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Rusty and Davidson - January 2000 - Rusty was four years old. Baby Davidson was 2.5 months old

In a departure from this site's standard format, I place the following memorial to Rusty and Baby Davidson. Surely they are very special angels.

12 January 2000
Rusty and Davidson were brutally attacked and murdered by three pitbulls in their own back yard and kennel and garage area. The police state that there was no crime, because there were no witnesses, even though the pit bulls ate through a fence, and broke and smashed through a kennel to get our children. Harley, Baby Davidson's natural brother, is the pup that survived.

Rusty and Davidson died where they are shown in the picture. Rusty defended to his death. To make things worse the neighbours tried to hide the scene, washed down our dogs, and threw them in the garage.

Suzy Belle - January 2000, 2 years, 5 months old

Suzy Belle was a wonderful brown long-haired dachshund, very special to my husband and me. She is now our little angel from doggy heaven and we know she is with us in spirit and watching over us every day. She had an accident and died from her injuries on 7 January at 7:30 p.m. We will miss her very much and she will always have a very special place in our hearts. Jim and Monica Jeffries

Oggy - January 2000, 13 months, 13 days old

Oggy, you were my first doxie. I had no idea what a joy you would be. You were my beloved companion, protector of all in your house and a friend to anyone who was caught up in the gaze of those warm knowing eyes. Your family and friends are so lost without you. Our house is so empty! God must have wanted you more than I needed you, though I don't see how that's possible! I am told time will ease the ache in my heart and dry the tears from my eyes but it will never erase the paw-prints from my soul. Run along and play my sweet boy. I'll be looking for those 'victory' laps when you see me coming and we'll cross the Bridge together, never to be parted again. We LOVE you, Mom, Dad, Brittany,Tristan,Chandra and Sarah

Grendel Schon Teckel - January 2000, 21 months old

Our beautiful baby, Mommy and Daddy miss you very much and think of you constantly. Thank you for giving us the gift of your love. No one will ever replace you in our hearts. Wait for us at the Bridge, so we can play again.

Marty - January 2000, 13 years old

It is a sad day in our lives. On 9 January 2000 at 11:36 a.m., Marty our dog, our best friend, and our son, died of heart failure.

We do feel good that when he died we were there with him and as it happened we were holding him. He did not die alone. He will live on in our memories and our hearts. Though it has been mere hours since his death we miss him so much. Our hearts are broken. We would like to thank everyone who has over the years opened their hearts to him. We know he will be missed by many people.

We will never forget him. May Marty rest in peace. 27 April 1986 to 9 January 2000.

On the day Marty died there was a light snow the kind he loved to lick and make his nose do snowplow. We miss you Bud.

Your granddaughter, Cheyenne has now joined you at the Rainbow Bridge. Make sure she introduces you to Flint so you can all play together.

Kevin and Mary

Bee Gee 'Baby Girl' Weace Culbertson - January 2000, 8 months old

Baby Girl is what my husband and I called her. Needing a name we decided B.G. would be it! She was a wonderful longhaired black-and-tan 8-month-old dachshund from the first litter our 'parent' dachshunds had. She was the runt with several bumps and problems along the road. She was a fightwer however, and over came all. She was so playful and loveable. She went to the Bridge in January of this year due to a horrible freak accident. We thank God everyday for the short time he allowed her to fill our life with joy.

Maggie Dachshund Brown - January 2000, 15 years, 9 months old

My little Maggie had many nicknames: Precious Queen, Queen of All She Surveys, Daughter Dog, Maggarina, Maggatron and Maggers. I got her on 6 June 1984 when she was just a pup. She accompanied me through a bad marriage, many years of singleness and finally Maggie got herself a good daddy. She attacked vacuum cleaners, barked at thunder and feared nothing except the vet. She was much loved and will live in my heart forever.

Wauzi - January 2000, 10 years old

Little lady - I will never forget you. Thanks for everything... I know we will meet again.

Rusty - January 2000, 4 years old

Rusty , a AKA registered red short hair. You were Susan's and my Number One Son as we cannot have children together.

You were a champion.
You were unique.
We were proud of your abilities.
You defended and faced death in an heroic way.
We love you and it hurts us to have lost you this way. You are a 'special breed' and no fear was in your life. You gave us unconitional love and it was a joy and honour to have you as family. If you can read this I want you to know I am proud of you. Your efforts saved Harley. I am truly sorry, I thought you were safe when in your kennel and back yard and garage. I never thought in my worst nightmares, that you would have been attacked by the neighbours' pitbulls. Please forgive me if you had pain.

Davidson - January 2000, 2.5 months old

Baby Davidson , an AKA registered golden short hair. We waited a year for you and your birth was a joy to our life and hearts. You were our baby and a planned family member.

You were a champion.
You were unique we were proud of your abilities.
You had a face that would never be lost in a crowd.
We love you and it hurts us to have lost you this way.
You were a special puppy and no fear was in your life and had nothing to give us but love and it was a joy.

To see you experience the simple joys of life as when you saw your first leaf blowing in the breeze in the back yard was blessing. I am truly sorry, I thought you were safe when in your kennel and back yard and garage . I never thought in my worst nightmares, that you would have been attacked by the neighbours' pitbulls.

Joey 'Foo-Fah' Beck - January 2000, 9 years old

He was one of my best friends, and like a child to me!!!

Mason Jar - January 2000, 14 years old

It has been over a year, Mason, but I still miss you ... we all do. Molly came into our lives eight months ago. She is smaller than you were as a pup, more brown than red, and a sweet bundle of energy. We love her dearly ... but she is not you, and I want you to know that we think of you often. Thank you for all the years of love and all the joy you gave. I am glad that you hurt no more and that you rest in peace. You will always be with us my dear friend.

Specky - January 2000, 13+ years old

My dear baby, I'm sorry I wasn't there to hold you when you left. It was already too late when we saw you, but we still think of you always and no other dog can take your place. Miss you.

The General - January 2000, 10 years old

I met The General at the humane society where I volunteer, and he quickly became my favourite. He was an older dachsie who had been picked up as a stray. It turned out that The General was suffering from congestive heart failure and that the odds of him being adopted were not good. Much to my wife's dismay, I brought him home, making him our fourth dog. The General soon became my chair buddy and sleeping companion. Six months after I adopted him, his heart gave out, and he went to the Bridge. I still sometimes cry when I think about him, and I pray every night that we will will be reunited. Until then, The General lives in my heart.

Molly Jean Sathrum - January 2000, 17 years old

Dear Molly,
I know that you are in a better place and I will always have a place for you in my heart. We all love you and we miss you very much! We hope all is well.

Maxie O'Leary - January 2000, 8 years, 9 months old

Maxie my most precious baby boy. You came to me at eight months old after your breeder took you back from your first home because of abuse. The angels in heaven smiled upon me that day. I wanted a black-and-tan bitch to keep your shaded red sister company but you came into my life, trying to bite me and not what I really wanted. You were a boy and shaded red! I drove home with you on my lap wondering at my sanity and fearful you would bite me. Love between us grew and was totally cemented when you were neutered and I spent the day with you on my bed just loving you as your anesethic wore off. You were my shadow, sulking if I went out and did not take you 'tataz' with me. You loved me unconditionally and made me the centre of your all-too-short life, just as I made you the centre of mine. I still have your sister with me, although she is now quite frail, also Casey, another shaded red baby boy, and a delightful little black-and-cream baby girl, but you know this because I know you are still with me. I feel your presence and sometimes I can even smell your wonderful smell. Maxie my 'Momo' I love you always and know that you will meet me one day when we will be able to play together again. All my love, Mum

Taz (Razmataz) - January 2000, 4 years old

Taz, you left us too soon. You were my beautiful copper red boy, my buddy, my Tazman. You will always be missed. Thank you for all the good times, and for sending Patch to us. There are times I could swear you are whispering in his ear.

I can still picture you strutting along on our walks. I've never seen a dachsy with such attitude.You knew you were special, and you were. Love you always.

Daisy Marie - January 2000, 13 years, 18 days old

Precious little girl, there is not a day goes by that I don't miss you. No one ever loved me like you did.

Barney Rebel Beauregard - February 2000, 4 years, 10 days old

On a very happy day, 6 February 1996, we brought home a new family member. We got to choose from a litter of five puppies. We chose Barney because he was unique, the only male of the litter, the only black and tan - his sisters were all red in color. He was an AKC registered miniature dachshund, and he had a pedigree, with champion blood lines. We named him 'Barney Rebel Beauregard' for the pedigree, but we called him 'Barney'.

He was so small that my stuffed cat was larger than he was. He liked to play with that toy cat and sleep by it too. Barney was very intelligent, he was completely house trained three days after we brought him home. It didn't take Barney long at all to learn new tricks, he could sit pretty and speak, he could do stay - come, he would roll over if you just said the words 'How do you weiner wrap a dog?' he would do a complete flip. He threw things too - sometimes across the room - and we would laugh and then he would continue to amuse us, with his playful center-stage antics.

He also liked to sometimes lie on his back with his teeth showing while he slept and it would look so cute and silly. Barney loved to sit on our love seat and look out of our bay windows. It was his favorite place, so we would always pull up the blinds for him, because if we didn't he would stick his head right through the slats, and one time scuffed up his nose that way.

One thing Barney did a lot of is cuddle. He shared so much love with us! He liked to be hot and would love to sit on towels freshly out of the dryer, and find a hot spot in the sun, to sit, and sleep. He slept with us in our bed, he was our heating bad, he would burrow all the way down the between the blankets. Barney was a cute, comical, intelligent dog and we will miss him dearly.

Two years ago Barney went on vacation with us to Yellowstone and he got to watch 'Old Faithful' erupt, we were on the front row, on the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen and bought him a hot dog and a cup of icewater, this was a real treat for Barney as we never fed him much table food to tried and keep him healthy. We loved our Barney and he loved us too.

