6 years, 5 months old

To Hanna,
You were born here and loved here, now we miss you very much. Your back may have given up on life, but your heart was the biggest giver of love. We still have your baby Rascal.

Bozo Bozito - December 2000, 11 years old

I will forever have a hole in my heart.

Puddin - December 2001, 17 years old

I miss my Puddin a lot. I do have two other dachshunds but there will never be another Pud. She is the reason I love these dogs so much. I miss her kisses the most and that 'woof' she did. She will always be my baby. There was a time in my life where it was just me and my Puddin. I know I gave her the best life I could - she was pretty spoiled and she knew it. But I know she is better off now running again and playing with her toys. Kisses to you my sweet Puddin.

Chelsie Hermann - December 2000, 9 years, 6 months old

I will always love you. When chessie died, Mom bought you for me hoping that this would help with the loss of Chessie. I want you to know I thought you would always be there for me as I would be for you. The night I came home and found you dead on the floor the day after my birthday just crushed me. I held you all that night till morning when I called the funeral home. I know now you needed to slip out suddenly not to make me make any decisions. You are at peace with and Chessie at the Bridge waiting on me. Daddy's little girl.

Snookie Greene - October 2000, 15 years old

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