Meredith Chesterton

1945 - 2017

Dear friends,

Meredith Chesterton, who ran this site for over 20 years, passed away on March 14, 2017 after a few months of illness.

We're very sorry for those of you who might have submitted the details of your dearly-loved dogs over the past few months and haven't seen their details on this site. Meredith became poorly in November 2016 and had no access to her computer in her final months.

As a family, we're now trying to come to terms with our loss and also decide on the future of this site. If anybody in the dachshund community wishes to take over the running of this site and has the technical skills to do so, please do get in touch on Meredith's email address.

With love,

Meredith's Family

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