They say that memories are golden, and that might be true... but we never wanted memories we only wanted you! A million times we have needed you, a million tears we have cried. If love alone could have saved Barney, he never would have died...

Throughout your life we loved you and we love you still, there will always be a hole in our heart that no one else can fill. Forever in our hearts forever you will be, even though your gone you'll be here with me FOREVER... I found this poem and I know if Barney could talk to us now this is what he would say...

Rest in peace our beloved Barney.

Rastus - February 2000, 13 years, 9 months old

We said goodbye today to Rastus, my sister's beloved red short-haired mini of almost 14 years. He was very tired and his heart could no longer keep up. He died in our arms knowing he was much beloved and always remembered in our hearts.

Go swiftly little guy to that wonderful Rainbow Bridge where you can chase those chipmunks all day! Your cousins Abby and Katy will miss you much! We love you always and forever sport! Until we see you again...

Sir Inquisitive of Adair - February 2000, 12 years old

Quizzie was killed by a hit and run driver on Wednesday 23 February 2000. He had the dachshund tendency to escape, and he managed to get out of two x-pen areas and his very own room he shares with the other doxies. We called and called for him but we couldn't find him. My roommate took her son to the child sitter and began to search for Quizzie along the road on her way to work. She found Quizzie about 300 feet from the house. She returned home and I could tell in her eyes that he was dead. She got a box and towel and wrapped him up and brought him to me before she went to work. And whoever ran him over didn't even bother to shop to try to help him or try to find an owner...nothing.

Quizzie was my first mini doxie. I grew up with standards. He was the 'old man' of my dachsies. He was neutered at six months and began working with me as a therapy dog almost immediately after that surgery. He loved working with the special needs children I worked with, and everyone loved him. I trained him by reading books on therapy dogs. He was so gentle and kind.

I called the Southeastern Pet Crematory, and the man was so kind. He drove over 50 miles to come to my house, sit down and talk with me about Quizzie, then he took Quizzie's body and returned to his business. Quizzie was cremated and his remains are with me. He was my companion, my special doxie who followed me around, and I will miss him heartedly.

Annie - February 2000, 5 years, 6 months old

Annie was our little Princess. We loved her very much. She was so much fun and so much part of our family. We miss her terribly!

Chloe - February 2000, 15 years, 9 months old

Dearest 'little one', Yes, I know that you are waiting for us at the Bridge, playing with your 'sister', Brigit. You came into our lives almost 16 years ago when Brigit left us suddenly. The hole in our hearts that you needed to fill was a big one and you did it from the minute we saw you - small and cute as any dachsie could be. You continued to please us through the years and, as you approached eight, our caring vet (who has his own dachsies) pointed out that we should consider getting you a friend to 'keep you young' and so you 'wouldn't be lonely'. We did just that and Cricket came into our house to be your new 'sister'. You and she bonded (once you saw she was there to stay) and together you ran through the house chasing each other. Cricket doesn't like to run as much as you did (you were still getting 'the crazies three days before you left us). We miss hearing you run back forth in the upstairs hallway, while Cricket stays downstairs and barks at you. We miss your soft whining in the early morning when you sat at my side of the bed and asked to be lifted up so you could spend an hour or so with us (without Cricket - just the three of us). Daddy misses you insisting on licking his ice cream dish - you were dachshund-persistant on that issue!

You bravely fought parvo three years ago and won. Your final battle was with Cushings disease and in your final two years you put up an unbelieveably brave fight. In the end, you had too much pain and any movement was heartbreaking for us to watch and horrible for you to endure. You went without questioning or hesitation to the Bridge. May we be so brave when our time comes to join you and Brigit.

Magic - February 2000, 13 years, 7 months old

Magic, was a very fun loving little girl, enjoying life to the fullest. Until we meet again, sweetie. Never far from our thoughts. Always in our hearts. We love and miss you. Mom and Dad

Doogle - February 2000, 12 years old

We rescued Doogle about 18 months ago. We took him so he no longer had to be in foster care. He was almost 11 when we took him. We decided to give him a home in the last part of his life. We did not expect it to be so short. He became part of the family in that short time. We miss him playing ball, jumping up when we get home from work, wishing to be able to get at the bird, sleeping with my son, lying on the back of the sofa in the sunshine...

Holly Dewey - February 2000, 13 years old

I wish everyone could have known my baby Holly. I picked her out when I was 12 years old. She was one of five pups I was choosing from. She climbed into my lap and I knew she was the one. She was a gift from God to me. I cannot begin to express the love I feel for her. She was my best friend for so many years. I have loved her for over half of my life. Holly slept with me every night. She loved for me to hold her and to share a pillow. She usually woke me up by giving me a kiss on the nose. Whenever I came home, she would be waiting at the top of the stairs waiting for me with her tail wagging. She was so very proctective of me. She did not want anyone to close to me especially a boy. When I dated she would sit between my date and me - you can imagine how they loved that. The first guy she ever liked that I dated is the man that I married. She always knew exactly what I needed. Right now I need her so much. She comes to me in dreams now. I know she is still trying to take care of me. I wish I could still take care of her.

My sweet Holly I just want you to know that I love you so very much and cannot wait till you meet me when it is my time to be with you. Holly you were truly the most delighful dog. I miss you and love you very much.

Love always and forever, Shelly

Mister Nagy - February 2000, 7 years, 10 months old

Mister, we miss you very very much. You were a crazy and wonderful dog. You brought us many laughs during your life. It was fun playing with you outside and watching you chase the UPS man's truck. We will always remember you when we see a UPS truck. We hope you are having fun with your friends at the Bridge. There will never be another dog quite like you, you were definately a one-of-a-kind. We were so sad to lose you so suddenly, it broke all of our hearts, but we know you are at the Bridge waiting for us. Not a day goes by that we dont think of you, you are always in our thoughts. We will love you forever.

Love, Daddy,Mommy,Britton,Kersten and Caylon

Rusty Fromin - February 2000, 8 years old

Schnapps Jones - February 2000, 13 years old

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

We miss you Schnappsie!

Siegfrieda Garlick-Sloman - February 2000, 6 years, 5 months old

She was a beautiful girl. She loved us all and she was a champion friend to mum, who is self-employed at home. She ws devastated when our Siegfrieda (Ziggy we called her for short) died. She was killed by a snake bite, and we did not find her for three days in 40C heat after she went missing and by then she had deteriorated. My whole family and everyone that visits the shop really misses her, and so does her dog friend, Max, who was six months old when she died. They had known each other for four months. She was a minature smooth black-and-tan.

Lil Bit/Snoot - February 2000, 13 years old

Hi Snoot,
It has been a year now since you went to the Bridge, and I still miss you terribly. Tudi misses you too. We got a new dog, she is a pomeranian, also an orphan, but she can never take your place. We do love her though, and I know you guys would have been great friends. We are looking for another dog just like you that we can adopt. I hope you are enjoying yourself at the Bridge, it looks like a wonderful place, and I know they all love you there, just like we did.
Your mom

Schultzy - February 2000, 19 years old

How do I begin to tell you what it was like to love you for 19 years? How do I put into words the feelings I have when I look at you? How do I describe to you the smell of your skin or the feel of your small body in my hands? How do I tell you oh how I loved you? Simply, you are my Lover.I so love you, Mom.

Schatze Durst - February 2000, 16 years old

My beloved dachsie was like a best friend to me. She was there when I graduated from fifth grade, there when I graduated from middle school, there when I graduated from high school, and there when I graduated from college. She was there for me during all of the difficult times associated with all of these places, and I miss 'hanging out with her'. Even though she was quite the skinny girl by then, I made sure that we were photographed together before my wedding, four months before she passed. Despite others saying I'm silly, I can't help feeling that my moving out of the house made you weaker - we were so close. I know that you are now pain-free and plump, chasing cats (and bigger dogs!) over the Bridge. I bought a male dachsie two months later and named him Schultze in her memory, but she is always in my thoughts.

Dallas - 'Pretty Girl' - February 2000, 6 years, 4 months old

Dallas - we all miss you SO much! I have a lot of guilt and sadness about your passing. I am so sorry I did not do more for you. Papaw drove 45 minutes to tell me you had died so he would not have to tell me over the phone. I knew when I saw him at my door that you were gone. I am so sorry that you died alone at the vet's instead of surrounded by the people who love you. Freddie misses you, and I am so grateful that he was by your side when you did not feel well during your last days. Yours and his puppies would have been so beautiful, had you had the chance to have them. Your dog-brother, Buster, and your human-brother, Hunter, both miss you, also. Though I never had papers for you, and as you grew, I realised you were not full dachshund, but part chihauha, you were worth more than all the money in the world! Just a few days after you left us, I got another dachshund, and while he will never take the place you hold in my heart, he made the first weeks without you easier. This is to say goodbye since I never really had a chance to see you during your last weeks on earth. I LOVE AND MISS YOU! Kim

Fritz the Pussy Cat - February 2000, 15 years, 6 months old

Thank you for your love and devotion. You are forever in our hearts.

Taylor - February 2000, 15 years old

My best friend, you were always there, and every night I cry to try and remember the last time I kissed and hugged you. You have gone away physically, but you will be with me, and all of us, spiritually. We love Taylor.

Rusty Alan Blackburn - February 2000, 8 years, 6 months old

Rusty became very sick, very quickly. The hardest thing that we have ever had to do was to put our baby to sleep. He always gave unconditional love to everybody he was around.

Schnitzel - March 2000, 14 years old

My beloved Schnitzel was my best friend, and special family member for 14 years. A world traveller (thanks to my husband's being on active duty in the American air force), she was born on the island of Guam in March 1986. She travelled with us and her brother to the United States in January 1988. From there, she lived with us in Texas and Wisconsin. In addition, our family vacations took her to and from Florida and Minnesota several times. Her unconditional love and support was a constant comfort, and reminder of how perfect love can be. No matter how stressful my day had been, she would snuggle with me to make things right. From my miscarriage to the premature birth of our son, she was there to comfort and love me. Her journey to the Rainbow Bridge has been hard for me. As I told her with my last words, 'I will love you forever, and ever, and ever'.

Kathy Mudroch

Heidi Clark - March 2000, about 12 years old

Dear Heidi,

When my mom died she left you to me. I'm so sorry that our time together was only six months. I know that when she died part of you died also. That's why putting you to sleep was like watching mom die all over again!

She loved you so much and enjoyed spending all her time with you. I wish I could have done the same, but since I have to work that wasn't possible. I hope love that we gave you for the last six months was enough.

Tilly misses you also!!! She wants someone to play with. We are going to get another doxi from the rescue group that we got you from. She's even red like you! But no one will ever replace you in our hearts.

Love, Georgia, Dale, Kim, Tilly and Butterscotch

Sandy - March 2000, 11 years, 1 month old

Sandy,you were my constant companion. You loved me no matter what! You were always there with a kiss and a snuggle to make me feel good. You will always be in my heart! I miss you so much! I never realised how much I depended on you for love and comfort, And how little you wanted in return. I pray to God that you are now happy and waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye my little Hopper! I will always love you!

Your Papa!

Liebschen IV, aka Libby - March 2000, 14 years, 11 months old

Dear Libby-love

Mommy misses her pequita-puppy, and so does Grandma. I know that you are in a better place, that you have all of your predecessors to play with, but I miss you so much. Now at least you won't be fainting and passing out from heart-failure. I love you. You were the light of my life. Be safe and happy my little love. Always rember that 'mommy loves'.


Ralph - March 2000, 14 years old

Ralph, beloved friend, begrudgingly came to my house at age eight, after his first human died from AIDS. Ralph was grieving from the recent loss of his Master and was very thin and wearing a tubesock sweater to keep warm. We bonded and he quickly became the man of the house! Loved by all of my friends and family - Ralph is missed!

Samantha (BoBo) - March 2000, 15 years old

My sweet baby is gone. I miss you standing on your head and digging into the blanket and making the grrr noises; the way you would bark to let us know that you wanted on the couch; the way you would tear down the hallway when we chased you. I miss you so much, BoBo, and so does Tabitha and Max. Mommy thinks about you everyday and I just want you to know that you were loved. Bye sweet girl. XOXO

Sparkey - March 2000, about 7 years old

Our little barkeroo...miss you terribly

Jasmine - March 2000, nearly 16 years old

She was a charmer and could almost read the thoughts of people- Remembered with love...Terri, Michelle, and Bert

Buddy Cameron - March 2000, 7 years old

I feel like a grieving mother who has lost a child. My arms ache to hold my beloved Budman. I miss the warmth of his body sleeping next to me. I miss the hearty welcome home and his soft wet kisses he was so generous with.

He was a red smooth standard. A lovable lug with a big heart. Congestive heart failure took him from me. I know in my heart he has gone to Rainbow Bridge to be with my dear friend and breeder, Harva Himba, his mother, Moxie, his Aunt Coxie and his sister Ida Red Roxie. They were all there to welcome Buddy to this very special place. In loving memory of Judy's Buddy.

Mandy - March 2000, 4years old

My little Mandy came to me in 1997. I was her sixth home. She had been abused because of a 'so-called' wetting problem which never occurred with me. In March she was x-rayed and found to have numerous calcified ruptured discs in her neck and back end. eventually she became completely paralysed. Mandy was my precious red friend - I miss her so much. My tears are still flowing and I find myself still calling her.

Schotzie - March 2000, 14 years, 10 months old

The Queen of our hearts - you filled our lives with light and love for almost 15 years. From those days when you had a little pointy tail and were full of boundless energy . . . until your strength was gone and we had to carry you in and out of the house, a burden of love . . . you were our constant companion. You gave us love and loyalty . . . your warmth to snuggle close to on those cold winter nights. There were sad nights when you showed your care and concern by kissing our tears away. You were full of life, always ready to eat another dog cookie or demand a 'Schotzie Treat'. You were our sweetheart, our baby, and for sure the best $100 we ever spent. Sleep in peace, and dream of warm summer nights, our darlin' little doggie.

Mama, Daddy, Wendy and Eric

Pebbles - March 2000, 6 years old

Pebbles, I love you so much and see you everywhere I go. I'm sorry but I can't let go of you and I'm sorry if, in my ignorance, I failed you. You are my buddy and my life. I miss your bright eyes, smile and 'pachyderm' tail, but most of all I miss my girl's belly to rub, my little penguin. Summer is coming and the pool will be empty without my swimming buddy. I love you Pebs; life is bleak without you. Mom

Pooh Bear - March 2000, 19 years old

I first met Pooh Bear at a Christmas party when he was nine years old, and his owners were arguing over setting a date to euthanise him because they were tired of him. But, he was the life of the party and obviously a loving dog. I asked if I could have him instead of them killing him. For 10 years he was the light of my life as only a miniature dachsie can be. His unconditional love, trust, loyalty, and sense of play/humor will live in my heart until we are reunited in heaven. He died a hero for his contributions to the quality of my life, asking only mere comfort in return. I am honoured to have known him. He also earned the honorary title of nurse for his daily efforts at comforting, cleaning, and nurturing other foster dogs in need of love. The Rainbow Bridge is a better place now with him up there.

Rusty Frederick - March 2000, 5 years old

My dachshund's name was Rusty. He died Friday, 31 March 2000. It was a very sad time. He wouldn't eat or anything, so we took him to the vet, where he stayed two nights hooked up on IV. They said the reason for his death (they thought) was poison. I don't know where he got into it, but we didn't expect him to die. He will be remembered forever.

~Love Christie

Turbo - March 2000, 14 years old

Our little 11-pounder entered our lives as he trotted up to my husband in front of our house late one afternoon. This little dachsie was collarless and anxious and as my husband reached out to him, he growled, bared his teeth and off he ran.The chase was on! After several minutes and a lot of effort, we finally leashed him. When advertising our find brought no results, that July afternoon in 1988, he became ours and just as quickly, we became his.

This fast-racing little bundle of energy came to be named 'Turbo'. Turbo became so lovable, liking most people and most other dogs. He even had a good cat friend or two. He was a little clown seemingly displaying a sense of humour. We played hide and seek, a game he delighted in. We often teased him telling him his ears were too big, his stubby legs too short, his body too long, etc. and he would look at us with an air of confidence as if to say, 'Who cares?'. He loved rides in the cars, especially the 40-year-old Mercedes which he considered his, and at walk time he would run to his basket getting his leash and plastic bag. An opera singer was he as he accompanied my husband in playful duets.

Our little one graced our lives and the 12 years went all too swiftly.One day we found his liver was no longer functioning properly and three weeks later we put him down. On that sad, sad day riding to the vet's office, we promised him peace with no more pain. We were holding him as he departed from this realm we know as earth.

Our little Turbo, how we miss you.We are so grateful for having shared time with you. One day, with our other little four-legged friends, both past and present, we all all meet at Rainbow Bridge. Our forever love,

Your mom and dad.

Choci - March 2000, 13 years old

Choci, you came into my life 13 years ago when I wasn't even sure I wanted you. But you stole my heart, so I brought you home from that awful goal you and your brother were in. You were always there for me - through all the heartache and sorrow in my life as well as the blessed times. You soon came to love 'Davey' when we brought him home and watched over him as if he were your own. I am so sad without you and the house will never be the same without you here. I know you have lots of other doggies to play with and lots of Dunkin' Donut holes to keep you content until I can be with you again. I'll carry you in my heart always, 'Choc' - and love you forever.


Spot - March 2000, 7 years old

Dear Spot,

We had many years of enjoying you running in the woods, chasing critters, and taking care of Fudge. We will always love and miss you. We are so sorry you are gone.

Mom and Dad

Shasta Champion - March 2000, 8 years, 9 months old

I want you to know how much joy you brought to your families life. I think of you every day and hope that you still enjoy your cheese for breakfast every morning. I know how much you are enjoying the sunshine on your back everyday and with that thought I can go on. I'll never forget the day I brought you home nor will I forget the day I had to let you go to the Rainbow Bridge. WE LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!!!

Tristan Bonawitz- March 2000, 12 years old

Tristan, you were a very special friend to us. You were loving, trusting and so caring. We miss you so much but maybe we'll meet at the Rainbow Bridge. We will always remember you and cherish the years you spent with us.

Penny Girl - March 2000, about 12 years old

Penny was adopted by my husband, John, for a friend for my Petey. Although we had had our pool for four years, Penny had developed cataracts in both eyes and, as a result, drowned in the pool. I miss them both dearly.

Rainbows Peppermint Patty - March 2000, 1 year old

See Rainbows Cinnamon Schnopps.

Rainbows Cinnamon Schnopps - March 2000, 2 years old

I lost my darling Schnopps and his girlfriend, (also a dachshund) Patty, to coyotes in my back yard. We had just recently purchased our new home on 7.5 acres. I had let them out that morning with my big dogs (Heelers).

I few moments later I went to look for them and couldn't find them. I spent the next hour looking. Finally I found Patty in the pasture. The coyotes had ravaged her and she was gone. A short distance away I found my Schnopps. Barely - but still alive. I rushed him to the vet (a new one for me) and he started working on him. After lengthy surgery on his neck which had been bitten severely, we waited. But, by afternoon it was obvious he wasn't going to make it. So we sent him to the Bridge. He was in my arms. This was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I brought him home wrapped in a blanket. When we got home, I just sat in the car for what seemed forever holding him. I just didn't want to let go. We buried them together in a special spot. I planted flowering vines on a trellis for them. I loved Patty, but Schnopps was a special little guy. We had a bond I have never had with any other dashchund before.

Gretchen 'You Are My Sunshine" - March 2000, 15 years, 2 months old

My Gretchen was the sunshine of my life for 15 wonderful years. The joy she brought every day will never be forgotten. She loved me with every breath in her body and would have given her life for me. As a sister to Duchess, my German shepherd, she was loved and gave love in return. Duchess misses her as much as I. I have so many memories of her... opening her own presents...playing ball...riding in the car and barking at every car she saw...waiting at the door every day at 5 o'clock for me to get home. I am glad that I was holding her as she took her last breath and that I got to sing her song, 'You are My Sunshine', one last time. In memory of Gretchen, my new puppy, Gracie will have the AKC name, Grace of My Sunshine.

Peanut Cremona - March 2000, 14 years old

Peanie, I miss you soft nose, your gentle kisses, your gentle reminders that you were always there and your not-so- gentle reminders for cookies. My heart is a little heavier for carrying you, but I'm glad to have you with me, always.

Cinnamon Mocha II Koeppen - March 2000, 11 years, 8 months old

Cinnamon, it has been a year since you left us and hardly a day goes by that we don't think about you. You were a great friend and you are so missed. We are sorry we couldn't do more for you. You're in our hearts forever.

Sassy Pants ll (Bates) - March 2000, 11 years, 10 months old

My sweet Sassy girl: When the doctors said they couldn't do any thing else to make you feel better, I knew we didn't have much time left to be together. I never knew it could hurt so much to lose a special friend like you. You mean the world to me and I miss you so much. Those big brown eyes filled with so much love looking up at me was so special! I know you're not suffering any more and are having a great time at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you learn all the ropes so you can take care of Lucy when you see her again. She'll need you to take care of her, just like always! She misses her 'mom', too. Remember our good times together and know there will always be a special place in my heart just for you! I love you and miss you more and more every day. My sweet Sassy girl.
Mama and Lucy

Alexander Von Maximillion - March 2000, 10 years old

Alex was a very special little guy. I got him because my wife wanted a 'little dog' to keep her company while I was under way on my Coast Guard ship. He was the most loving creature I have ever encountered in my life. He was expressive and loyal, the best friend a guy could have to look after the woman he loves. He was injured trying to dig a hole to China and was never the same. I hate to think that my ignorance of canine behaviour training cost my Alex his life, but I am afraid in hindsight that it did. If I would have corrected his digging when he was a pup, I am sure he would have lived a longer life. This is my burden to carry and I honour him here by sharing his story in the hope that someone who has a younger doxie will heed all of the warnings and be aware of their animal's spinal health. I was there when he crossed the Bridge, I hope someday to see him again on the other side. All of my love Alex...

Buster - April 2000, 3 years old

Buster will alway's be in our hearts forever and ever. He life was cut short by a tragic accident. Some say that life is just not fair. I believed that at the moment of Buster's passing away. I got to hold him on his very last breath. I felt so much grief that my eye's could no longer see. I screamed up to the heavens.... WHY??!!

I have that answer now and it is because we all have a destiny. It is said that our lives are already written out in that great story book. Buster's book is now complete - and you know what? It's a best- seller!!!

Buster U will never be forgotten!!

Love always Rob, Jamie, Katrina and last but not least...Frankie.

Stocks - April 2000, 13 years, 1 months old

Stocks the Dox was a Truly Magnificent Dachshund. We had over 12 wonderful years with him. He will be greatly missed.

Daisy - April 2000, 5 years, 9 months old

I miss you so much and hope you know how much you were and still are loved! You have always been my sweet little baby, Dais. I have always adored you and thought you were the cutest thing ever since the first time I laid eyes on you. I miss our snuggle time so much. There is not one part of my life that you were not welcomed. This tragedy seems more than I can bear and I want you back so bad. Please always know how much I love you and as soon as I make it to the Rainbow Bridge, you will be the first person I look for. I want to live forever with you in paradise where we can cuddle forever and ever. Please be careful and have fun while you are waiting for me. Can't wait to hold you in my arms once again!!!! Your devoted, faithful and loving friend/mom- Kristine

Jesup Troutman Martin - April 2000, 11.5 months old

Our dear, sweet, precious Jesup, how our hearts break without you here! I can not believe you are really gone; you weren't with us long enough. I want to wake up tomorrow morning to find you cuddled up to me. I want to see you stretch and arch your long back, hear you yawn, feel your good morning kisses. I want to hold you and tell you how much I love you, how much ALL of us love you! I want to see you play with your Daddy and chase the ferret, and aggravate the cat. I want to watch you run around the house playing with your favorite toy - LaLa. More than anything I want to go back to yesterday morning and not open that door! I want to keep you safe inside with me. Daddy keeps telling me you are in a better place and I want to believe him, but how I wish you were still here with us. I love my Sweet Jesup Joe Joe Beans. Wait for me and when I arrive at the Bridge I will find you, my friend!

Gretchen Baby Hogan - April 2000, 10 years old

In loving memory of our very special family member and best friend, Gretch. We miss you and love you.

Henry - April 2000, 14 years, 8 months old

Our beloved little Henry, the most loving and gorgeous red smooth standard dachshund, you are so deeply missed. Your favorite 'sunspot' in the garden is vacant, and I cannot yet bear to look there on a sunny day. We miss your little clickety-clack on the floors, your sweet puppy kisses, your tender hand licks, your kind and loving being. We love you forever, dearest friend.

Chug-a-lug Lockerby -April 2000, 11 years, 1 month old

Chuggie - my friend for 11 years, one-fifth of my life. A sooner dog - sooner do it in the house than go outside; especially in the rain and snow. A red standard, 29lbs. Though he developed Cushing's disease, he survived 4.5 more years. Unfortunately, a car killed him this morning. We buried him on a grassy knoll where he'd sit on warm days and watch the world go by. A good watchdog, gentle with kids, he loved his world and family. He'll be missed.

Ginger Currie - April 2000, 17 years old

Ginger, Mommy loves you dearly. You were my girl. I miss you very much - I always loved the way you would chase squirrels and frogs on warm summer nights. We have been together a long time but I knew the day would come when your heart could not take it much longer. I visit you every day and you are always in my thoughts. Your loud bark would always let me know when someone was here and you greeted me each day with that smile of yours, just showing those teeth. I miss that smile of yours. When it was bed time, all I had to say was 'let's go nite-nite' and you were there until i tucked you in your bed each night.

So as I covered you up for the last time with your favourite blanket, many tears were shed. I know that you are at the Rainbow Bridge where I know that we will meet again and I will get to see that smile of yours and to hold you once again. Now you are in peace and chasing the squirrels at the Bridge, and until we meet again I love and miss you each and every day.

love mommy, I love you, ginger.

Bosco ('Bo') - April 2000, 17 years, 3 months old

Always and forever in our hearts. We love you!

Mama, Daddy, and Mama Hallnd

Dutchess Dakroub - April 2000, 16 years old

Dutchess came to us in 1988. She was a red smooth mini. We first adopted her only child, Emma, when Emma was six weeks old, and she quickly became the baby of the family. Everyone loved her! Almost a year later the breeder called to say that the woman who had Dutchess did not like her (she did not like Emma either) and he asked if we would take Dutchess, Emma's mom. We drove down there as fast as we could to get her. She went directly to my husband, Joe, and she was his from then on.

Emma was a Mother's Day gift the year before from my husband. Dutchess never considered herself a dog, let alone a dachshund, and she was not particularly fond of her own daughter, Emma, or are other dog, a bichon named Bear. She just loved her Papa, loved me and our two kids, and turned out to be the sweetest people dog we have ever owned. She loved her bones best after her people, but in between those two she loved nothing more than to roll over and have her tummy rubbed! She slept with her Papa, Momma, and daughter Emma in the bed from day one until her death last Saturday.

Dutchess developed Cushing's disease three years ago and prior to that had started having some kidney problems, but our vet is an angel and joined with Michigan State Veterinary School in treating her and keeping her comfortable and happy for those three years. We had a few bad times but she always bounced back until last week. We knew it was time on Saturday morning as it was the first time she started to moan (she had not kept her food down for a couple of days before). She had that look in her eyes that other dog lovers had told us about that she was ready to go but would miss us. This was the hardest day we have ever faced with beloved pets as there is something so special about a dachshund. Dutchess was buried in her own coffin with a beautiful baby blanket in a pet cemetery nearby. My husband went there by himself that day to see her before they buried her. My heart just ached for him besides my own personal grief. He came back and told me he had ordered a bronze marker for her that says, "Dutchess Dakroub, 1984 to 2000, Joe's Best Friend". Please pray for my husband as it is so hard sometimes for guys to get this out. I just cry all day every day and hug my Emma who is left with us. She cannot find her mom, and she is so sad, too. Our two grown children are grieving as well as they were so young when she came to us. I am sure that, in a while, we will look for a dachshund companion for Emma, but the pain is too great at this time. We cannot imagine owning any other type of dog. We rescued a standard dachshund two years ago and found her a home with friends, and they came by with Callie yesterday to see Emma. Emma even wagged her tail and was happy to have the company.

We will never, ever forget our Dutchess. The picture on the home page of Schatzie and The Red Baron look exactly like our dogs. I had to make a copy as it was almost scary. Dutchess looked like The Red Baron, and Emma looks like Schatzie. In some ways the picture was a comfort, though, as it was as if they were together again.

Rest in peace, Sweet Dutchess. We know you are with the Lord. Your Papa even said he was sure that you were rolling over in front of the Lord so he would rub your tummy. We thank the Lord for you and your life. WE LOVE YOU.

Papa, Mommy, Emma Jennifer and Joe, Jr, Your Family

Jennifer Howell - April 2000, 15 years, 6 months old

Mommy loves you so my Princess Jenny. I will miss you. I will think of you everyday. You brought me such joy and happiness in my life. You are my Baby Girl.

Waggles - April 2000, 8 years, 10 months old

Little Waggles was a loveable, timid mini dachshund who is greatly missed by her family. We got Wags in December 1991 when she was 6 months old, from a breeder. She had some peculiar behaviours, was very possessive of her food, fearful, and was very nervous. She remained a nervous little dog, but grew to love and trust her Mama and Daddy, and accepted her role as our little girl. After eight years of being an only child, Waggles graciously welcomed two new human members of the pack, and oftentimes took a back seat, patiently waiting her turn for attention. We were so proud of our sweet little Wags. Waggles loved car rides and was always ready to relieve herself immediately so she would be ready to go for a ride. She liked stealing peoples' seats on the sofa when they got up, tipping trash cans and tearing up tissues, and eating bananas. Mostly, she was content to just be sitting next to her Mama and Daddy, and Grandma too, when she came to watch her. Waggles will always be remembered as a sweet, affectionate little dog, and will remain in the hearts of those whom she loved and who loved her back more than she'll ever know.

We miss your welcome at the door with your little wagging tail, your excitement when we went for rides in the car, and the snout marks you'd leave on the windows, the pitter patter of your little paws coming to around the corner, and your unconditional love and acceptance, no matter what kind of mood we were in. Mostly we miss your companionship, the quiet times curled up next to us on the couch, your comforting presence when Daddy or Mama had to go away for a few days, or how you never fussed when Mama would wake you up out of a sound sleep just because she had to say 'hi' to her little Wags. You were the best, Wags, you were a part of everything we did. We miss 'our little girl' very much."

Ariel - April 2000,almost 8 years old

Our baby Ariel is missed so much. I can't believe this happened. She had so much more life to live with us. Ariel was so sick one day I took her to the doctor, and she went 3 times. He said she needed surgery to remove blockage in her stomach. She made it through surgery, but the recovery was the worst part. I prayed every time the phone rang, until that one early morning when the phone rang. The Lord came and took her away.

We love you baby could you put our names: Mom, Dad, Kyle, Tiffany and Yoda.

Charlotte - April 2000, 14 years old

Charlotte, my silver-dappled little one, I miss you so much.Charlie misses you too. You will always be my baby girl. You will always be in my heart and I will never forget you.

Love, Mommy and Charlie

Max Christmas - April 2000, approximately 19 years old

We had Max almost 19 wonderful years. He was a marvelous friend and wonderful watch dog. The kids in the neighborhood just loved him. He was a pound puppy. I remember when we went to the pound to get him they said they were going to have to have him neutered. We picked him up the next day at the clinic and they said to keep him quiet and comfortable and not to feed him for at least 12 hours. When we got home I put him on the couch and he went right to sleep. I put the other dog's food down. I was doing something in the kitchen and I heard someone crunching on food and I turned around and there was Max. Max, I will miss you as long as I have a breath in my body. You were a wonderful companion and you don't know what a comfort that you were to my mother in her ailing years. Thank you for you loyalty, love and friendship.

Nathan DosSantos - April 2000, 6 years old

Nathan was a very sweet, happy, loving dachshund. He was a father of seven dachshunds and lived with his owners, Janice and Anthony, his mate, LuLu, and two of his children, Bubba and Winnie. Everyone misses him very much and he will be forever in our hearts.

Tinker - April 2000, 17 years old

Tinker was our baby and angel for 17 years. She lived a good long life. We miss her dearly. We will always hold her in our hearts. Tinky I love ya', honey, and miss you...

Augie Miller - April 2000, 9 years old

Augie brought the Miller family and their friends more joy than anyone could imagine. His personality was captivating and his love for all humans with whom he came in contact was never-ending. He displayed that love with joyful romps around a room, licks across the face, leaps into your lap or sniffs into your ear. He leaped once too often onto a piece of furniture and did serious damage to his back. We did what was right for Augie, but it was with sad hearts.

We have an oil portrait of our beloved friend and it will remain in our home as a constant reminder of what a true friend he was to all.

Wilhelm (Willie) -April 2000, 16 years old

We rescued Willie when he was 10 years old. We had him for 6 years, but not nearly long enough. He was the smartest and possibly funniest dog I've known. He loved our first greyhound, Kaye, so much that after she passed away we adopted Barbie, another greyhound, to keep him company. We miss him very much and will always remember his smiling face.

Annie - April 2000, 5 years, 6 months old

Annie was my wife and my daughter. She taught us to love unconditionally. Annie was a lover and a friend 'til her last breath. God Love and protect Annie until we meet her at the Bridge.

Pennie Marie - April 2000, 5 months old

In memory of Pennie Marie who was with me only a short time but in that time was loved so much. She has been gone for 4 months now. I miss her so. She was only 5 months at the time of her death. Death has brought a double death to my dachshund family - see Rusty Morgan's

Spanky - April 2000, 15 years old

Spank-dogg, you will be greatly missed. Christmas and birthdays will never be the same without the memory of you ripping the presents open with your teeth. I miss you in my car with your head out the window. I miss us throwing the ball to you and without fail, you never brought it back. I miss your eyes light up when you saw the leash. I even miss you freaking out and barking everytime we would open the garage. To conclude Spanky, say hello to the big man for me...and I'll see you soon enough.

Nicki (Mamadox), the Queen Mother - April 2000, 16 years old

Sweet Nickers
Mother of Gretchen and Flash
Mamadox of All
Ms Knick-nack
Patty-wack, give a dog a bone
Epicurean of kitty food
(brand no matter)
Always on the lookout for a handout
Kitty food bandit and bag destroyer
Our dear sweet den mother
And canine alarm clock
Ms bee-bop with the bouncy gait
Happy dog
Very independent
Not a cuddler but likes to touch
Warm brown eyes
And a funny, squeeky bark
Compost pile raider
Special Lady
Queen Mother
We miss you Sweet Nicki...

Groschen - April 2000, 12 years old

Groschen was given to us as a gift in Vienna, Austria. Groschen went on to live with us in Moscow, Russia and then finally in Connecticut. Groschen loved to travel. Groschen loved people. Groschen understood English, Russian and German. Groschen filled our lives with love. She taught us to love animals. She taught us how to stop and enjoy the moment. Groschen loved the sun, the wind, grass, trees and flowers. Groschen loved to 'garden' with me. Groschen loved every minute of her 12-year life. She even dutifully went through her baths, which she never enjoyed, but tolerated - for my sake! When Groschen suddenly left us after one week's illness, she slipped away in our arms. The void was unbearable - and still is even now - a year later. We received so many cards, emails and letters from friends who knew her and expressed their deep sadness. Groschen touched so many lives and left her special mark in everyone's heart - forever..... But most of all, Groschen left two broken hearts - my husband's and mine. We will never forget our dear little Groschen, the Austrian dackel we loved so much - the dackel who brought light, love and joy into our lives...

Rudolf Jennings-Johnson - April 2000, 14 years old

Rudolf was our baby - a black-and-tan dachschund that was full of life and energy. He was constantly underfoot in the good dachschund way. As the saying goes, any hund is a nosy hund!
We looked forward to seeing him every night when we came home from work, even though we knew he had been up to some sort of mischief during the day. We hated to board him when we travelled, hated to leave him to go to work and always rushed home to see him. We were always greeted with cries of joy and tail wagging, threats of complaints filed with Roger Karas and the SPCA, and demands for dinner to be prepared IMMEDIATELY, or at least as soon as we got through the door!
We lived in a gated community - fences EVERYWHERE. This did not stop the dacshund from the Missouri puppymill, the petshop special! He went where he wanted to go - gates, doors or locks notwithstanding! Our garbage can looked like Fort Knox - You would have thought we were storing gold in it - he got in it; we got to the point that it was too much of a hassle for US to get in it - it now sits as a memorial to him in our kitchen!

We remember him for the funny moments in our life, such as when he captured the mouse, and proceeding to eat it - giving him the nickname 'Missouri Mousehound', the sight of the flicking mousetail as it went into his stomach endearing him to my signifigant other... Playing 'Superdog', with Rudolf wearing his cape, sometimes flying, most of the time barking and tail wagging! Wandering around our small bed (with him, any bed was small!) wearing his green baby blanket being the 'Green Ghost', protecting the fast food establishments and dumpsters of Lancaster from non-doggie intruders... Playing 'Veldt' on the same bed with animal crackers - extinction was always a possiblity with all species in this savannah! Hundzaki was another favorite - Hunzilla would attack Hundzaki and devour all of the elves (Keebler), postmen, firemen, and bakers (treats) that he could find- Godzilla, you didn't have anything on the hund! Playing 'Hockey Dog in Canada' with the hund wearing his Toronto Maple Leafs sweater... Waiting to greet the Pizza Guy every Sunday night, whether we wanted pizza or not! Rudolf eating his way through a VERY large box of chocolates (A BIG NO NO for dogs! ) and the resulting disaster/cleanup of the disaster. Playing 'Attic Monster', in which someone barked his fool head off while I made ridiculous sounds from our attic stairwell. Wallering every single earring my other has in the hound's mouth until it became an indescribable mass... Being a friend of any child in the possession of food or the desire to rub his belly! Being a loyal companion when times were rough - especially to the man who came out from N.J. to be his Daddy, and to his Mommy who had to put up with Daddy!

Rudolf was a member of our family, and we loved him dearly - we do not go a day without thinking about him, missing his little thump thump of his tail, his theft of every sheet and blanket on the bed, his demands for attention, or his antics. It was one of the worst days of our lives when he had a seizure after a long hard battle with a rare form of kidney cancer. He now is in a better place - with his dachschund step-family Fritz, Jess, Eleanor, Meggie and Vernie, with all that he ever wants or needs - even a direct link to Roger Karas for complaints of hund abuse. He now rests in the Smokie Mountains with the others...
Peter Johnson and Julia Jennings,Rudolf's Mommy and Daddy

Spike Conner - April 2000, 13 years old

Spike was a great dog and friend. I miss him dearly. His personality was just like his name..brave, sweet, cocky and very loyal. Although it has been almost three years, not a day goes by that I don't think of him. Remember, all dogs go to heaven!

Frankie Klaiber - April 2000, 13 years old

My sweet darling Frankie, what a joy you were to have. I remember the first day I saw you. I had just lost my beautiful Cinny and I thought how could I ever love another. Well, big Frank, it didn't take long. When Dad and I got you home you completly took over, poor Pepper!!!!!!!!!! Little puppies are suppose to cry and miss there moms, but not you. You ran the show from day one. I would take you to the bank in a little basket, every one would stop to look, you were a beauty. Thank you for your unconditional love for this whole family. I will never for as long as I live forget you, I will never stop loving you, or missing you. Thank you God for this beautiful gift. Until we meet again.

Love you forever and always, Mom oxoxo

Rebel - April 2000, 19 years old

My first doxie, my best friend. A beautiful, loving companion. I still miss you.

Missy Bancke - May 2000, 9 years old

To my Missy girl. I miss you. You were such a good companion to me. I will miss our late night hot chocolates. You were always there for me. Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge - Love, Mom

Nipper - May 2000, 13 years, 3 months old

Nipper was sent to us, I believe, by Dinky shortly after we lost her so suddenly. She, too, was a senior red standard female. She was kind and had an almost human look to her face, and she loved her food and my son greatly. They took to each other right away and slept together with him making his bed on the floor since she couldnt get on the bed or off. They slept together every night we had her until she got sick. She was diagnosed with Cushings, then two weeks later caught a virus from a foster I had brought home, and she never got better from it. The vet tried all kinds of things thinking it was a bug. I slept on the couch every night in case she needed to get off it to go outside or if she needed a drink or something. On 16 May she was diagnosed with acute and sudden kidney failure. The decision was made that this great dog should not suffer any more. I had been feeding her with an eye dropper every hour for two days by this time. I went in to the vet's office to see her for the last time and held her and told her how wonderful it was going to be for her, no more hurt and suffering and she could see Dinky and she would show her around. She hugged me with her head on my shoulder as I talked to her, then kissed me on the face. I held her as the vet helped her to the Bridge. And now it is my time to cry and my son's. Rest well, sweet Nipper, you are so much missed...and I will see you again.

Maxine Christmas - May 2000, 7 years old

We had another dachshund, Max, who was 19 years old, and whom we had him put to sleep in April 2000. A friend of ours found Maxine, a black miniature dachshund. She was the most loving darling dog - we only had her a few months, but we are going to miss her dearly. She was our fourth dachshund. We still have Chrissie, a red standard dachshund. Maxine is at the Bridge now with Max and the two Suzies. I'll miss them forever.

Bear - May 2000, 8 years, 6 months old

Bear, I miss you so much. I miss you greeting me at the door whether I've been gone five minutes or all day. I miss your company in the early morning and especially the kisses you always had for me. I miss feeling you curled up by my legs at night. I am so sorry for what happened. I don't understand why you were taken so soon. Thank you for all the joy you brought to me. You will always be in my heart, and I will always love you.

Charmaine 'Ruffa' H. Cu - May 2000, 6 years old

Charmaine 'Ruffa' H. Cu, born as 'Daisy of Dutch By', daughter of Clarence and Melody, beloved sister to Mary Clarence 'Claire' (red dachshund) and Claudine Nicole,and niece to Chelsea (yellow labrador), joined her aunts Popsy (shih tzu) and Goldie (labrador) at the Rainbow Bridge on 3 May 2000.

Squeaky - May 2000, 14 years, 8 months old

Dear Squeaky,

I love you and miss you very much. I look forward to joining you and the other dachsies at the Rainbow Bridge someday. Until then, why don't you scout out the best places? Love, Aleta

Heidi Miller - May 2000, 10 years old

Our little Heidi's life ended on 2 May 2000, after weeks of suffering from a terribly enlarged heart. She slept on our bed for 10 years, and we loved her more than we can put into words. Having been dog owners our entire lives, we never knew we could feel this way about a pet, nor that we could grieve so deeply. She lived entirely for the love of her family - a wonderful little friend, who made the 10 years we had with her tremendously joyous. We will never forget Heidi and will love her forever.

Sarra - May 2000, 6 weeks old

Sarra, I am so sorry not to have been there to save you from the terrible tragedy that has occured. You were just a little baby and had a long life ahead of you. I will always hold a special place in my heart and home for your memories...I love you, mom

Hank - May 2000, 15 years, 11 months old

Hank was my family's long haired daschund. He lived 15 glorious years, until he passed away on 12 May 2000. I remember the day we picked him up, back in 1985, from the breeder. He stood out from everyone and ran right up to me to give me a kiss. We knew he was the one.

Over the years, as I grew up, so did Hank. He went to school like the rest of us, only he went to obedience school, but he really didn't need it. He always knew when to sit and when to beg for food scraps from our dinner table. He even didn't mind taking a bath, or, really, going to the vet. We made every sacrifice we could for him, like not going on vacations just to stay home with him because we loved him so much.

Hank was never sick and when he suddenly got ill the last two weeks of his life it was a huge shock. I saw him two days before he died. He was so fragile from not eating and his beautiful red coat had turned white, but yet he managed with all of his strength to give me a kiss and lay next to me. He looked at me with his endearing eyes and said 'It's time, kiddo'. The next day, he became incredibly ill. My mom rushed him to the vet but it was too late and Hank died in my mother's arms. The vet said he died of kidney failure and there wasn't much we could have done. I love you Hank. I know you are at the Rainbow Bridge now. Please know that Mommy, Daddy, Eric and Amy will always cherish you. There will always be leftovers and 'stickie' rawhides for you to chew on the Rainbow Bridge. There will never be another Hank and one day we'll all see you again so you can kiss us endlessly like you did when you were here.

Rick's Ginger, Colonel's Longdogger's Daughter. May 2000 - May 2000, 13 years, 3 months old

Ginger - we loved you so - you are buried in Gateway Cemetary. After having seizures, the vet said it was time to go to Rainbow Bridge.

Bob and I loved her so much, and miss her talking to us in her special way. She always told us when it was time for bed. We laid her to rest with her special blanket and afghan I made for her. She was a red standard smooth, Our first, and I don't know if she will ever be replaced in out hearts. Till we meet again.

Love you always, Bev and Bob

Cindy Martin - May 2000, 4 years, 7 months old

We lost our beloved Cindy on Memorial Day 2000. She was the light of our lives and my husband, two daughters and I mourn deeply for her. Cindy was the runt of the litter but by far the smartest dog we have ever known. She loved us up until the end! Cindy would play with any toy you gave her, preferably something from home; toilet paper rolls, socks, shoulder pads, etc. She swam with us, slept with us and ate with us.

It is so hard to write this as only 24 hours have passed since her death. Everywhere I look, something reminds me of her and when I close my eyes I can still feel her presence. She was the BEST!!

Gretel Bourne - May 2000, 16 years old

Gretel, you were such a special little girl and we miss you so much. You were always there for us and your brother Dobie. He misses you too! There hasn't been a day that has gone by where we haven't thought about you and how much love you gave to us. Even though we will get another doxie, you will always have a special place in our hearts. I know that you are watching over us, and get great comfort in knowing that. Till we meet again!

All our love, Rick, Peggy, and Dobie

Miss Mousie - May 2000, 7 years old

Our Mouser was a black-and-tan - so beautiful because she had such a silkie coat and perfectly symetrical markings. My partner says he misses the adroable back of her head. I miss her beautiful physical prowess and her sleeping under the covers with me.

Mousie had the dreaded Cushings disease and became terribly misshapen and so torturously hungry and thirsty and incontinent. What a awful way for her to go! She degenerated for six months slowly and then more rapidly and then died suddenly one evening on her big doggie bed with both of us helping her on and crying for her as she went to the Rainbow Bridge. We miss her dearly every day and hope to find another healthy little dachsie girl to live withour remaining sweet-but-boyish bichon frise, Gizmo.

Daddy's Angel Eyes - 'Lili' - May 2000, 18 weeks old

Our little baby was taken too soon. She had a liver shunt. Your brothers Shultz and Boon miss you as much as Mommy and Daddy. Take care, Angel Eyes, and watch for us at the Bridge....xoxoxo

Sabrina - May 2000, 9 years, 6 months old

Sabrina went to the Rainbow Bridge when she had a brain trama. My husband, Joe, loved her very much as Sabrina idolised him. She went everywhere with him. He misses her very much, but I believe St Francis shines upon us. On 26 June 1999 I had a chance to purchase two doxies from a good breeder in Portsmouth, Virginia. The female Joe named Redsonja of Mattituck and the male is Kemari Legion of Mattituck. Sunny is the same size as Sabrina and the same personality also. She loves Joe to death, although we will never replace Sabrina. Sunny adores Joe. Sabrina, we love and miss you very much we know we will see you again.

Love, Daddy,Mom,Freddy Don,and April

Bonnie Little Foot - May 2000, 16 years old

Bonnie was a rescue baby and we only had her with us for two years, but she knew love 'till the end of her days.

Zoe Vogt - May 2000, 3 years old

Zoe was my sister's dachshund, who was full of life, and full of love for those around her. She was hit by a car several months ago. We buried her under the birdbath in our backyard, with the angel looking over her. She loved to go out with my dad in his Jeep - she would jump up and bite the mesquite branches. My dad put a mesquite branch on her grave so she would always have one. we miss little Zoe. She was a sweet little dog.

Angel Marie - May 2000, 6 old

We miss you Angel Marie!

Zoe 'Joey' Halse - May 2000, 1 year, 3 months old

Little Zoe: although your life began in a cage, and ended all too briefly, we loved you every minute you were with us. Although you could not hear us, we spoke of our love to you each day. We know you hear us now - your deafness is over, your little leg is healed. We walk down to the pines where you lay, and remember you all the time. We love you Zober - rest in peace... Your 'forever' family.

Miss Murphy - May 2000, 4 years old

To my doxie baby that has gone to the Rainbow Bridge...Mommy misses you dearly every day - you have never left my heart or my thoughts.That day you went away was the saddest day of my life. I still haven't gotten over the loss of you. No other can replace your loving little eyes or the love we shared together. Sleep well my sweet little doxy. One day we shall meet and play again.

Balcombe Flanders Poppy - June 2000, 5 years old

Lady Takara 'Kara' - June 2000, 10 years, 11 months old

I could write a book about my 'Pretty Baby Girl' (as I always called her) but I will just say that I had my baby girl since she was seven weeks old. She was the child I could never bear, she was my baby. She was my life. I named her 'Takara' because it means 'Precious'. I called her 'Kara'. She was the 'Grandpuppy' to my parents and cousin to my nieces and nephews. She was so very special. Because of her health problems, I had to have her put to sleep yesterday, 13 June 2000. She would have been 11 years old on 31 July. Anyone who loves their doxies as I did mine knows how badly I am hurting. From the day she picked me for her Mommie out of a litter of five, I have been totally in love with her. Except for the times I had to go out of town on business, she went everywhere with me: on vacation, camping etc. She loved floating on a raft in the lake with me and she loved fishing (especially when she could get at the fish). My heart is so empty now that she is gone. It is so very lonely. I have her in a special place at the corner of my garden. I can visit her grave and plant flowers for her and talk to her everyday. She was more than a dog, a pet, she was my best friend.

Digger - June 2000, 17 years old

I got Digger from the pound in 1984. He looked to be about a year old. It was rare to find a pure-bred dachshund in the pound in those days, and I considered myself lucky to have found such a friend. I had previously bred dachshunds but was without a dog at that time. Little did I know that he would be my companion for the next 16 years. During that time he showed unending loyalty, and he never complained. In the last several months, he suffered from many chronic ailments of older age, but he struggled on with as much character and dignity as he could muster. Finally, his little body could struggle no more and he passed on. Although I have had several dogs over the last 50 years, I am going to miss this little man. He touched a special place in my heart. I hope he is in a better place, and I hope to see him again when my time is done. Goodbye Digger. Sleep well.

Anthony "Boo-Boo" Piers Byer - June 2000, 12 years old

Anthony was the most wonderful friend - with me through good and bad since right after college, he had the best life a dachshund could have. He was the cuddliest, stubbornest, smartest little Boo-Boo. Full of life, we thought he would be with us longer. We have so many good memories of him, he was such a big part of our lives. He enjoyed sharing my mocha on his last full day with us, and I know he'll find many more at the Bridge.

Stricken suddenly by cancer around his spinal cord, we made the painful decision to end his suffering and send him on to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Our souls have large holes waiting for you to fill them once again when we meet you at the Bridge.

Love always, Scott and Susan, and Chris and Francis

Sparky - June 2000, 1 year, 8 months old

Sparky, I don't know how I can go on without you. You came into my life to heal my broken heart from Baby dying. I grieved so much then; I was crying every day and my children were worried about me so they brought you to me. You stopped my tears and you loved so much. You were so cute and so full of life. I can hardly believe that you have left me so quickly...I only had you to love for 20 short months. I can still see your soft brown eyes so full of love and trust. You were so playful and full of life. You were so mischievous and made us laugh so much. Why oh why did my husband let you out when he went out. Why oh why did you chase that cat. Sparky didn't you see the car coming? I died a thousand deaths that day and wonder how can it be. I will look for another dachshund friend to help me heal from the loss of you, I hope it doesn't take too long because I don't think I can stand the pain much longer. More than anything I hope I meet you and Baby at the Bridge before any other dachshunds I love meet you. I love you and will never forget you. Even though I hurt so bad right now I am thankful for the time I was allowed to spend with you. You and Baby can comfort each other until Papaw and I come to be with you. Run and play and be happy; nothing will hurt you again.


Hank Durand - June 2000, 1 year, 7 months old

You were with us for such a very short time, Hank, but in that time you made us so very happy, we will miss you forever, goodbye Hank, goodbye.

Love Arin, Rachel, Renee, and Jimmy

Lexi - June 2000, 2 years, 5 months old

Lexi, you entered our lives on Valentine's Day. When we went to get you I remember the car ride home and how Noah wouldn't even look at you. But that didn't last very long as you were both soon flying around the house chasing each other, despite the fact that you were such a little fatty you were still as fast as could be. I still can picture you in your Grampy's arms and the unconditional love that you gave to us all, plus the discipline that you gave to Bug when he got a little rowdy. How we miss you - you will never be replaced in our hearts. You will always be remembered as our lazy Lexi, always under the covers with Grampy or in his arms lying silently asleep - and always following him wherever he went. Always we were getting into trouble when we would call you 'Fatty' - Grampy would tell us that it hurt your feelings and we would laugh but you know we loved you and we always will. I wish that that day wouldn't have happened but I know you are watching over us and that you have your wings on, and I know you are bringing joy to someone up there. You were the love of our hearts and we miss you desperately but we know that you will be there to meet us when we make that departure and we know that you are looking down on us. Love you - Grammy, Grampy, Mae, Jordan, Noah and Bug xoxoxoxo

Ginger - June 2000, 11 years old

Ginger was chosen from a litter of miniature dachshunds when I was just about to leave for college. She has been with the family for 11 years and has grown to be one of the family. She has been such a wonderful friend to her human parents and will be missed greatly.

For her we say 'goodbye for now'. We love you, Jim, Lisa, Kyle, Kristin and Karah

Sabrina - June 2000, 14 years, 6 months old

My precious little Sabrina, my little princess, my angel dog ... from the moment I first laid eyes on you when you were a bothersome, precocious eight-week-old baby, I fell in love and my love for you only grew over the years. You were my baby, my sweet loving girl who could always be counted on for hugs and kisses. I hated it when you began to get old and fragile. I wanted you to be with my always. Now my heart is breaking from missing you, all I want is to pick up your small, warm body and hug you to me and feel those sweet kisses on my face. I have always loved you, I will always love you, I will always miss you. Until we meet again, my dear one, I love you....Mama

Pridgen's Princess Greta - June 2000, 4 years, 10 months old

My sweet baby girl, Greta. My heart is broken without you here. I visit your grave in the back yard everyday. Babygirl, Mommy is so sad without you to hold and take every step with. Thank you for your loyality, friendship, and love that you shared with me in your much-too-short life. I can't believe you are gone. This is too much to bear. We have gotten another dachshund, not to take YOUR place, but daddy thought that would be best since I am so lonely without you. She is named after you, Greta's Princess Chloe. Oh my Greta, I get depressed everytime I walk through the door and you're not there to greet me with hello. Everytime I take my bra off, you're not there to take it away to chew on. It is so quiet when the doorbell rings or daddy comes in. You are in my constant thoughts. Adam wants to know why don't you come back. He knows you've past away but he just wants you to come home now. We are adjusting to Chloe. She looks just like you did when you were a baby. She is the smallest of her brothers and sisters too. You were the best babygirl. Mommy loves you so dearly. I'll never forget those adorable black eyes you had. I wrote you a letter and put a tennis ball in your grave with you. You would love the photo album I made of you and me. Oh girl, Mommy is really having a hard time without you. You were our first born, remember? I loved when you would sit in the sink and watch me put my makeup on! You had to smell everything first and let me pretend to put blush on you. I miss our quiet times together once the boys were put down for their nap. My sweet girl, all of our friends have called and sent cards, because they know how special you are to us. I can't bear to clean the van window with your nose print on it, but I have to. I'll always remember your faithfullness! Remember the time you accidently bit me on the arm? I'm so glad because I rub that scar as if it were a symbol of our togetherness. You will always be in mommy's heart. I love you. Mommy, Daddy, Adam, and Seth will always love you! Sweet dreams.

Benji - June 2000, 12 to 14 years old

Benji was my trash dog. Just because he was old and sort of blind, he was given up by previous owners. I fell in love with him as soon as I saw his picture on the Internet. I flew to California to rescue him, and I was lost in his black shiny eyes and loving heart. He battled heartworm treatment (he was positive) and survived. But the congestive heart failure that took his life was too much for him to conquer.

I only had you seven months, my love, but I am your mother and I will be there at the Bridge when we reunite for eternity. You are my Benji, you are my Benjamin when you were bad (like chasing the cat), you are my dog.

Remember me as much as I will remember you, sweetheart. And that's forever . . .

Brown Sugar Pierce - June 2000, 7 years old

Dear Sugar,

Why did you have to leave me? I love you so much! No other animal or person will ever take your place in my heart and life. I miss you so much and wish you were here with me right now. I know you are watching over me right now. You are the best dog I have ever had. I will miss you deeply.

Love always and forever, Angie Pierce

Mandy - Amanda Lynn - June 2000, 11 years, 3 months old

Our beloved Mandy was taken from us on 14 June by an unknown person running over her. Although she is gone, she remains in our hearts forever. We miss her and our house will never be the same. She played a great part in our lives. She was my husband's trucking dog and my companion on many lonely nights and weekends when he was away. We are truly saddened and miss her deeply.

Sir Alf - June 2000, 13 years, 4 months old

Alf was a very loving and protective doxie who will be dearly missed by his mom and dad. He provided us with many laughs with the crazy stunts he would pull to get us to laugh at him! He was famous for stealing food from unsuspecting guests, digging tunnels under out-buildings only to emerge hours later smiling and covered in dirt (lord knows how he turned around since he never completed his tunnel to the other side) and lying on his back with all four paws high in the air. Alf also cherished his blanket which he had to have completely over him even when it was warm while he slept. We treasured the years we had with him but miss him terribly. He was a very good companion and friend who was loved very much.

Heidi Wunderbar - June 2000, 17 years old

Dear Heidi Ho,

Hope you are having a good time. Did you remember to give Grandma and Grandpa a kiss for me? Did you also give Tracy a kiss? Have you been on any good 'bye bye cars' lately? I bet you are doing lots of sunbathing (which I know you loved)! Where's 'mine'? Go get 'mine'!

Things are lonely without you. Penelopie and Boo Boo really miss you and so do Daddy and I. I'm so used to having you around, I catch myself looking for you to give you a treat. I really miss those times when you'd sleep with me like a stuffed animal and hog the whole bed. I hope you understand that I loved you so much that I had to let you go to a much better place. When my time here is over, I can't wait to give you a big hug and a kiss! Do you still have gingivitis breath?

Remember you still aren't suppose to eat chocolate, Puppy! I love you Hi-Dee! Go Heidi go!

With love and devotion from your human, Amy :)

Petey 'Pie' - June 2000, 12 years, 6 months old

I bought Petey when he was six months old for $50 from drug dealers standing on a corner. It was the best day, but when Petey was five years old,my husband adopted a red doxie for Petey. Her name was Penny and they were the best of friends for seven long years. Petey was a black and tan.

On 11 March 2000, Penny fell into our pool and drowned. She'd had cateracts, but we'd had that pool for almost four years. Three months later Petey died - I think he died of a broken heart. He missed Penny - they even slept together at night right next to our bed. Petey waited for me to go to work, then went and laid down next to my mother's feet and died.

I miss them both - lost both of them within 90 days.

Steven's Cinnamon Schnapps - June 2000, 9 years, 11 months old

Hey Schnappers! We miss you so much big guy, it sure wasn't fair that you had to leave us so soon. Steve doesn't have anybody to play the bone game with anymore, and Heidi just doesn't get it! Oscar is still plugging along, but I think he'll be joining you at the Bridge before too long. Won't you two have fun romping and playing together again! We think of you every day when we see your windmill blowing in the back yard. We can't wait to see you at the Bridge.

Love, Mom, Dad, Oscar, Heidi and Ruger

Tobias 'Tobi' Haney - June 2000, 11 months old

We love and miss you Tobi, till we see you again, Love and Kisses, Amanda, Randal, and Kaitlyn

Bismarck - May 2000, 12 years old

Bismarck was the centre of my family's universe. This was even so after my father's death and my mother's immediate incapacitation. In November 1999, Bismarck was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and, despite several surgeries, succumbed to the illness on 21 May 21 2000, at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital, where he was undergoing radiation therapy. There, one of the doctors, against policy, let us see him, and the day before he died, he was able to nuzzle me one last time, as if to comfort me that everything would be all right. How little did I know. Please click here to read Bismarck's memorial poem.

Porker - Nicholyev Good N Wrough - June 2000, 2 years, 8 months old

Although we were only together for a short time, we will love you for a lifetime. You are in our hearts and thoughts forever, and we will never forget the joy and love we all shared with you, our beautiful little chocolate dog.

All of our love, Paul, Angela, and your four boys. RIP

Max Speciale - June 2000, 11 years, 9 months old

Max was a little dachshund with long fluffy hair. One day, when he was just a tiny puppy, a man came to his house and said, 'You're coming home to live with me.' He was very frightened, but he was a brave little puppy and he left his brothers and sisters to go live with the man. Since this was his first ride in a car, he was very anxious, and asked the man to keep petting him so that he would feel safe. And he did.

When he got to the man's home, the man's wife and daughter greeted them. They picked up little Max and cuddled him and gave him lots of kisses, and cooed gentle things into his ears. 'This is not such a bad place,' thought Max. 'I think I will be happy living here, especially if I'm going to be loved like this!'

And he was very happy, too. On Max's birthdays, the family celebrated by giving him parties. He was always allowed to romp and play in their big backyard. But sometimes he was bad and ate things he wasn't supposed to and his tummy hurt him. His family always made him feel better, though, and he was glad that they loved him and took care of him.

One day, Max's back started to hurt him very badly. Being a dachshund, this wasn't good news at all. He had to go to the hospital for a big operation. But Max was brave and he went to the hospital where the miracle doctor fixed his back and made it all better. After the operation, he lived happily for many more years with his Mommy and Daddy and their daughter, and his sister Maggie. He romped and played in his big backyard and munched happily on carrots. But one hot summer day, he had much too much exercise and he didn't feel good at all, and he became very, very sick. So even though he loved his family very much and he would miss them all, he decided that he had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. And his family missed him very much, too. They all said good-bye to Max, and they were very glad (and lucky) that he had stayed with them for such a long time. The End

Max 'Hoover' Hock - June 2000, 6 years, 2 months old

Wrinkles Cale - June 2000, 2 years, 7 months old

I don't even know where to begin to tell anyone about what a special friend Wrinkles was. He was there to greet you at the door when you came home and he was there to listen when you had a bad day at work. He cried in his own little way when your were sad and crying yourself. I never realised that you could love something so much and one day it would be gone. I think his favorite thing was when you said, 'Come on Wrinks, lets go to bed'. He would run into the bedroom and stare at the bed until you picked him up and put him on top of the covers. He always seemed to find his way under the covers in the middle of the night. Boy did he hate flannel sheets though.

I always prayed that when the day came that Wrinkles would leave that I would be there and he would not have to go alone. I wanted to make sure that he was not scared. On 15 June 2000, the day came that I never wanted to but I got the honour of him taking his last breath while in my arms.

Baby Spud - June 2000, 14 years old

I will miss him with all my heart. He was just like a child to me. I know that I will see him again, along with his mom Sheena Marie and Boo.

Shorty Weinstein - June 2000, 18 years, 1 months old, 12 days

You walked into our hearts on Thanksgiving day of 1998 at the age of 16. Who could know that you would bring so much happiness, love and inspiration to our souls in such a quick time. We dedicated our lives to your health and happiness and you repaid us a thousand fold in love and joy. When your little body just couldn't hold out any more we had the priviledge of holding you and kissing you and saying goodbye as you moved on to your next journey. Though we only had the honour of seeing your ending years, we cherish every second. Your face, your smell, your walk, the wonderful little bumps on your head and the crook in your nose, the sweet licks of your soft tongue and especially your smile are etched in our hearts forever. When we work in the garden we can still hear the tinking of your collar as you patrol the yard and in the evenings we can still feel the warmth of you curled on one of our chest's with your head nestled under a chin. We will never forget you, Shorty. You changed our lives forever. Thank you for loving and trusting us.
Your Daddies, Hank and Jim

Alexander B. Frankfurter (Alex Fink) - June 2000, 12 years, 8 months old

Dear sweet little Alex, it has been a year and I still miss you so very much. You were my little boy, so full of love and devotion every day. I wish I could see you out in your yard wandering around and letting the world know your in charge. It was you and me through thick and thin, you were always there for me. You made my life so worthwhile and happy. No dog or person could have been more loved. The love in those eyes of yours will forever be missed, you could do no wrong in my eyes. I will love you and remember all those sweet little things you did. I will never be as happy as the day I see your little face as you wait by the Bridge to cross with me. Dad loves you so much:)

Jake Grooms - June 2000, 9 years, 3 months old

Jake, your Mommy misses you and Cassie very much. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you both.

Penny Rose - June 2000, 9 years old

PennyRose was the best friend I ever had. She was my baby! She was with me when I went through my terrible divorce, and she would keep me company through the long lonely nights. She was my protector, 'till she hurt her back and in loving her I did the hardest thing I'd ever had to do - I sent her to the Rainbow Bridge. It has been two years and I still think of her every day. I buried her under a tree, and visit her grave often!! She is forever in my heart!! I have two new doxies, but Penny was my girl!! Fatbutt, Momma loves you and misses you! everyday!! I know Jesus holds you in his arms waiting for me!! I'll be there someday!!

Buddy B. - June 2000, 15 years old

In loving memory of my first pet, my dachshund, Buddy. I will always love you and I will see you again some day. Love, Gina

    Pansies for thoughts and heart's ease - rosemary for remembrance...
          'That gallant spirit hath aspired the clouds,
                which too untimely here did scorn the earth.'

Huggy - June 2000, 4 years old

Amanda - May 2000, 15 years old

Amanda mercifully died of a heart attack before the duo who planned on killing her and her two dachshund companions started their brutal hammer attack. Despite her heart attack the attackers dragged her body for over a half mile to dispose of it.

Huggy was not as lucky as his companion, Amanda. He was forced to suffer repeated hammer blows before finally giving in to his attackers. Since the owner of all three dogs still lives with one of the attackers, I feel the need to see that they are remembered. I never met Huggy or Amanda, or saw photos of them, but no animal deserves this kind of treatment. Rest gently, Huggy and Amanda. We will understand if you both are still waiting for your owner at the Rainbow Bridge - we know how forgiving our little friends can be. But if your life was as bad as your deaths just remember that little Honey will be looking for you and any of us who have read your story will invite you to join us and our little friends as we cross the Bridge.

Honey, age four, pictured above, managed to drag her little body, with a smashed foot and multiple hammer wounds, over three miles where she was found and rescued. She is now in a new loving home.

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